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Ovi Has No Chill When It Comes To His Center, Exhibit #67,341:

He tweeted at Nicky to tell him that he missed him… while they were on the same plane. He then told all his twitter followers to support Nicky, and only managed to wait an entire four minutes before then reminding them again.


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4.05: A straightforward, black and white case

Where nothing was straightforward, and the only thing black and white was the film they used to film it.

Which… actually isn’t black and white. It’s all shades of grey.

This one monster (a shapeshifter) took on all the stereotypical traits of all sorts of OTHER monsters to make its kills.

I love this episode so much, but really I think the biggest meta point relevant to s12 IS the black and white thing.

The MoL see the world exactly that way. All monsters are bad and must be destroyed. Obedience must be absolute. Even their own agents are disposable commodities that are entirely replaceable. And they’re raised that way from the time they’re children.

But as 4.05 proves to us, the world is anything BUT black and white.

Even Dean’s beliefs about Sam, and that slippery slope he was on with using his demon powers, could’ve gone differently. It wasn’t actually USING those powers that had set Sam on that slippery slope, but that was the “problem” that Dean was trying to stop. Because that’s how the “problem” was presented to him… by Cas (unwittingly) and by Uriel (intentionally). The REAL problem wasn’t that Sam had or used these powers, it was his trust in Ruby that had actually compromised him, that drove the wedge between him and Dean.

That’s why Sam felt compelled to lie to Dean about EVERYTHING, which only ended up compounding the underlying problem– Dean’s lack of trust in Sam drove him straight to being so willing to trust in Ruby. They were being manipulated by BOTH SIDES here, Heaven and Hell.

I said in my review of 4.02 that this was the point at which they began to climb in front of the eight ball, began to understand there was a bigger picture pushing them around on a cosmic level, but it takes years for that entire picture to unfold. And this is only one more black and white snapshot of that struggle to truly get out in front of everything and truly see the whole freaking story.

(Dracula rides off on a Vespa. BEEP BEEP.)

Right here, Dean went in expecting a black and white case, but they had to come to a truer understanding of the monster they originally thought they’d been hunting. The original “surface level” appearance was just that, and they had to dig for their whole truth.

Even Dean’s “surface level” facade he presented to Jamie gave way to far more truth.

JAMIE: You’re not really FBI, are you?
DEAN: Not so much.
JAMIE: So, this is what you do? You and your partner just tramp across the country on your own dime until you find some horrible nightmare to fight?
JAMIE: That must suck. I mean, you’re giving up your life for this terrible… I don’t know, responsibility.
DEAN: Last few years, I started thinking that way, and, uh, it started sort of weighing on me. Of course, that was before… A little while ago, I had this – let’s call it a near-death experience. Very near. And, uh, when I came to… things were different. My life’s been different. I realize that I help people. Not just help them, though. I save them. I guess it’s – it’s awesome. It’s kind of like a gift… like a mission. Kind of like a… a mission from God.

Oh Dean, you have no idea…

(heck even goofy Brewer playing the Casio in his underwear initially lived up to the stereotype that led them to believe he was the shifter at first, playing Toccata and Fugue on the organ, all ominous style and in shadow before breaking into some weird little polka number right as Sam was about to kill him… I mean, just one more example of why the Winchesters’ hunting philosophy that Dean tried to explain to Mick in 12.16 is so much better than the MoL’s “Code.” The Code, and blind obedience to it, isn’t what sets the MoL apart from the monsters, IT’S WHAT MAKES THEM MONSTROUS,)


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3...2...1...Let's Color Pie

Few works of science fiction have captured the fun, drama, and action of the space western as well as Cowboy Bebop. Few works of fiction, period, have developed such a unified sense of style either; music, editing, color, movement, all work in unison to provide one of the fullest experiences anime has to offer.

If you haven’t entered the world of Cowboy Bebop yet, then bookmark this page, go watch it, and come back later. You’ll be doing yourself a service. And you’ll also understand this article, which will be looking at the color pie identities of the six main characters. Buckle your seatbelts, folks, and let’s jam.

Spike Spiegel

Despite wearing a navy suit, Spike is stoked by the fires of Red mana. Spike follows his gut, having little patience for the investigative part of bounty hunting. He’s reckless, rude, brash, and bawdy, and that’s why we love him. Anger drives him to compete with the cowboy Andy; apathy means he won’t bother chasing down Faye.

Spike’s central narrative, however, reveals his strongest passion: Julia. Spike used to be a hitman in the Red Dragon syndicate, but fled with Julia to pursue their love. This doesn’t work out, but Spike still jumps at any clue of Julia’s location. Emotional loyalty is one of the Reddest traits there is.

Spike’s whirlwind emotions and martial prowess solidify him as a mono-Red character.

Jet Black

In his old life, Jet Black was a hardboiled detective on Ganymede. He earned the nickname “Black Dog,” because once he got a lead, he would bite down on a case and never let it go. As a lawman, Jet was mono-White. But a betrayal by a trusted colleague left Jet physically, and emotionally, damaged.

Jet shut himself off from others. His independence and self-reliance grew out of loneliness. A pragmatic Jet Black rose from the ashes of his police days, giving us a bounty hunter with many Black traits supporting his White ones. Jet still aims to uphold the law, but now he does so with the lawlessness of the bounty hunter. His friendship with Spike tests trust constantly, Jet always skeptical of the motives of others.

Stuck between his past ideals and a realization that the world isn’t so tidy, Jet showcases the conflicts within a White/Black identity.

Faye Valentine

Ceaseless flirt, addicted gambler, and people-user. Faye Valentine is a paragon of Black/Red when we first meet her. She teams up with the Bebop crew when it’s convenient for her, often double-crossing Spike and Jet. Faye is running from debt collectors, hitmen, other bounty hunters, and more. She trusts no one, letting her wild life and in-the-moment desires propel her through the cosmos.

In the middle of the series, however, we’re exposed to this other side of Faye. She was cryogenically frozen decades ago, awoken in a world with no memory of her past. We discover Faye’s central drive: finding her place in this new world of space colonization and outlaws. Faye works hard to dig up the mysteries of her past, diligently putting the pieces together. Ultimately, however, Faye realizes she can never reclaim that part of her life. She must continue to look to the future and reforge her life.

Jetsetter Faye Valentine is introduced as a hedonistic Black/Red character, but her character develops a subtle Blue streak as well.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

The hacker Radical Edward is certainly the strangest member of the Bebop crew. Orphaned on the ruins of Earth, Ed is a computer genius that uses her skills to solve numerous problems in the bounty hunter lifestyle. She’s centered in Blue, using logic, reason, and technology to hack her way into our hearts.

Except when she isn’t. Sometimes Ed seems like a genius. Other times she acts almost feral, growling and howling along with Ein. These are classically Green traits, though Ed also displays Green’s naïve willingness to accept what it sees as truth. She whines and screams, hugs and hassles, showcasing her emotional Red side as well.

“Eccentric” doesn’t quite cover Ed’s Blue/Red/Green personality, which eventually takes her from the Bebop as weirdly as it brought her to the ship.


Arguably the most loveable character on Cowboy Bebop, Ein the corgi that joins the crew early in the series. Most of the time Ein is busy doing dog things like eating and barking and peeing. You know, the Green stuff that makes animals animals.

But Ein has a secret. He isn’t just some Green animal. Ein is a genetically engineered data dog, meaning his brain and whatnot has been altered by science to be super-smart. Science making you a genius? Reeks of Blue. Ein is so smart that he’s even displayed better hacking talents than Ed. None of the crew ever recognizes Ein’s intelligence, leaving him to solve problems here and there unnoticed.

As a genetically enhanced genius-animal, Ein is solidly Green/Blue.


Vicious is Spike’s rival in the series, though they used to be best friends when they worked for the Red Dragon syndicate. This friendship fell apart, however, when a woman got between them. Both Vicious and Spike had a thing for Julia, and Vicious is the one responsible for thwarting Spike’s escape with her.

Remaining in the syndicate, Vicious soured over the years and became even more violent. He has a harsh personality, cutting down anyone who gets in his way. Without Spike or Julia, Vicious is left to fight only for his own power. He eventually usurps the leaders of the Red Dragon, naming himself the sole inheritor of the criminal organization.

Vicious’s brutality and lust for power darken him as a classically mono-Black villain.

See You, Space Cowboy

Traditional to the western genre, Cowboy Bebop doesn’t feature a whole lot of White-aligned characters. The frontier is a land of outlaws, violence, crime, and survival. Spike and Jet make a classic bounty hunter duo, one reckless and one careful. Faye rides in like a storm to shake things up, while the smarts of Ed and Ein help the crew through their adventures. Vicious fulfils a standard archetype, his cold demeanor foiling Spike’s animated nature.

Until next time, planeswalkers, *bang*

RTX 2015.  Sunday afternoon, Center Stage.  Joel and Adam are doing a live let’s play.  The topic: “How To: Slain”. Joel is drunk (as usual).

Joel: “I love how I can just say things on stage and then they just happen!   Hey guys!  Remeber that time Michael smeared pizza all over his face, then lost his pants?”
Michael: *Silently complies*