hunted by humans

So a few weeks ago I got interested what made us human apex predators(cuz lets face it we don’t look intimidating). One of the obvious is superior intelligence but that can’t be all. I figured I put a list together for any writer that want to use this information. (these are all google facts so feel free to do your own research or correct me)

  • Unique Hunting
    • We humans are persistent hunters, so instead of the typical predator approach by stalking our prey and kill it fast, we let our prey know we are here. We tried to hit it with rocks or spears, if the first strike didn’t kill it, we would just calmly walk after it and try again. This goes on over hours, usually during the hottest time of the day, not giving the poor thing a chance to rest until it’s finally to exhausted to run away. We would literally walk our pray to death. There are other animals that hunt like this(wolves) but we humans are the best at it.
  • Insanely Good Trackers
    • This is tied in with our intelligence but I wanted to give it an extra point. Most animals track by smell, which we don’t. We track foot print and things like fur on branches or broken twigs. Water or rain will wash away a scent but following broken twigs is a bit easier in the rain.
  • Amazing Cardio
    • We can’t out sprint any animal but we can outrun them. Humans are within the top 5 animals that are able to walk/jog/run long distances without needing a break. And we are the only predator in that  list.
  • Incredible Aim (hand eye coordination)
    • Out of all the animals we have by far the best aim. Other species with similar abilities just don’t have the same success rate.
  • Best climbers
    • We are one of the best climbers there are and if you don’t believe me watch a parkour video.
  • We eat everything (and i mean everything)
    • We eat many things that are either unenjoyable for animals or poisonous. Our digestive system is unique and allows us to digest these poisons without a problem. While some of these poisons would be dangerous enough in large doses, it is literally impossible for us to OD on them if we eat them as food. Here’s a list:
      • Chocolate
      • Spicy food (is not deadly just unenjoyable)
      • Milk (Humans are the only animals on earth that are lactose tolerant when we grow into adulthood)
      • Avocado
      • Garlic 
      • Coconut
      • Yeast bread
      • Eggs
      • Grapes/Raisins
      • Onions
  • Super Healing
    • Our flesh wounds stop bleeding relatively fast and heal fast too.We heal so well that a broken bone is considered a relative minor medical issue. A broken bone is a death sentence in the animal kingdom and even for modern days vets its impossible sometime to heal an animal’s broken bone. Not only do our bones heal fast but it grows stronger afterward.
  • Lack of Fur
    • Animals that don’t sweat need to regulate their heat by panting. Humans have much better way at regulating heat: we sweat. Sweating happens parallel to whatever activity we do and allows us to perform these task without needing a break. If you made a dog do sports like a human it would have a heatstroke.

All in all we are a species that can adapt to any sort of environment thanks to these traits. 

anonymous asked:

So I have a character who learned how to use a longbow when she was a child to hunt. My question is two-tiered: one, in what ways would that impact her physical development; and two, would this help her if she needed to use a bow against people?

Strong shoulders, strong arms.

In all honesty, the bow is a weapon you build to as a hunter. The first weapon she’d have learned was the sling. More useful for small game, and you can be deadly accurate with it. The David versus Goliath story in the Bible isn’t actually a joke or overblown. A child taking down a grown adult with a rock and a sling is entirely plausible if said adult isn’t wearing a helmet. The sling is the weapon of children everywhere, shepherds and hunters. In many parts of the world, they still use it. It’s also better for small game. Katniss would’ve done better braining the squirrels with a sling rather than a bow, like children do.

As a child, she’d be trained on a child’s training bow and work her way up the different types of bows practicing on a single target. The longbow is a weapon that requires a fairly hefty amount of upper body strength to wield, and she’d have to work and train up into her early teens before she was allowed to use it for hunting. The amount of strength you can draw dictates how far the arrow flies and how deep it penetrates. Depth of penetration is important, as is how far the arrow flies. Both define how close you need to be to your target in order to be successful. Herbivores don’t stand around waiting for a predator to kill them, and carnivores might just decide turnabout is fair play.

So, most of her childhood was spent on dummy duty with her bow as she learned to clean and care for it. Learning to stand, and that’s a whole series of lessons. Learning how to string the bow, learning how to hold it, learning to draw before she was ever allowed to shoot.

What whoever was training her would set her on before that is the other skills, and she’d act as a gopher for them the way all apprentices do. Following behind the older hunter, carrying their equipment, watching them and acting under their direction. You can’t hunt if you can’t find game, and you can’t eat it if you can’t clean it.

Hunting comes with a necessary subset of skills which allow the hunter to work. They don’t just go out into the woods and kill shit then come back. It requires patience. It involves waiting in one place for an animal to come by, sometimes for days. Traps, tracking, reading sign, learning to move through the underbrush without disturbing it, hiding your scent, etc.

Your hunter will catch more food that they eat on the regular with snare traps set for rabbits and other small game than they will with the bigger game like deer. Bigger game takes more investment, more energy, and a lot more luck. There’s also a higher chance of injury.

There are plenty of herbivores that won’t go down quiet, deer included. If your hunter hits wrong and they sense/smell them, there’s always the chance they won’t run and will come right in after the hunter. Animals have “fight or flight” too, and a doe can gore you just as well with her hooves as a buck can with his antlers. Any poor soul chased up a tree by a moose or just gut checked by a horse can tell you, herbivores are assholes. On an unlucky day, they’ll kill you just as well as a carnivore and that’s if you can find them at all.

The chances of managing a “one hit kill” with an animal like a deer are low and, even if you land a killing blow, they’re not just going to fall over dead. You’ve got to be able to follow it, recover the body, and kill it as it lies there bleeding out on the ground if necessary. You’ve also got to have some way to carry it back. Then, there’s the risk you run with whether the herd animals will return to the same place or move somewhere else if too many of their number die. If they do, and they’re your primary source of food, then you’ve got to move with them. Nevermind that there are quite a few animals a bow is simply no good for, like bears and boars. Where you need other tools like dogs and spears.

Hunting is a complicated business, and it doesn’t come with any guarantees.

Now, those skills do translate over well on a certain level to dealing with humans. Though, it’s not the weapon skills so much as the other less flashy ones. Many scouts in medieval armies, for example, were hunters of one sort or another. As were the foragers tasked with feeding them. The ability to tell how many people passed, where they passed, and what they brought with them from the tracks left on the roads or in the hills was a valuable ability. The ability to move through the woods without being seen, to hide your passing, to tell who is breaking trail, and to find their camps was also helpful.

The Ranger class in DnD is built on the hunter. You want a character who has more in common with Aragorn than Katniss. Aragorn uses a bow, but it’s not his only weapon.

The reason for this is that the bow isn’t a great weapon for close quarters. More importantly, it takes time to prepare. You don’t travel with it strung, as that wears out the string. If the string is no longer taut when strung then you can’t fire the bow. You don’t travel with the wood left to the elements. It needs to be wrapped, and packed away. Constantly be oiled to maintain its elasticity/limberness so it can be drawn. A dried bow is a bow you can’t pull, no matter how strong you are. You also can’t get it wet. It’s a weapon which takes a lot of prep in order to be used, a lot of care, a lot of maintenance, more than average, and a lot of hard work.

When you’re in, say, a military or part of a raiding force that knows its attacking then that’s great. Or someone who is on watch for certain periods during the day and will be relieved by another, that also works. Or when you’re sitting alone in the woods waiting for an animal to come by. However, the necessary prep time a bow requires is a lot less helpful when you’re taken by surprise.

By the time you’ve taken it out, unwrapped it, strung it, you’re dead. The enemy was also probably too close for the bow to really be of help anyway. Its a weapon which requires distance. Awesome when you’re pegging people from the ramparts, halfway up a tree, or fifty to a hundred feet off. Less so when they’re standing over you, axe in hand. The traditional role of archers in a military structure is artillery, and not that different from how we use the modern one. Their purpose is bombardment, they soften up the enemy so the vanguard can break their lines and kill them.

There is one kind of single combat the bow is useful for: stalking.

The bow is a silent weapon, and when used in a hunter-stalker mode, can be terrifyingly effective. It’s a stealth weapon, meant for ghosting in and ghosting out as you pick your enemies off. However, this kind of combat requires a proactive mindset and a willingness to get your hands dirty.

It’s also vindictive and, from the perspective of most modern morals, it’s cruel.

Humans are no more lucky than animals when it comes to hunting. The bow is the slow death. No character, no matter their skill level, is going to be guaranteed clean kills. However, what they do get is debilitating blows. An arrow through an arm, a leg, or better a lung, is going to take enemies out of the fight and if they’re not dead yet then potentially another one with them. Harassment is the order of the day. The slow path of carving off opponents, damaging them so they can’t fight back, following as they try to run, before moving in for the kill.

It’s a predatory style of combat, it is (really) just hunting. Hunting humans instead of animals. The terrifying form of combat that haunts so many horror movies. It’s psychological warfare.

However, it’s the kind of combat that takes time, patience, and a strong stomach. It’s up to you to decide if that’s the kind of combat you envisioned for this character to participate in. Or the kind of story you want to tell.

People embrace the Predator and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (2013), and countless others that have this particular combat style.

It might, however, behoove you to consider coming up with other weapons this character has familiarity with. From knives, to traps, to fishing lines, to other more improvised weapons built on the fly. This character has a range of options within their skillset, and there’s no need to stick to just one.

Also we have a bow tag, and an archery tag for past discussion on this subject.


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Aliens react to Murderers/Humans who love to kill

Ok so I just spent my entire day reading the Humans are space orcs/earth is space Australia fandom and I wanted to add to it.

Aliens react to the SUPER HUMANS.
Imagine being an alien who has had many deadly encounters with pissed off humans beforehand encountering someone with incredible bloodlust. Like, they would have noted that when searching/hunting , humans would stay quiet. But then when hiding in a closet from the strange human, the human starts fucking cackling. The human just acts so animalistic the alien cannot even believe some humans can act like this. Just thinking about how terrified that alien would be if he survived and just goes to his friends and tells them about it like “HOLY SHIT GUYS, YOU KNOW HOW IN ANCIENT HUMAN LEGENDS THEY HAVE THESE THINGS CALLED BERZERKERS WHICH ARE JUST HUMANS BUT EVEN MORE INSANE”?! THEY EXIST AND I ENCOUNTERED ONE"!
and after this humans have to explain that some humans are born with extreme differences which cause them to act animalistic and without care towards social norms.


thinking about it though

when peridot asked steven if humans were still the dominant species on earth, steven listed off a large number of people

‘there’s my dad, connie, lars and sadie, the mailman, onion (i think..)’ 

and Peridot DID shout: “I’m reporting this!” 

Idk i just find it interesting that steven mentioned sadie & onion & now they’ve gone missing… so…

what if our new mystery gems are hunting down the ‘humans’ mentioned in Peridot’s previous reports. they’re known humans so like… when we hear this…

‘are you my dad?’

it could be the mystery gems searching for greg without knowing who greg is. all they know is the term ‘my dad’


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What if we want Kisabae more like sharks, can you provide me headcanons please?

Sure! Though, since sharks have such a broad spectrum of traits, I hope you don’t mind a few generalizations .u.”

  • Picky eater: He might try anything *once* to see if he enjoys it (like sharks may nibble on new potential prey), but, day to day, he has a particular shortlist of things he eats, and that’s what he sticks to. Since sharks are concerned with getting the most nutrition from their meals, maybe he’s on a strict schedule FOR THEM *MUSCLE GAINS* or fanatic about the raw food diet or something.
  • Doesn’t *sleep* sleep: In a universe where Gaara could go sleepless so consistently without, you know, DYING, it’s hard to say if this headcanon makes him more like sharks or more like the other humans in this universe. Either way, Kisame rests through periods of inactivity, during which his eyes are open and he still seems aware of his surroundings, as he can exit this *sleep* and respond at a moment’s notice. When *sleeping* outdoors, he makes the perfect scarecrow for bandits and the like.
  • Smol: Compared to his female clanmates, Kisame is short, lithe, and thin-skinned. A female Hoshigaki could break steel over their rippling biceps.
  • Cartilaginous blob: Just as sharks are made for their particular pressure systems, Kisame’s form only holds up around sea-level. Take him hiking up a mountain and he starts to sag. Firm jello man. Pastillage bones. Squish.
  • Cavity-proof: Kisame can maintain glossy white teeth with the occasional gargle of vinegar, as opposed to the average person’s daily toothpaste and mouthwash and whitening strips and—
  • Denticles: Kisame has toothy, sandpaper skin that sticks to his clothes and may leave anyone giving him a shoulder rub with raw, red palms. Hugs and kisses are fine, but please don’t do anything… else… without a condom.

While we’re at it, here are some shark traits I couldn’t add to the list because they contradict Kisame’s canon:

  • Sharks can’t really float (with some deep-sea exceptions? I think??). Kisame bobs like a buoy.
  • Sharks have multiple rows of teeth. Kisame very clearly has one row.
  • Sharks tend to roll their eyes back when attacking. Kisame’s eyes just derp out.


  • Sheds teeth
  • Carnivorous (+/- tea)
  • Excellent sense of smell
  • Claspers

anonymous asked:

do you think dark!remus still has his remus-y traits? does he also turn children or?? i'd love to read a list of your hcs for dark remus if you're ever bored!

(( OOC: Ooookay… I just came up with Dark!Remus on the fly, mostly because I wanted to do Remus with Tattoos and shit… So I’m completely bullshitting here…. let’s see how this goes. 

Remus is taken at the age of five, and raised in a small pack that is overseen by Fenrir outside of his home. Fenrir isn’t involved a lot with the raising of the kids, he just “takes care” of the pack in general, stops in every once in a while, uses them when he needs them, and makes sure that the caregivers raise the children the way he wants them to be raised. 

Most of the individuals in the pack are either people that were turned and fell out of touch with society at a young age, or people that were easy prey (homeless, runaways, etc.) Because of this the children receive a very limited education. 

On top of that, the pack, being made up of so many random victims thrown together for the sake of survival, suffers from a lot of internal contention. When Fenrir is not around, it’s hard to maintain order or civility. There are kind hearted wolves mixing with selfish, and sometimes dangerous wolves, making Remus’s childhood very unstable. 

Remus learns to survive through depending on his street smarts and basic survival skills. He is raised to believe that witches and wizards are cruel, vicious, and that they want him and his kind dead. He grows up isolated, hidden from the wizarding world, and that causes him to fear it. The only interaction he has with people outside of the pack is through hunting. 

Unlike Fenrir, the children’s main caregiver (who joins the pack when Remus turns eight) never gets the children involved in hunting. He is a kind man that was turned at a later age, and has compassion for humans.  

Remus hears little snippets about the wizarding world from this man, and grows curious. He and the caregiver become close, the caregiver sharing his knowledge with Remus and expanding the young man’s horizons. As Remus grows older, he begins to help with raising the kids, sharing his caregivers pro-wizarding-world ideals with them. His curiosity begins to peak, and soon he finds himself wanting to interact with the wizarding world. 

Unfortunately, Fenrir finds out about the caregiver’s empathetic feelings towards humans (and the fact that he keeps the children from hunting humans) and the man disappears from the pack. 

Fenrir, determined to do damage control, takes over leading Remus’s pack, and the following moon he takes Remus and a few of the older kids on their first hunt. Remus ends up getting too close to the city and attacking a young woman, and when he comes to she is turning, but doesn’t survive the transformation, and ends up dying. Remus is mortified by the experience and refuses to eat for days after, terrified that the meat being served is human. 

Fenrir realizes how much of an impact the caregiver had, and turns to manipulation and fear in order to get his “little ones” back on track.  

Remus, being older, is not as easily swayed, and Fenrir turns his attention to the rebellious wolf. He forces him on hunts, and punishes him when he doesn’t submit… determined to shape him. 

This causes Remus to push back harder, his resentment and fear towards Fenrir causing him to draw closer to the wizarding world. 

Fenrir then decides to switch tactics, making him his “right hand man”… giving him special treatment. Remus becomes more compliant, since the pack is the only life he knows and he fears leaving it, but Fenrir isn’t satisfied with compliance. 

He decides to give his “pup” a reason to fear and hate wizards, and ends up dragging Remus into the wizarding war, showing him the worst of humanity, and the atrocities that they commit on “monsters” like them. Remus starts to find himself slipping back into submission, his fear of wizards growing and overcoming any empathy he had felt for them. 

Fenrir then tests the waters and starts to send Remus out on specialized hunting missions… going into the cities to “collect” victims… instead of feeding off of the “scraps” on the streets. Fenrir wants the wizarding world to fear them… and the way to do that is through targeting the youth… the young soldiers that will be joining the war soon.

Take away the youth and the hope goes with it.  

Remus, having been educated about the wizarding world by the caregiver, is trained and sent in to lure young adults out of bars, to interact and smile and appeal to them, and then take them or turn them…

… You guys can imagine where this is going. ;) ))   


No one look too closely at this monstrosity. 

An idea that came into my head last night while I was solving parts of the CipherHunt puzzle: A CipherHunt AU! 

In an alternate dimension from ours, Dipper has passed on and been reincarnated in our world, and Bill’s soul has been trapped in the rock he was left in after Weirdmageddon, waiting for Dipper. Bill reaches out and possesses a young man named Alex, urging him to create the show Gravity Falls based on both Alex’s experiences and what really happened in Bill’s far-away past life. Bill then starts the CipherHunt in the hopes of leading Dipper back to him–and it works. 

Tiran Kandros, who was so relieved to see another being from the Milky Way, he can’t help but touch them to assure himself Ryder’s real.

Tiran who handles both security and militia business, who promised to watch Ryder’s back, even if he’s unable to enter the field because of his duties.

Tiran who’s so fucking *relieved* when Ryder finds and brings back the Turian ark and their Pathfinder, maybe that’s the time he started to have a crush on them.

Tiran who wants to leave his post and go to Ryder, specially while hunting the Archon, he knows humans aren’t to be taken lightly, but damn it he still worries.

Tiran who’s a very good Turian, and won’t leave his post, regardless. He has a job to do and so does Ryder.

Tiran who has to endure Avitus’ jokes on him - at least their Pathfinder seems to be coping well? - and offers to get him and Ryder alone.

Tiran who can’t help but admire that tiny - to him - human, who interfaces with Remnant tech, who takes on the burden of the Initiative, and he ends up loving them just a little bit more.

Tiran who offers to listen to their worries, not as a favour, but because he wants to lighten Ryder’s burden.

Tiran who can only offer help at the sidelines, keeping the ground they managed to take, fighting the Kett step by step, who knows he can’t - and won’t - abandon his post but Spirits damn it he wants to.

Tiran who watches from afar as Ryder celebrates their victory, he can feel Rix’s eyes on him, but neither of them say anything.

Tiran, who’s so bloody tired of being a good Turian, but forces himself to continue.

Tiran who’s surprised each and every time Ryder stops by to talk to him, be it business or not.

Tiran who can’t help but laugh in glee at Ryder making sure he’s fine after the battle, when they should be worried with themselves and their family.

Tiran who sighs as Ryder runs back to their crew, he can just stand back and watch, that’ll have to be enough.

new fic new fic NEW FIC

A Place and A Feeling – realtor!Cas/house-hunting!Dean, 24k, CUTENESS OVERLOAD

Summary: Human AU. Dean Winchester still hasn’t found the perfect little house in the suburbs he’s always dreamed of. On the off-chance that another meeting with his totally adorkable realtor could finally change everything, Dean keeps going back to Castiel’s agency. Like Cas always says, home is both a place and a feeling. But what if the place Dean’s looking for is Castiel’s house, and the feeling is Castiel himself? 

Sometimes the most unprofessional choices lead to the most enjoyable personal consequences. This is one of those times.

also desk sex, Cas in glasses, and DOMESTIC GROSSNESS which is what we’re all here for right

read on AO3

cade-barricade  asked:

Hello! I've got a question based on IDW continuity. A lot of people are calling Soundwave as a 'Decepticon mama' or 'Sound-dad', and of course, I kinda understand the reason for it. However, for example, in Ex-rid or OP, I've noticed that Rumble and Frenzy are becoming more independent, also they have been kinda forced to become the cassettes, so the question is: - what does these guys really think about SW; do they CARE about him? The similar question apply to him too. Thank you!

Ah, such interpretations of Soundwave’s relationship with his cassettes go all the way back to G1! As soon as he petted Ravage that one time, that was it!

To answer such a question about IDW, our first port of call must surely be this image from All Hail Megatron, in which Soundwave howls in rage and despair over a wounded Rumble:

Also, here’s Frenzy, from the Bumblebee mini-series, full-on losing his marbles after being separated from Soundwave. 

(This was when they were playing Frenzy as dangerously mentally unstable, a depiction of the character that originated in All Hail Megatron, but which has since been forgotten, mmmaybe for the best.)

Taken together, these would certainly indicate that they share a similar link with Soundwave that we’ve seen his other cassettes do, and that Soundwave looks on them with as much fondness as the others.

But it does feel a little like these past instances have been… let’s say “deliberately forgotten,” as they don’t mesh so well with the wider continuity’s handling of Soundwave’s relationship with his various cassettes. In the years since AHM and Bumblebee’s publication, Robots in Disguise established that Soundwave met Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw long ago, and they took care of him when he was destitute, unable to control his mind-reading powers.

(This always makes me a smile a little when I hear Soundwave referred to as being “fatherly” to his cassettes; if anything, in IDW, it seems like Ravage was the one who was “father” to Soundwave in the early days!)

But even before the above stories were written, Megatron Origin had depicted Rumble and Frenzy as workers in the mines with Megatron, who only got partnered up with Soundwave and re-engineered to transform to fit inside his chest as part of an undercover mission, so they could hide inside him to ambush the Senate. As you note, they weren’t really happy about it and tried to argue their way out of it, until Megatron… uh, convinced them to see things his way:

Additionally, there’s never been any evidence that Rumble and Frenzy went with Soundwave to Earth in the 1980s like Laserbeak and Ravage did, so they could have spent several decades off doing their own thing without him.

It’s not particularly illogical, then, to think that their relationship with Soundwave would be quite a bit different from the animal-cassettes, purely as a result of personal circumstances and shared experiences (or a lack thereof). But that’s not to say they don’t LIKE one another - in addition to Soundwave’s display of emotion above, the two were quick to come to Soundwave’s aid when the other Decepticons turned on him soon after their exile from Iacon:

But later, they were also willing to go behind his back and hunt humans with Galvatron, so they’re not absolutely bound to him. In fact, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw went on that mission, too! Tsk, you wouldn’t get that kind of trouble out of Ravage!

Adding to the “Humans are Weird” theme:

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with a number of animals. The most noteworthy are the symbiotic relationship they seem to share with members of the Canidae and Felidae predator families, also known as “Cats & Dogs”.

This relationship seems to have developed in ancient time when, in the case of the Canidae, they would hunt in conjunction with ancient humans and would help to defend their settlements in exchange of warmth and food and an endless supply of petting or, in the case of the felidae, they would keep the vermin at bay in exchange of food, refuge and an endless supply of petting.

An even noteworthy element is that, despite the original purpose of the relationship slowly disappearing as the centuries passed, the symbiotic bond actually strenghtened between “Humans” and what they call “pets” forming a strong sense of partnership between the two. so much so that it would become very common for humans to have either a cat or a dog in the household for no other reason than to have their company, sometimes giving them the same food they eat, sleeping with them at nigh or even identifying them as “part of the family”.

The discovery of this strange element of humanity was recorded when the first envoy of the confederation of planets arrived on Earth in a diplomatic visit after first contact had already been established. The Diplomats where then taken to a family house that had been decided as neutral territory and they were taken by surprise to discover the animals in there had full access inside and outside the house and that the older humans did not blink an eye when their younglings interacted with said animals with no worries for their own safety.

The first human ambassador caused a lot of turmoil when they informed they would bring their pet cat “Mrs. Wrinkles” to stay with them because of the safety protocols that had to be re-worked to acommodate for the feline. Nowadays, Mrs. Wrinkles remains in the human ambassy alongside their human partner and enjoys full diplomatic immunity.