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The Gatekeepers

In the far east, there rest islands. This is where it starts—luminescent wraiths cresting the oceans at dusk; entire cities lying fathoms below a crystal clear surface, only to vanish with the slightest ripple; islands that look a mile or two long at most, stretching into the horizon once landed.

In the mideast, where the islands share horizons, folks brush nature back. The unknown shrinks away from these human congregations—leaving to the outskirts of a small village or to the ocean beyond. Sibyls and bone eaters whisper to the unknown. They make peace with the barrikyora who swallow islands whole and the miasma that hunts the living.

The midwest hears about such magic, a curse or cure always happening to someone else. The unknown is conquered here, sold in watered down drugs and promises—in the corner apothecary and the sybils indentured fresh from the docks. Dreams of owning exotic things are realized, creatures sold to the highest bidder behind closed doors—from scorpion hawks to false bones and horrors that take on the form of man.

The far west lies home to the continent, whose forests and waters are left untouched by the unknown. Hand-me-down stories unfold in the dregs of its taverns with only the shameless cover of night for an excuse.

Kai and his kind are creatures of the unknown, and this is his story. It’s said he betrayed a god.


Waterfowling on Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge by USFWSmidwest
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Hallie Rasmussen waterfowl hunting with her dog Finn on Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. Photo by USFWS.

Adventures In Babysitting

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Request: Could you do a Deanxreader where Sam and Dean go to a town where there are victims from different kinds of monsters. They find a toddler ( the reader) talking about a witch that turned her and has been summoning monsters to kill her. They bring her to Bobby who recognizes her and tells the boys that she should be the same age as Dean. While the brothers go to kill the witch, the spell wears off and the reader leaves before they get back. After a few weeks the reader ends up rescuing Sam and Dean where she tell that she had to return the favor. Dean realizes who she is and falls in love with her? 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,007

Warnings: language

A/N: So much protective Dean in this one…

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a possibility for your gorgeous middle america star wars au: poe as cross country truck driver

oh no this is so good


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There’s More To It All - Part 2: Revelations

Prompt: “Dean and the Reader are best friends and the reader has to move. Dean gets really depressed and randomly bumps into her at a hunt and they catch up. Eventually they start dating and she moves into the bunker and they live happily ever after.” – by trojan-stoner34

Warnings: Language. Mentioning of major character death.

Pairing/Characters: Dean x Reader, Best Friend!Sam, Best Friend!Dean

Part 1 - Confessions 

Part 2 - Revelations

Links: | AO3

Chapter Summary: Set between S10E16 “Paint it Black” and S10E17 “Inside Man.” Y/N is waiting for Bobby to show up while Sam and Dean track down Y/N to Nebraska.

Dawn was only starting to creep in and soft morning lightwas gently streaming in through the thin motel room drapes. She was almost donepacking. She was almost ready to tail out of Nebraska. She was almost done, butshe found herself sitting in the chair, her hand gently resting on the gun onher lap…waiting.

Y/N knew she shouldn’t have lied to Bobby on that voicemail. Saying that she needed help with a motley bunch of witches? What the hell had she been thinking? Of course Bobby knew better. After all, he had been the one to train her, and she had been tackling down all the things that go bump in the night all on her own in her time in Europe during the last decade or so. Bobby wasn’t going to show because he probably saw right through her little scheme.

She should have just apologized for everything that went down between them. She had said a lot of hurtful things that day, a lot of undeserved hateful things to him. He hadn’t backed down either. It was he who had told her to stay gone.

Ten years ago…


Y/N had been finishing off a hunt somewhere in the Midwest when she got a call from Bobby Singer. This wasn’t anything unusual. He’d helped her through the hardest time of her life. He had raised her into the hunter’s life, and had taught her to be great at what she did. He was the reason she knew not to go in half-cocked into anything. He was the reason she was a meticulous research-freak too. They’d work on some cases together, and some he’d just help her with whatever research she needed over the phone. So, yes, getting a call from Bobby Singer wasn’t anything unusual for Y/N.


“Hey, Bobby, what can I do for you?” she asked, and her genuine smile was felt by the recipient even through the phone.


“Something’s come up, Y/N. I could use another hand in this.”


She shifted the phone to her other ear, and pulled the car over. “What’s this about? Whatever it is, it sounds pretty big.” She could hear it in Bobby’s tense voice.


“Demons, Y/N,” he told her, and she felt a shiver of apprehension down her spine. Then hesitantly, Bobby added, “But I got to warn you, you’d be working with a few other hunters I know.”


He knew she liked to work alone, and most of the time so did he. It was kind of him to give a heads up. “Depends on who. It’s not Rufus, is it?” she chuckled.


“I’m not sure if I ever told you about them, kid. You might have heard though. The Winchesters?” Bobby asked. If Y/N hadn’t been gripping the phone tight, it probably would have slipped right through her fingers thanks to the shock to her system. Dean…Dean was a Winchester. The thought reverberated in her head. “Sam and Dean Winchester,” Bobby confirmed her worst fears. “Their dad’s in a bit of a pickle and we got a demon in my basement.”


“In your basement?” Y/N all but shrieked in disbelief.


“Like I said, I could use your help on this one, kid,” he told her.


She already knew her answer though. She couldn’t face Dean. She couldn’t face him after what he did, leaving without even a good bye. Being out of reach, when she desperately needed him the most. Eight years in, and she still wasn’t ready to face him or forgive him for coming into her life, being her life line and then completely abandoning her without a word of warning. “I can’t, Bobby,” she replied softly.


“Why the hell not?” he asked, and she could almost sense that he was getting genuinely annoyed with her now. He had a right. Maybe he also deserved an explanation.


“Remember I told you about that boy who befriended me, told me he was a hunter just like my parents and then disappeared without a word? The one who pretty much broke my heart and trust and all that other crap?”


“You never did tell me his name. What does that have to do with any of it anyway?”


Y/N sighed. “It’s Dean, Bobby,” she told him. “I can’t deal with a freaking reunion right now. Definitely not one I don’t want. Please.”


“Y/N Y/L/N! Stop being a stupid pansy and get your scrawny ass over here, kid. War is coming,” he told her vehemently. “Your petty little high school drama can wait!”


“I’m sorry, Bobby. I just can’t. I have to go now,” she said, and before he could say anything more to convince her, she disconnected the call.


Dean, Dean, Dean. She sighed to herself. Dean freaking Winchester. The boy who showed her that she didn’t have to be alone. The boy who told her that she didn’t have to face the darkness of this world alone because she’d always have him. The boy who left her without a word, to be exactly what he said she wouldn’t be, completely and irrevocably alone.

Knowing Bobby actually needed her, she couldn’t stay away even though she had said she would. She drove straight to Sioux Falls and parked a little further away, waiting till the Winchesters left. She didn’t have to wait long, and soon she saw a black 1967 Chevy Impala smoothly pull out of the Salvage Yard. She waited a moment, giving them time to drive away before she pulled up in front of Bobby Singer’s house.


She let herself in and walked into the study to find Bobby waiting for her with his arms folded in front of him. “I never thought I’d be saying this to you of all people, Y/N,” he said. “But I’m disappointed in you.”


She supposed she deserved that. “I’m not ready. Try to understand, Bobby.”


“I understand just fine! What in the world are you thinking?” he asked, stepping closer, ever the imposing father figure. “You gonna tell me that you’d rather be running from whatever it is that you’re running from rather than face it full on? I would have thought I raised you better than that, kid!”


She looked down at her feet. “The wounds haven’t healed yet,” she shrugged. “I’m not ready to face him or talk about everything left unsaid.”


“Oh boo hoo! Stop spouting that poetic nonsense! Sooner or later, you’re going to have to face him, and it might as well be now.” Then he narrowed his eyes at her and she saw the sheer determination in them. “It’s better coming from you,” he went on, “than me telling him.”


“Bobby!” she gasped. “You wouldn’t!” When he didn’t say anything, she panicked. “What gives you the right to decide when and how I do things, damn it?!”


He took a step back, almost as if to lessen the blow from her words. As soon as they left her lips, she regretted them. He had every right, and she knew it. After all, he was the one who’d taken her under his wing when she had no one at all. But she was in no position to take them back. He needed to understand how desperately she needed to stay out of Dean’s radar, at least for now. He needed to let her do this in her own pace.


“I don’t need to take this from you,” her voice raised. “Just leave me the hell alone!”


She made a move for the door and she heard him yell out from the study, “If you’re leaving, you better stay gone!” Without looking back, she slammed the door behind her.

The knock on her motel room door brought Y/N back from her reverie. She checked her phone to see if Bobby had called only to find that he hadn’t. No hunter was stupid enough to show up at another’s doorstep without calling first. She grabbed her gun and kept it cocked and ready behind her when she opened the door just enough to see who was there.

The two men that stood in front of her dressed in plaid and about three layers of clothing were not people she knew. One was tall, very tall, and Y/N was sure he stood at least a foot above her. His hair was way too long. The other one was slightly shorter but still towered over her. His green eyes stared at her as if he had seen a ghost. She recognized him instantly. After all, a face like that was never easily forgotten. She wondered if just thinking about him in so long had magically conjured him up at her doorstep. She dismissed that foolish thought and stared back at the two plaid giants in front of her.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” the taller one asked smiling, and revealed a slight dimple. For some reason he reminded her of an overgrown puppy. So this was Sam. Boy did he grow…must have been one hell of a growth spurt. She thought to herself, remembering how scrawny little Sammy had been when she’d first met him.

“Who wants to know?” she cocked a brow at them, hoping to confirm her suspicions.

“Dean, and Sam Winchester,” the other one said. She had avoided Dean’s probing green eyes, but when he spoke she found herself looking at him. He looked back at her. It seemed like he wanted to say more but he consciously held his tongue.

Dean couldn’t believe his eyes. He was trying to take her in all at once. She’d grown her hair out, and it fell about her shoulders in wavy disarray. She had grown taller, too, and stood almost up to his chin. It had been twenty years but he knew he still would have recognized her anywhere. She seemed tense, and he could tell she had her gun behind her back, cocked and ready to shoot if they even said the wrong thing. Proving him right, he gently let her guard down and the gun came to rest by her side.

“Hey, hey!” he chuckled. “No need to shoot just yet, short stop. We come in peace.”

She opened the door further. “I guess I’m supposed to let you in now,” she said, her face stony and unreadable.

“That is the norm,” Dean replied, trying to get a smile out of her.

Then all of a sudden, Sam was wrapping his big arms around Y/N and hugging her. Dean didn’t know who was more surprised by this sudden move, him or Y/N. “It’s so good to see you again, Y/N,” Sam said. “It’s been too long.”

Y/N gently and hesitantly hugged him back. “It’s good to see you too,” she whispered to Sam, but her eyes were focused on Dean.

He wanted to embrace her. That was just how he had imagined this reunion going but seeing her now, he didn’t know what to do or what to say. She looked just like he had pictured her in his mind, and yet she looked so different, so distant. She looked like all she wanted was to get as far away from him as possible. He couldn’t stand it.

They stepped into her room. Her bags were packed and ready to go. “I thought you were on a hunt,” Sam said, sounding slightly confused.

“Yeah, I managed to wrap it up myself,” she answered. “I called Bobby. Why are you here?” Then as if it suddenly dawned on her she asked with a chuckle, “Is he still so mad at me that he sent you two as some sort of a justified punishment?”

Her words hurt Dean. So running into him was a punishment to her? He wondered how he had fallen so far down in Y/N’s eyes for her to even say that.

“Y/N,” Sam said solemnly, making her just know in her gut that something was terribly wrong. “Bobby is dead.”

Part 3 - Catching Up

Part 4 - Nerd Alert

Part 5 - Inner Demons

This is from a commission I shot last year for Danner Boot Company about deer hunting in the midwest. It was mixed up in my T+L negs, which happens when you split a roll over back-to-back shoots. Waste not, want not.

It’s always tricky shooting these because I’m a vegetarian from “the big city” who abhors guns and considers hunting one of the most tragic pastimes imaginable. To end an animal’s life for sport is beyond me, even if you eat it. But I don’t judge; there’s a place in the world for most everything. I like to learn and witness and see how other folks live their lives. I certainly appreciate the ritual of hunting, but I’ll save you the photo of the hanging deer carcass as it bleeds out. Anyway, here’s a lost photograph.