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South Germany, c. 1500
This bizarre creation originally had little candleholders attached to the antlers. Chandeliers made from wooden half-figures with elk antlers attached at their backs called “Lüstermännchen” or “Lüsterweibchen,” literally “little chandelier man” or “woman” were popular in Germany. 

They hung in town meeting halls, inns, hunting lodges and domestic spaces. While the spreading forms of antlers may have suggested its use as a natural chandelier, the addition of a half figure is the kind of hybrid creation that appealed to the medieval taste for fantasy. The motif of a huntsman praying is unusual and may allude to the story of St. Hubert, a huntsman who came across a miraculous stag in the forest and fell on his knees before it in prayer.

The Mannequin Challenge continues to solider on—you probably noticed your Facebook friends’ middle-aged relatives finally getting in on the action during Thanksgiving—and Taylor Swift isn’t ready to let the trend pass her by. She took some time out from Thanksgiving to post her own Mannequin Challenge to Instagram, and it features several of her famous friends. Todrick Hall, Martha Hunt, Leah McCarthy, and Lily Donaldson help Swift out, along with her brother Austin.

It’s a fine effort—let’s be honest, it’s hard to make a Mannequin Challenge video with wow factor these days—and the group seems to be enjoying themselves. Swift even manages to work in a plug for Beats, owned by her corporate bae Apple, by posing with a Beats Pill speaker. They at least managed to finesse a nice beach location for the clip.

—  Complex Magazine reviews Taylor Swift’s mannequin challenge 😂😂😂😂
Animal Crackers and Teddy Grahams

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I Can’t Do This

“Daddy!” You called out. “We’re home!” Laughing, you set your squirming toddler down. At thirteen months, he still wobbled when he got too excited.

The small boy giggled as he went hunting through the halls of their small home. “Dada!” He yelled.

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You might not think that Jamaica would be the site of an infamous haunted house, but rose hall in Montego bay is exactly that. this huge house is inhabited by the ghost of voodoo priestess’s daughter, Annie Palmer, who reportedly causes bloodstains to appear and disappear randomly. she was murdered in her bed after an 11-year reign of death, torture and nymphomania.

Annie murdered three husbands and a succession of slave lovers by poisoning, strangulation and witchcraft, before forcing other slaves to carry bodies through a tunnel to be buried on a beach. according to legend, it is not just the tormented Annie who roams the house, but also ghosts of the slave babies she sacrificed in rituals. reports have it that her male victims have actually been not only heard but also captured on camera. not a pleasant place to spend the night.

To that guy today who said “the flash is totally lame, hur dur dur” I would like you to consider this:
-The flash, I am going to assume you were talking about Wally West, is extremely strong, completely by his own doing, not by his speed force powers but through lots of hard work, so not only is he super fast but he is super strong
-now imagine that this person decided that they wanted you dead
-there would be no place is the world possible for you to hide
-even is you managed to go hide out in the vast Australian desert, the flash can run around the entire circumference of the earth in about .13 of a second, which is not even his fastest speed
-that would mean that he could find you in a matter of minutes at the very most
-and there’s no use in hiding in a massive titanium box with no entrances
-the flash can vibrate at the frequency of the titanium and pass through the walls, no matter how thick they may be
-he cans also break the space and dimensional barrier so even if hiding away form earth was an option he could find you
-now let’s say you try to defend yourself with a gun
-the flags would be able to dodge all the bullets and reach completely unharmed when he is running very slowly
-now, let’s assume you managed to get your hands on the prototype of s metal storm, which is not only the fastest gun in the world but can fire 1,000,000 rounds per minute, which is roughly one round per .00006 of a second and is effective up to 1 mile
-the flash could run at 20,000 miles per hour and reach the gun in .00005 of a second, which would be before a bullet even left the chamber
-if he was running at 3,333 miles per hour he could conceivably catch every bullet that left the gun
-so there is no way a gun could save you
-any other weapons of course would be far to slow
-and hand to hand combat is way out of the question
-now that the flash has caught you, he could kill you in many ways
-of course there is the traditional ways of a gun or other weapon, maybe snapping your neck, basically anything that any normal human can do to kill you
-but three are many other ways quite unique to him that he could do it
-he could vibrate his hand at such a frequency to enter your chest and make your heart implode or even tear it out, he could also do this to your brain
-he could suffocate you by creating a vortex that sucked all breathable air out from your lungs and the area around you
-he could grab you and run at such a pace that the force would kill you
-not only that but the flags can also run fast enough to break the time barrier, in which effectively he could make it so that you never existed
-now let’s turn away from the whole killing thing
-the flash is the fastest man alive
-running at his top speed, the flash is running at 2359722.74 km/s ( or 1466256.9 miles per second) which is about 10 time faster than the speed of light
-this being said, the flash could run 141582704.4 km/h (or 87975414 mph) which basically means in an hour, he could run the length of roughly 988 jupiters stacked on top of one another
-he can vibrate at all conceivable and inconceivable frequencies, which essentially means he can go through anything
-the flash can run fast enough to break the time, space, dimension, light and speed force barrier
-he can also think as fast as he can run, so he can process things millions of times faster than anyone
-it is also theorised that the flash can run fast enough to create a black hole
-and yet with this unimaginable, God-like power, all of the Flashes are amazing people
-Barry Allen, Wally West and so on have protected central city from it’s not so villany villains
-and they still have time to talk with everyone, making sure they have given everyone in central city that love and respect they deserve
-so not only is the Flash insanely powerful, he still manages to stay true and be a genuinely nice and caring person, so don’t you dare call the Flash “lame”