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Dating Edward Cullen includes:

1. Playing baseball with his family 

2. Him being super protective over you

3. Him not liking it when the wolf pack flirts with you 

4. Lots of cuddling 

 5. Wanting to be like him 

6. Trying to stay up as long as you can with him 

7. Sleeping with your head on his chest 

8. Riding on his back when he runs 

 9. Carlisle and Esme being like your parents

10. Carlisle helping you when you are sick 

11. Reading together 

 12. Movie nights 

13. Pulling all nighters 

 14. Doing school projects together 

 15. Him cooking with you even though he doesn’t eat it 

16. Smirking at each other across the room 

17. Inside jokes 

18. Ending up having a child with him ( like Bella ) 

19. Turning into a vampire 

20. The Volturi accepting you 

21. Going on hunts together 

 22. Races against each other

23. Being the packs favorite vampire

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01 — James Simon Wallis Hunt (GBR) (Hesketh Racing), Hesketh 308 - Ford-Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 (finished 1st)

02 —- Bengt Ronnie Peterson (SWE) (John Player Team Lotus), Lotus 76 - Ford-Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 (RET)

03 — Norman Graham Hill (GBR) (Embassy Racing with Graham Hill), Lola T370 - Ford-Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 (RET)

1974 BRDC International Trophy, Silverstone Circuit - Great Britain

Drag Race Reaction gifs

My favourite Drag Race gifs I don’t take credit for any of these they have all just been saved in my gif folder :)

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Gender And Sexuality Amazing Race Scavenger Hunt/ Amazing Race Help Needed!!!!

Alright, so for a school activity thing, I’m host a workshop on gender and sexuality diversity. My idea was to create a scavenger hunt or amazing race style game so that the participants can learn about various identities as they go along. The problem is that I’m having difficulties coming up with a way of putting it together. I’m looking for any idea’s on how I can make it work! 

This will take place in the school. I have a school map that I can use for people to follow if needed. The identities I was looking to include are :

  • Homosexual/Gay/Lesbian
  • Transgender
  • Genderqueer
  • Bisexual/Pansexual
  • Asexual Spectrum
  • Genderfluid
  • Two-Spirit

If there are any that you think I’m missing, let me know!!!

Please help me out if you can! I’m gonna tag some people to hopefully get the word out there, I hope you don’t mind.

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Russian Verb Endings

You know that verb endings vary, and there are 2 groups of verbs that have different conjugation models. The group is better be learnt together with the verb. But it’s impossible to look into a vocabulary all the time, so there must be some system of how to identify the group.

The first group:
- very often has endings of -еть, -ать, -ять in the infinitive
- all the verbs that have -овать in the infinitive
- all the verbs that have -нуть in the infinitive
- two exceptions, that are still the group 1, but end with -ить are “брить” (to shave) and “стелить” (to lay. About cloth: blanket, plaid, tablecloth, rug)

The second group:
- all the verbs that end with -ить (but not “брить” and “стелить”)
- all of the following verbs: гнать (hunt, race), дышать (breathe), держать (hold, keep), зависеть (depend), видеть (see), слышать (hear), обидеть (offend), терпеть (bear), вертеть (spin), ненавидеть (hate), смотреть (look).

So the Present tense verbs are conjugated in these two ways:

Знать - to know (ends with -ать, so group 1) and Слышать - to hear (also ends with -ать, but it’s one of the exceptions and conjugated as all the -ить verbs - group 2)

Your profession is to hunt a undead race of monstrous beings. One evening, after you set up your camp for the night, a old wanderer comes to you. You invite him to stay by your campfire. You have a deep and interesting conversation with him. As it get time to go to sleep, he stands up and wants to go, you insist that he stays, but as he was going away, he reveals himself as one of the leaders of the race you hunt. About what was the conversation and what will you do after the reveal?