Remember when, back as a child, you were afraid of the dark? Afraid, that there might be a monster at night that’ll grab you? Remember how scary that was, even though you knew supernatural creatures did not exist?

Now imagine what it must’ve felt like for Dean as a kid, knowing that there were monsters lurking in the dark, who could attack you at any time, for real? Left alone by his father for days, having also to protect an even younger sibling, wielding weapons no child should have, against a threat he stands no chance against.

Things Change Pt.6

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“Hi,” Amelia said, smirking. She tightened her grip on her duffel bag, terrified of how he would respond.

Owen just stood there and looked at her, almost making her think he’d gone into some sort of paralysing shock. Seeing Amelia on the other side was the last thing he expected at almost midnight.

“I know it’s late,” she quickly started before he could slam the door on her or yell at her, because she honestly deserved it, “And I know you probably really hate me right now and don’t even want to see me, but…”

“What are you doing here?” he whispered hoarsely, their gazes still connected.

“This isn’t a Shepherd thing,” she joked, “I didn’t cheat on you. That’s not why I’m here.”

“Then why are you here?” he asked, leaning his shoulder on the door frame.

“Because I had the weekend off and I was planning to spend it in my apartment, eating ice cream and watching TV, but then Derek told me he was flying in this weekend and then he said I should come with him and I figured why not…”

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Archery Practice

Her voice is a whisper in my mind.
Notch the arrow and draw.
I hold the bow in my hand,
Securing the arrow on the string.

I pull the string back.
The force it needs surprises me.
But I didn’t know I was that strong.
I didn’t know I could draw the bow.
Take a breath.

 I inhale as I focus on my target.
Exhale, and anchor the arrow.
Your mouth is the anchor point,
She tells me softly.
The fletching brushes my lips’ edge.

 Take another breath.
Her voice is the howling of wolves
And the quiet rustle of leaves.
Release on your exhale.
Exhale. I release the string. 

The arrow flies forward,
And slams into the target.
Dead center.
I feel Her approval rushing through me.
Well done.

Now try again.

generalzargon  asked:

Yeah, you're right, that was a bit too close to about Tsuna + 8 instead? :) Best of luck on your writing!


Tsuna frowned at the letter, addressed to him in bold violet ink, the handwriting unfamiliar.

Turning the envelope over in his hands revealed no more information, not even a return address.

Frown deepening, Tsuna stepped further into his apartment, ripping open the envelope carefully, as though it might bite.

Once he had removed the letter inside–written in the same violet ink, on fine, heavy paper, he wished the envelope had bitten him. It would be easier to explain needing to take off from his job for a potentially-infected bite of mysterious origin than this.

Who in the world was Kawahira? Why had they decided to leave research labs to Tsuna, who still barely managed to pass the most basic of his online science courses.

The rest of the letter was more understandable, as an inheritance–a house outside of the city, a generous allowance from a secure bank account, an expensive car and slightly less expensive motorcycle–except for the fact that the letter made it clear that all of that was compensation for running half a dozen research labs operating in international waters all over the world.

The idea was terrifying, as was the fact that the letter spelled out, in utterly unambiguous terms, that if he took the labs out of their legally ambiguous locations or tried to tell others about them, he would lose all of the compensations laid out, and likely be punished in some unspecified, and likely unpleasant, fashion.

Dropping the letter on the table, Tsuna flopped into the nearby chair, throwing an arm over his eyes. What he was going to do was obvious–he couldn’t keep supporting his mother on his meager salary working at a convenience store, and the money his father sent home wasn’t enough anymore, to pay the rapidly mounting hospital bills and take care of the house, when neither Tsuna nor his mother could be home.

It looked like Tsuna would be taking over these mysterious “Arcobaleno Project” labs after all, then. God help him.