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Imagine Sam & Dean finding out Cas & you eloped

“You got married!”

Dean shouts, his eyes filled with disbelief. Sam just stood there in shock, closing the book he had in his hand.

“Dean, calm down.”

Castiel’s hand moves to the hunter’s shoulder, but Dean shrugs it off.

“I can’t believe you two! Sneaking off to get married! What were you thinking?”

You try to hold back a smile, gripping tightly at your newly husband’s hand.

“Dean, we love each other. With everything that’s coming ahead, Cas asked me and I said yes. We wanted to do this.”

Your release Cas’ hand to hold out both arms toward Dean. He hestitates for a moment before embracing you in a hug.

“It’s not like I’m not happy for you guys, but don’t you think a notice would have been nice?”

Dean huffs as he pulls away from you. Castiel and you exchange confuse glances.

Sam clears his throat, “What Dean’s trying to say is that you two are the only family we have left. An invitation would have been nice.”

“Shit, we dropped the ball on this one, didn’t we?” You admit, feeling guilty as hell.

“Sam and Dean, we are truly sorry for our indiscretion.” Castiel stares apologetically at the boys.

“It’s fine, guys. We-” Sam starts to speak, but is immediately cut off by Dean.

“It’s not fine. You two owe us a wedding. Sam’s going to walk you down the aisle and I’ll be Cas’ best man.” The hunter grins assertively, patting Castiel on the shoulder. You send a pleading look over to Sam, good sensible Sammy boy, but he nods along with Dean.

“I’d love to walk you down the aisle.” Sam admits.

“Yeah, it will be good. Nothing fancy. We can have it here. What do you think Sam?”

Cas and you stood there watching the brothers exchange glances, smiling at each other.

“Did you guys even tell Claire? Or Charlie for that matter?” Sam questions, shaking his head at you two.

“Also, Donna and Jody. Garth would want to come. Who else?” Dean’s eyes squint in thought, before he motions for Sam to follow him,

“Come on, Sammy. We have a lot to plan. Do you think we can get this running in a week?”

You watch Sam and Dean walk toward the kitchen, Sam nodding at his older brother.

“Yeah, yeah. Sounds good Dean.”

When they are gone, your mouth gaps open. Castiel stares at you wide eyed with a look of astonishment.

“What just happened?” You laugh into Cas’ trench coat, his fingers run through your locks.

“I think we are having a wedding, my love.”

Pulling away from your husband, you smile widely.

“I guess we are. I love you, husband.”

Castiel burst into a pride grin, his forehead presses against yours.

“I love you too, my beautiful wife.”

Daughter's keeper


Pairing: Reader x Cas

Fandom: Supernatural

Summary: It’s based on this awesome imagine from this incredible blog. I just changed it a little. Instead of Dean being the reader’s big brother he’s the reader’s dad.

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Petty Encounters: Part 3

Summary: You’ve vowed to take care of the baby, now that the demons are all dead. Cas, however, has a different plan. One that neither you nor Dean like very much.

Word Count: 2566

Warnings: None

Part 1    Part 2

You looked up at the angel. “There’s nothing you can do for her?”

“I can inscribe sigils on her bones to hide her from demons and angels. Whatever they did to her, this isn’t going to be the last time they want her. There will be more demons looking for her when they find out about what happened here.”

You looked up at Dean for reassurance. “Can he?”

Dean just nodded. “He did it to me and my brother. It’s worked so far.”

“Demons and angels?” If letting this angel carve sigils this one time would hide her from all of the other angels, then it would be worth it.

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Things about 11x04 that I absolutely loved:

  • Cas living in the bunker and everyone caring about him WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM.
  • Sam bringing it out into the text that Dean could have something more with someone who understands the life and is a hunter in the same ep we see what a good hunter Cas is becoming, even when he’s just back home resting.
  • Also in this same episode Dean admitted to dreaming about growing up living a normal life basically??? With no monsters and no hunting and???? Kill me??????
  • The things that saved Dean were two symbols of femininity and I could not be more in love with Robbie. The hairpin got him out of his cuffs, and the Hello Kitty purse contained the coin (or rather, fist full of coins) that killed the monster in the end.
  • Also speaking of coins, I loved the reference to Charon. Charon originated in Greek mythology, however he is also depicted in Dante’s Divine Comedy, and that is now our second Dante reference in as many episodes…
  • Charon is basically a reaper though, ferrying the dead to the afterlife, and between the monster this week needing to be reminded they were already dead, and Billie the reaper reminding Sam that what lives must die, I feel like there is definitely a big theme unraveling here…
  • Anyways back to what is important: Dean wears booty shorts and life is beautiful.
  • Dean and Cas are honestly the best hunter husbands ever and I can’t deal.
  • It looks like when Sam prayed God didn’t hear him, but Lucifer definitely did. Between “I never could fool you, could I?” and Sam saying his visions are coming from the opposite of the darkness (so like… a light bringer), I definitely think we’re going to be seeing Lucifer again v soon…
  • A+ directing this episode was really visually so nice and I couldn’t be happier.
  • The entire thing honestly.
  • Just the whole episode.
  • Pick a thing and I loved it.
These Old Wings, Chapter 1: Abduction

Title: These Old Wings, Chapter 1: Abduction

Author: ratherbeingallifrey

Word Count: 1251

Request: “I don’t know if your taking requests still but if you are could you do like this one where the reader is Sam and deans little sister and gets kidnaped and they have to rescue her …?”

Warning: Mentions of torture and injuries (but not particularly graphic

TFW Bingo prompt: Request: TFW 7

A/N: This will be a multi-part fic. I just haven’t posted anything in a little while so I wanted to get this up. :)

Part 2    Part 3    AO3

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