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Under the cut are #160 small/medium gifs of Mexican actor Diego Luna. None of these gifs have been created by me and I claim no ownership for any of them. If you find your gifs included in here and would like me to remove them, please message me and I’ll take the gifs out of this post immediately. Likes and reblogs would be appreciated.


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The Seventh Year Scavenger Hunt - Part I

New OneShot
Draco/Harry, Ron/Pansy, Ginny/Luna, Hannah/Neville

Pansy: Finally. [Tosses her hair over her shoulder, adjusts her shirt so more cleavage is showing, and sticks her hand out to Terry] Pansy Parkinson, but you already knew that. Who are you?
Terry: Er, Terry? I’m in your year?
Pansy: [Frowning] I’ve literally never seen you before in my life. [Looks at Ron] Do you know him?
Ron: [Shrugging] Sure, he’s that Hufflepuff kid.
Terry: I’m a Ravenclaw!
Pansy: [Squinting as she looks over him] Are you sure? You’ve got the face of a Hufflepuff. Are you certain you go here?

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by clicking here, you’ll be redirected to 121 gif icons of sahar luna made from scratch by me and SOLELY for mascot purposes ( till she turns eighteen ), afterwards do whatever you want with them, just don’t claim as your own or add them to hunts, thanks. please like/reblog if you found this useful.

There are #432 150x150 gifs of the actor Diego Luna under the cut.  Diego Luna is of Mexican and European decent so please keep that in mind.  He is best known as his role as Cassian in Rogue One, but has been in several other films.  However, the majority of the gifs in this hunt are from the more recent films/shows that Diego Luna is in.  None of these gifs are mine and if you would like me to remove yours please just ask, it’s no problem!  A like/reblog is appreciated, but not necessary. 

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♡ luca hollestelle gif icons ♡

under the cut you’ll find 57 100x100 gif icons of the beautiful luca hollestelle. they’re not made by me, i’ve only cut/resized them for roleplaying purposes and since she has just a few gifs, i’ve wanted to share this with you guys. also, there are a whole bunch of gif icons right here. if any of these are yours and you want credit, please feel free to message me, i’ll be happy to put your name here, remove it or even just adding a link to your account. don’t forget to like if it helped you.

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Under the cut are 107 100x100 gif icons of Diego Luna as Cassian Andor. All were made by me. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Explosion tw, gun tw, flashing gif tw. Do not edit these icons in any way or claim them as your own.

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I’ve been dying to use this guy’s pretty face, and I figured some of you would as well so…
Under the cut, you’ll find #100 gif icons of  DIEGO LUNA in several roles and as himself. None of the original gifs is mine, however, I resized and edited them all.

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