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Dating Edward Cullen includes:

1. Playing baseball with his family 

2. Him being super protective over you

3. Him not liking it when the wolf pack flirts with you 

4. Lots of cuddling 

 5. Wanting to be like him 

6. Trying to stay up as long as you can with him 

7. Sleeping with your head on his chest 

8. Riding on his back when he runs 

 9. Carlisle and Esme being like your parents

10. Carlisle helping you when you are sick 

11. Reading together 

 12. Movie nights 

13. Pulling all nighters 

 14. Doing school projects together 

 15. Him cooking with you even though he doesn’t eat it 

16. Smirking at each other across the room 

17. Inside jokes 

18. Ending up having a child with him ( like Bella ) 

19. Turning into a vampire 

20. The Volturi accepting you 

21. Going on hunts together 

 22. Races against each other

23. Being the packs favorite vampire

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♛ beneath the cut, you will find fifty ( #50 ) gifs of adrianne ho. 

  • age: late twenties.
  • most known for: instagram modelling, fitness guru.
  • ethnicity: biracial; french mother, chinese father.
  • requested by: @hailthequeens

all of these gifs were made by me for role-playing purposes. please keep in compliance with the rules on my guidelines page when using. like or reblog if you plan on utilising these gifs, as well as if you’re an rph/a/etc.

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Too Stubborn- a Sprace soulmate au

This is my first actual newsies fic so I hope it doesn’t suck

also, shout out to @vivilevone for editing, helping me write this, and encouraging me (seriously you’re so amazing what the heck)


Though neither of them would ever admit it — because they’re both too stubborn for their own good — Race and Spot are best friends. Instead of the usual friendly persona that Crutchie had practically invented and trademarked, they chose to act out towards each other through insults, punches to the arms and shoulders, and arguments. It wasn’t uncommon for them to enter the cafeteria in the middle of an argument complete with bewildered expressions and arms waving around frantically. Usually, they were able to drop their arguments and continue on with their friendship until another one started, but sometimes they evolved too quickly.

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Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Rating: T

Pairing: John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Prince & stable boy AU - Romance - Fairytale - Pining - Fluff

Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Sunset in your eyes. Moondust in the lining of your skin. What hope did I ever have?

He had been in love with the prince of sunset eyes and moonlit skin for as long as he could remember, his sweetshop window, wishing for an impossible dream. He was but a stable boy by the name of John, just John, working in the dirt, and longing for the stars.

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Reserved Parking - Esselle - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

‘Hinata has never dated anyone before. And he’s not dating anyone now, nope—his motto is that life is too short and fast to get caught up in that game. It’s like stalling your car at the start of a sprint—because who knows what (or who) you might find out there, next. Yeah, Hinata likes fast and exciting.

He really, really does, and it’s quickly becoming clear to him that he’s never met anyone more exciting than Kageyama.’

Even for those who like to live fast, the rush of falling can be scary.

Rating: Mature
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Car Racing, House Hunting, Feelings Realization, Developing Relationship, Frottage, Fluff, Street Racing
Series: Part 6 of Speed Demons