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Gishers! Are you ready for the Hunt, with teams filled out with 14 of your most creative, awesome, ready-for-anything friends?

Guess what? This year, you get Gishpoints for that!

The more people you have on your team, the more Gishpoints EVERYONE on your team receives. And every time someone you invite to Gishwhes registers, you’ll be entered into a drawing to join Misha and the winning team in Hawaii! The more people you convince to join, the better your chances of winning!

To invite friends, go here and login: 

Teams with the number of Gishers listed below by close of registration will get the corresponding Gishpoints added to their account for EACH team member!

2 Gishers - 50 points
3 Gishers - 100 points
5 Gishers - 200 points
7 Gishers - 300 points
9 Gishers - 350 points
11 Gishers - 400 points
13 Gishers - 450 points
15 Gishers - 500 points!

So build your team! Invite your grandma, your second-cousin-half-removed-on-your-dad’s-side that has valuable ear-wiggling skills, your sibling that you’ve been meaning to bond with, that cool boss you’ve been meaning to impress, your crazy uncle with amazing DIY skills, and your best friend from kindergarten that you haven’t talked to in years but really miss!

Remember: the more people you successfully recruit to join you, the stronger your team becomes. Create lifelong bonding experiences with those closest to you and maybe, just maybe, you’ll all end up in Hawaii together!

Invite all your favorite people to join your Gishwhes team right now. Your whole team will thank you!

If your friends need a little encouragement, send them here:

Who will YOU invite to join your Gishwhes team this year? Let them know you think they’d be incredible additions to your team, and then INVITE THEM TODAY!

The Let’s-Kick-Rip-Hunters-Ass-for-Sara-Squad

half lover, half demon aka your biggest nightmare - Ra’s al Ghul - Nyssa Raatko 

half villain, half sister aka no mercy - Black Siren - Laurel Lance, Earth 2 

half alien, half hero aka invincible - Supergirl - Kara Danvers/Zor-El

anonymous asked:

Do you think they're going to end up killing Shiro just like in the original?

I really don’t, and my answer has surprisingly little to do with how much I like Shiro and am rooting for him. I have a lot of thoughts on this so I’m going to break them into categories.

This turned into a monster of a post, but, hopefully that’ll help people sleep at night a little better?

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I totally forgot to tell you guys, but I caught my shiny Bruxish yesterday, it actually went pretty well! (Better than fucking Corsola jfc) Someone suggested Christmas Nightmare and I legit loved that name but obviously it didn’t fit, so I called her Pizza Devil instead :D STILL FITTING

Getting A Dog Together (Dream Daddy Preference)

Robert has a soft spot for dogs and when you suggest getting a second dog, he practically carries you out the door and to the shelter. You get a bloodhound named Sherlock. He and Betsey make quite the cryptid hunting team.

Lucien is allergic, so you end up getting a hypoallergenic dog. She’s a Pomeranian and her name is Victoria. Guess who named her.

Briar and Hazel want a big dog and Craig wants something small and gentle. You settled on twin bulldogs named Sugar and Honey. They definitely lives up to their names.

He wants a classic golden retriever. You end up with a golden retriever named Arin and a sheepdog named Danny because you couldn’t say no to Amanda AND a puppy.

One day, a scruffy little terrier wanders up to your porch and Carmensita fell in love with her. You and Mat took her to the vet to vaccinate her and named her Lilac.

Duchess is dog enough for both of you.

Daisy and Amanda convinced you to adopt a scrappy little Labrador puppy named Alexander. He had a notch in his ear from a fight, but he loves Brian.

You get a pitbull mix named Cerberus, but he’s just a sweetheart that likes belly rubs.


Here’s my design for Shiro in the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Unlike the rest of the team, he can actually see ghosts. (He doesn’t tell Lance that some of them make faces at him while they’re filming episodes of their reality show bwahahahahaha)

You can find paranormal investigators Keith and Pidge here and here!

Hunk and Lance are here!

Allura and Coran are here!

Week 2 Challenge of @spnhiatuscreations, creation #1

week 2 (may 29 - june 4): urban legends

As opposed to dealing with one of the urban legends that has already been on the show, I wanted to create something involving one of the few urban legends that the Winchesters have not faced in the 12-season run of Supernatural. I decided to go with Kuchisake-onna, otherwise known as the Slit-Mouth woman. The basic story is that she’s a Japanese ghost whose mouth was split open by her husband when he found out she was cheating on him.

Modern legends say that she walks around with a surgical mask on her face, asking passerby if they think she is pretty. Answer no, and she’ll stab you with scissors, killing you. Answer yes, and she’ll take the mask off, revealing her slashed face, and ask again. Answer no, and she’ll slice you in half. Say yes, and she’ll slash your face to look like hers. You may be able to trick her by giving a noncommittal answer such as, “so-so,” confusing her long enough for you to escape.

You can bet that the Winchesters would plan to distract her until they were able to burn her bones. And we all know that before Cas could give his planned answer of, “Beauty is a social construct designed by humans,” Dean would blurt out, “Hell no,” forcing them all to fight for their lives instead.

PM me for commissions.

((Ghost hunter AU prompts because the world needs more of ghost hunting AUs.

  • “I can straight up see ghosts, you’re kind of sensitive to them and you could be hit by a rock by one and not notice, let’s form a ghost hunting team”
  • “I thought I saw something legitimate but it turns out it was just a baby raccoon”
  • Persion A: “We’re investigating a church, don’t swear. It’s disrespectful. Person B: "I won’t swear. You won’t hear a profane perp from me. *thirty seconds later after being touched by something* whaT THE FUCK?!” Person C: “*Bursts out laughing*.” Person A: “We’re going to Hell.”
  • “No, we are not summoning a demon with A Ouija board. That’s, like, step number one of how to get killed by one.”
  • “Oh my God is that a puppy??? Holy shit that’s a puppy. How did a puppy get in here???”
  • “I swear to God if any of these dolls laugh or so much as twitch, I will burn this place to the ground.”
  • “Don’t freak out, but there is a ghost behind you making silly faces at the back of your head.”
  • Person B: “*Trips over a chair*” Person A: “Oh my Got did you just trip over a chair?” Person B: “Why do we have to investigate n the dark?!” Person C: “I caught it all on camera.”
  • “Did you just get startled by a cobweb?”
  • “We’re professionals. *Gets scared by a plank of wood falling* … Completely professional.”
  • Person A: “ SOMETHING JUST PINCHED MY ASS.” Person B:  "The ghost knows a great ass when they see one.“
  • "All of us just screamed like little girls after getting scared by a stray cat we never speak of this again, understood?”