hunt saboteurs association

July 14 2015 - Hunt saboteurs celebrate as a vote meant to repeal the fox hunting ban is called off by David Cameron, as he realised him and his disgusting, inbred, upper class tory buddies didn’t have enough votes to win, after the SNP promised to vote against lifting the ban. [video]

anonymous asked:

Ahh I've never herd of alf? What is it and what are they doing that others don't agree with?


ALF stands for Animal Liberation Front, founded in the 70′s. Originally they went and caused all sorts of shit for fox hunters, ruining the hunts by shouting commands at the dogs or otherwise confusing them as well as laying down false scents. This was known as the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA).

Then things got more well known and they started breaking in and stealing laboratory animals, animals in factory farms, and otherwise neglected or abused animals and arranging veterinary care and long term homes. As well as organizing protests and destroying buildings, vehicles, and tools used for killing/experimenting on/torturing animals.

Yes, they absolutely do destroy property like equipment, records, and even buildings but they are non violent against sentient animals. That’s kind of their ENTIRE point, really.

The biggest problem I have with them is the fact that they are essentially splinter cells, and because they have no central leadership individuals can be really, really stupid. Case and point, one time while browsing the ALF website where people posted (anonymously) their acts, one person had taken an albino rabbit who was being neglected. But they also released that rabbit into the wild.

So they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But they have sound articles about animal welfare, the ethics of keeping animals in captivity, and general information like that.

Their wiki page has all the info you’ll need, really!