A Reluctant Favor

Santana finished packing up the last bag of the things she needed, huffing in frustration as she did so. She pulled her phone out of her back pocket and just looked through her contacts. There was literally no one who could help her; she had no options. But just one. The one that she never wanted to pick. Ever. 

She’d texted Hunter earlier asking for his address because she “wanted to bring him some of his things that she still had.” But that wasn’t why she wanted to go, and he tried to continue the conversation, but she couldn’t bear it. So after she had her bags ready, Santana collected them and hailed a cab. She read off the address to the driver and he looked at her with confusion. “Are you sure?” He asked, looking her up and down. That made her obviously nervous, but she didn’t have any time for it now, and so she rolled her eyes and nodded her head, telling him to drive, since the meter was running. 

As the cab traveled through the city, she was seeing parts that she’d never visited before. And parts that she never wanted to visit. It reminded her of Lima Heights Adjacent times ten. Her heart was beating harder as he drove deeper into the not so great area. She hoped he’d keep driving past this rough patch and into a nicer area. Maybe Hunter’s dad was some big business guy that he wanted to rebel against? She didn’t know. The guy didn’t talk about his family basically the entire time they were together. But all hope was lost as the driver pulled up to a large apartment building. “Great,” Santana said under her breath. She paid the guy and took her bags, not bothering to thank him. 

Slamming the cab door shut, she looked up at the building, and then back at her phone to get the number. Letting out a sigh, she reluctantly walked up the pavement and into the building. Of course, no elevator. She walked up the three flights of stairs, annoyed as all get out. She wanted to go back. Do anything, but she couldn’t. This was literally her last and only option. As Santana ascended the stairs, she finally made it to his floor. The place smelled of trash and cat pee, causing Santana to hold her sleeve over her nose. This was getting better and better, wasn’t it?

Finally arriving at his apartment, Santana knocked loudly on the door, hoping that Hunter would answer. And of course, it wasn’t him. However, if she didn’t know Hunter, it would be easy that she could think it was him. “Is Hunter here?” She asked, not even letting the guy ask her what she wanted. 

I'm Taking You Somewhere | Huntana

Hunter knew he’d been slipping. Not in all aspects of his life but certainly one of the most important ones, Santana. Sure they’d seen each other fairly regularly since they had arrived in California but still, there had been something slightly forced and off about the pair of them, something Hunter was more than ready to change. He was yearning to get back to old Hunter and Santana and so, after some careful consideration and planning, he knew just what to do to reach that goal. It was going to be a traditional datenight and one that he hoped would earn him some much needed boyfriend points. To be honest, he was sort of proud of himself that he’d thought of this place to go and gave himself a mental pat on the back as he loaded up his car and set off towards Santana and Rachel’s apartment. She was a picky date at best but he hoped she wouldn’t be able to resist what he had planned, the same worry seeping in that he always seemed to have before taking his girlfriend out anywhere. He’d always wanted to get it just right and now was no different.

Hunter would’ve said that this was a different feeling for him, wanting to impress and treat a date right but really, he’d learnt to accept this new mushy side of him though put every single bit of blame on Santana. Shaking his head at the thought, he strolled slowly up to the front door, hands deep in his pockets and slouch in his step before knocking on the door a couple times with his foot and stepping back to wait.

It's a Trap || Huntana

[After Santana hesitantly agreed to hang out with Hunter, she swallowed the weird feeling in her gut and decided to just save face. She met the Slytherin Prefect at the entrance to the dungeons and followed him to the Room of Requirement, making small talk and eyeing his bag which she was sure contained the Firewhiskey. She had never sought out this room herself, but she was impressed on how it morphed into a comfortable hang out place to suit their needs.]

So let’s get the party started, shall we?

A Typical Friday Night

After a long day of class, vocal lessons, and scene blocking, Santana was exhausted. She wanted to just go back to her apartment, snuggle up in bed and watch Netflix all night, but unfortunately it was Friday night. And Friday night means getting her ass into the smallest outfit possible and going down to work her shift at Coyote Ugly. Don’t get her wrong, she loved her job and everything about it, especially the tips, but tonight that was not what she wanted to do. On her way home, Santana stopped by Starbucks to grab a quick latte before walking to her building. Climbing the short flight of stairs, she entered her apartment, set her bag down and turned on some music, all in one motion. Setting down her latte, she danced around her room as she tossed her coat on her bed and looked in her closet to see what she could wear. On days that she wasn’t feeling work, she put on her best outfits to perk herself up a bit; it made little to no sense, but it worked for her. 

After she was changed and her hair was done, she did a once over at herself in the mirror. All the working out she’d been doing has paid off, and her abs were finally beginning to form, as you could see by the crop top she was wearing. Santana tugged slightly on her signature fishnet tights she was known for, and smoothed out her booty shorts that she altered from her cheerleading practice uniform. Sue Sylvester would be proud, she thought as she spun around to look at herself. Checking the clock, she was just on time, as she pulled a pair of sweatpants over her outfit and threw her boots in her bag. That was all she needed, was to have some hobo mistake her as a hooker on her way to work. She learned quickly to never wear her uniform outside of the saloon, a memory that made her entire body cringe. Grabbing her coat and purse once again, she headed out the same door and same stairs she just climbed and back onto the same street she just walked. The repetition and familiarity wasn’t annoying to Santana, surprisingly, but actually comforting. She liked having a routine and a schedule and she definitely liked the influx of money she was getting from her job. 

It was a short walk to the Saloon, and the other three girls were already there. She smiled and said hey as she walked to the back to put her shit in a locker. Thankfully, she got along well with them and they worked great together. Their boss even told them that they made the most money when they worked compared to all the other girls, and Santana couldn’t deny that she was proud of that fact. As soon as she came back out front, people were already beginning to file in and soon enough, there was a huge crowd in front of the bar. “Okay, who’s next?!” Santana shouted as she took her spot behind the bar, ready for a typical Friday night of drunk guys and their jealous girlfriends.

Birthday Surprise | Santana & Hunter

Hunter had turned up way too early. He knew it as soon as his car pulled onto Santana’s road and glanced at the clock as it read 11:17pm, that he was in for a pretty long session of sitting about as he waited for the time to reach midnight. He wanted his surprise to be perfect, having sat in his room for a whole half day, trying desperately to think of something that would impress the girl. Ever since the confrontation with her mom, he had felt the surge of emotion he’d always had for her, come rushing straight back in and he wanted to show her just that in this one gesture. He wanted to win her over all over again.

Pulling up the car in a spot which was out of eyesight from the house, he took a deep breath, resting his open hands lightly on the steering wheel. He could do this. Well that was what he kept telling himself. He could do this and she was probably going to laugh in his face, but at least he’d manage to do it. The minutes ticked by agonisingly slowly, not being helped by Hunter’s impatience with the whole thing, his fingers tapping in quick succession on the wheel, then his knees, then the side of the chair, trying to give them at least something to do. However soon enough and luckily for him, the time finally read 11:50pm and he decided to set up at her door, ready to see her birthday in.

Grabbing all the things he needed from the the boot of his car, Hunter made his way quickly up to her door, taking care to be as quiet as possible as he placed one of the items on the floor and kept the other in his hands. The set up didn’t really take long, him persistantly checking his watch to see how much time had gone by and making sure he didn’t miss his mark. At 11:58pm, he leant over and rang on the doorbell, jumping from foot to foot as he waited for her to open up. This was it. Now or never. Do or die. When he finally saw the large white door open, he took a final glance at his watch, seing 00:00am and so prepared himself, readying his hands. She’s always wanted to see him play, so he sure as hell was going to grant her that wish on her birthday.

Strumming his guitar for the first chord, he opened his mouth, the grin breaking out on his face as he saw Santana and started to sing. ‘Happy Birthday to you…’

Date Night | Huntana

Santana and Hunter had spent a good portion of the day by the pool, not doing much but relaxing. Her headache had finally gone away and Santana wanted to go out that night with her boyfriend. Well, her boo. She wasn’t sure if he was her boyfriend or not at this point, but she knew that they were having a lot of fun together and things were finally working without any major problems, so the Latina really didn’t want to chance it. They were happy and that’s all that mattered to her.

Getting out of her lounge chair, Santana made the short distance to Hunter’s and sat with him. “Well hey, boo,” she said with a small smirk followed shortly by a quick kiss on the lips. Resting her head on his chest she looked up at him with a bigger smile. After a bit of comfortable silence, she tracing her tanned pointer finger on one of his tattoos, she finally spoke up again. “So there’s this really nice restaurant at the hotel a few blocks away,” Santana began, running the idea by him, “And apparently the food is really good. Do you wanna go tonight? Daddy’s treat.” She couldn’t tell if he was leaning towards wanting to go or not, his facial expressions not really giving the answer away. “They don’t ID at the bar,” she added, hoping to sway him if she hadn’t already. Santana just wanted to have an actual date with him, them going out somewhere, not just them going to hers and having sex. Getting impatient, she hit a small patch of sunburn he got that day, “Oh come on, do you want to go or not?”

text to hunter
  • Santana: Yo, Chad Bono is freaky deaky - and I ain't talking 'bout in fifty shades of O-tastic. She can bring the beat down, and she seem's to got some creepy obsession with Quinn. I'm talking Misery cuckoo, along with some baby talk to her pussy for just a drip of the goo goo juice. I need to learn how to fight, 'cos I ain't getting my pretty face handed to me 'gain like that.

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I think you should come over | Huntana

Hunter lay in his favourite position on his couch, arm strewn across his tummy after a huge meal made by his mom’s carer, his other holding onto the remote and flicking mindlessly through channel after channel, trying to find something to watch. Since only recently, he had actually started turning up to full days at school, getting to his first class on time and fully staying until the bell rang at the end of the day. And it was killing him. Never had he done so much walking around and writing shit down and he was slowly regretting it as he looked across the room and saw the huge pile of textbooks he apparantly should of been reading since the beginning of the year plus the homework he figured was going to have to do at some point. However, he had to get it done. He was determined to actually make something of himself and the best way to give himself a shot was to go to the hellhole that was McKinley and actually work. Maybe it was his mom’s accident or maybe it was the stuff with Santana that got him motivated, he would never know. All he did know was that he was gonna get out of this town and into something where people referred to him as Mr Scott and he actually got his own hot secretary with massive tits.

As if it had heard his thoughts, his phone suddenly buzzed, snapping him out of the daze and causing him to look sharply over at it. A small smile cracked onto his lips as he saw the name and he replied swiftly, getting up and making his way down to his car moments later. He wasn’t going to miss an opportunity like this for the world and so he knew he had to be quick. He didn’t exactly know what him and Santana were at the moment; the signals leaning towards what they had before but with no actual action to back it up. They could be fuck buddies, which is basically what had been the format recently, but he just didn’t know. All he knew was that he was being beckoned to an empty house with a girl he was crazy about; he wasn’t exactly going to say no. After making the short drive, he pulled up at Santana’s house, hopping up the path sharpish and knocking on the door.

I Might Regret It | Hunter

After spending most of the day with Sam, he kissed her on the cheek before going back to his room. He offered to stay with her, but Santana knew that he and Emily wanted to do something the last night in Vegas. And she wasn’t about to twatblock her twin like that. So after Sam left, Santana busied herself with movies and packing mixed with a side of Tumblr and texting. After all of the non-essential things were packed, Santana sat on one of the beds in the hotel room, her laptop in front of her. Browsing the posts on Tumblr, she frowned at Hunter’s post about being drunk already. She just didn’t want him to get hurt or in trouble. There was no denying that she still cared about him a lot. After a few quick texts back and forth, she’d agreed to having him come up to the room. The Latina sighed loudly, putting her face in her hands. Apparently she was a glutton for torture. Shutting her laptop, she placed it on the desk next to her bed and wandered into the bathroom. Not bothering to change out of the small shorts and tank top she had on all day, she combed through her hair with her fingers, and looked at her reflection. It wasn't noticeable anymore that she’d been having a rough week; her face wasn’t blotchy from crying and she didn’t look sick anymore. So she had that going for her, at least. Hearing a loud knock on the door and what sounded like horrible singing or yelling she darted out of the bathroom to open it.

carlyann asked you: saunter (santana/hunter), movies

“I honestly don’t understand what the appeal of this movie is,” Hunter said, reaching into the bowl on Santana’s lap for a handful of popcorn.

“Are you kidding me? This is the best movie ever made,” she said incredulously, rolling her eyes as his hand lingered just a little longer than necessary.

“The best movie? Better than Citizen Kane?”

“As if anyone under the age of 87 has even seen that movie.”

“Regardless, there are clearly many better movies than Bring It On.”

“Name one,” she said, fixing him with a glare as he thought it over.

“The one we made the other night…” he said with a shrug.

“Fair point. Want to watch that instead?”

“Why do you think I brought it up.”