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Harry Potter #1

I may have noticed that a whole bunch of you were potterheads during one of my stalking sessions. well, here is our version! 

books :

- the philosopher’s stone : à l’école des sorciers (”at the wizards’ school” because vive la révolution idk why the translator did that)

- the chamber of secrets : et la chambre des secrets (chambre : usually bedroom)

- the prisoner of Azkaban : le prisonnier d’Azkaban

- the goblet of fire : la coupe de feu (gobelet : usually plastic cup)

- the order of the phoenix : l’ordre du phénix

- the half-blood prince : le prince de sang-mêlé (”mixed blood”)(half : demi)

- the deathly hallows : les reliques de la mort (”and the relics of death”)

basics :

- hogwarts : poudlard (pou : louse, lard : pork fat)

- ravenclaw : serdaigle (serre : talon) / eagle : aigle (m)

- gryffindor : gryffondor / lion : lion-ne

- slytherin : serpentard (ard : pejorative suffixe) / snake : serpent (m)

- hufflepuff : poufsouffle (souffle : breath, breeze) / badger : blaireau (m)

- wizardry / wizard / witch : sorcellerie (f) / sorcier / sorcière

- muggle : moldu-e / squib : cracmol-e

- mudblood : sang-de-bourbe (sang : blood, bourbe : sludge, mud (rare))

- galleon / sickle / knut : gallion / mornille / noise

Hogwarts related :

- Hogwarts express : Poudlard express / platform nine and three-quarters : plateforme neuf trois-quarts

- house : maison (f) / teacher : professeur-e

- prefect : préfet/fète / headboy : préfet en chef

- castle : château (m) / the restricted section : la Réserve 

- whomping willow : saule (m) cogneur (cogner, v : to bang, hit) / forbidden forest : forêt (f) interdite / gamekeeper : garde-chasse (ep) (chasse (f) : hunt)

- great hall : grande salle “big room”

- marauder’s map : la carte des maraudeurs / Moony : Lunard (lune (f) : moon) / Wormtail : Queudver (queue (f) de ver : ”tail of a worm”) / Padfoot : Patmol (patte (f) molle : “squishy paw”) / Prongs : Cornedrue (corne (f) : horn, dru-e, adj : heavy, thick)

- house championship : coupe des quatre maisons “cup of the four houses”

studies related :

- OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) : BUSE (Brevet Universel de Sorcellerie Elémentaire) (buse (f) : buzzard)

- NEWT (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) : ASPIC (Accumulation de Sorcellerie Particulièrement Intensive et Contraignante) (contraignant-e : restricting)(aspic (m) : asp, type of snake)

- outstanding : optimal / exceeds expectations : efforts exceptionnels / acceptable : acceptable / poor : piètre (: mediocre) / dreadful : désolant (: distressing) / troll

- pr Grubbly-Plank : pr Gobe-Planche (gober, v : to gulp down) / Severus Snape : Severus Rogue (rogue, adj (rare) : arrogant, haughty) / Madam Hooch : Madame Bibine (bibine : cheap wine (fam)) / pr Sprout : pr Chourave (chou : cabbage, rave/navet : turnip)

- ancient runes : runes / arithmancy : arithmancie (f) / astronomy : astronomie (f) / care of magical creatures : cours (m) de soins aux créatures magiques / charms : sortilèges (m) / defense against the dark arts : cours de défense contre les forces du mal / divination : divination (f) / flying : vol (m) / herbology : botanique (f) / history of magic : histoire (f) de la magie  / muggle studies : étude (f) des moldus / potions : potions (f)

- polyjuice potion : polynectar / transfiguration : métamorphose (f)

the second part of this post will be my next one, patience! let me just tell you that the audiobooks are accessible on YOUTUBE! here’s a last treat :

DannyMay Day Thirty: Identification / Foreign

…He saw it. He couldn’t believe it. After all the late night theories, spying and sneaking around he finally witnessed it. He’s gonna confront him about it and finally get his revenge.

Wes Weston knows

I was on the prowl. Every single one of my senses was on high alert. Fenton couldn’t hide from me forever. I had always suspected that there was something ghostly going on with that weirdo. Nobody else would notice, wright it off as Fenton being his freaky self. But I saw it for what it really was.



He gives me a confused look. Instantly I could tell he put his guard up. Smart move. I’m about to have him begging for mercy. I caught him alone, no Manson or Foley to come to his rescue. And even luckier still, the halls were deserted. This was going to be delicious. I get right up in his face and back him into a corner so he has nowhere to run.

“I know that you’re Danny Phantom. I saw you transform to fight that wishing ghost at the fair. You can’t deny it. I caught you.”

He’s starting to sweat. Good. He tries to deny it, tells me I must have had too much coffee. I know what I saw. Before I can press him further, he’s as slippery as a weasel, he made it to the end of the hall. The hunt is on.

The whole week I’ve been following Fenton everywhere he goes. I’m going to catch him in the act and finally expose him to everyone. Then they’ll take me seriously. They’ll stop brushing me off and listen to me. The poor freak avoids me like the plague. I’m gonna enjoy this.

After two weeks of popping up in random places and scaring him to full death my time has come. I climb up onto a lunch table and whistle for everyone’s attention. I can see Fenton looking ready to pass out. I can’t help the grin that splits my face. Chuckling a bit I begin the greatest speech of my life.

“People of Casper High. After weeks of research I can tell you with certainty that I know Danny Phantom’s secret identity! He just so happens to go to this school”

The murmuring begins and I can tell Sanchez is fangirling along with her satellites, if the screeching is any indication. Fenton is on the verge of hyperventilating. Revenge is too sweet.

“Danny Phantom’s secret identity is…Danny Fenton!”

They are stunned into silence. I bask in this glorious moment. Fenton looks dead for real now. This it too good, I stare right at him, grinning like a maniac. Manson and Foley look ready to kill me but I don’t care. They’re too preoccupied with protecting Fenton. Wait. Is that LAUGHING!? What? Whose…

“Jeez, I always thought Weston was a little weird but this is just fucking crazy!”

What! No, this isn’t how it was supposed to go! They’re all laughing at me. No…what…they’re leaving! Looking over at Fenton was the worst mistake I could have made. The shit eating grin is enough to make me want to punch his teeth out. I can feel my blood boiling. I know my face is cherry red from how angry I am. I’m so furious My jaw hurts from clenching it so hard. This is so humiliating! I bolt after him.

Everyone’s gone to class and it’s just me and him in the deserted hall. I grab him by the shirt so hard I think I heard it rip.


He slowly gives me that infuriating grin and the bastard even has the balls to make his eyes glow NEON FUCKING GREEN!

“What’s the matter Wes? You look like you’ve seen a ghost

“…You little shit”

I can already tell the rest of the year is gonna royally SUCK ASS

Boku No Hero Light Novel II Translations.

Chapter 1, Commence the Study Groups! Final Part


[Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

t/n: I’d never expect I’d finish this chapter so soon, but nonetheless I hope everyone’s been enjoying it so far! In regards to next translations, I’ll be picking out chapters I feel are the most fun and would be most interesting for people to read, so I’ll be skipping a couple :( but with that being said, I’d probably go back to translate them at a later time in life (this goes for the first light novel too), So right now it’s a toss up between two chaps; a+b girls having a girly night and talking about which guys they’d date AND a+b boys arm wrestling and well… being boys ^_^ pls let me know if there’s one you’d like to read first, if not I’ll just randomly choose or smth.

but yeahhhh, once again thank you so much for reading!!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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A Sighting Like No Other

hallucinogenicreality submitted:

Alaska has its fair share of paranormal phenomenon considering much of it is originally Native land. When I was young, I wasn’t aware of this, but I was aware something was different about our little house. My room was secluded from the rest of the family’s rooms and separated by a looong hallway. I slept in my parent’s room each night out of fear, but doing so too often lead to me being scolded and told to sleep in my own bed. Like the average kid, I had to leave my bedroom door open and have a light on, but that never brought enough comfort. I could feel the presence of some thing in the doorway at the beginning of the long, eerie hallway, watching me. I usually laid in bed, but the fear would grow and grow, until I would muster the courage to run towards it, down the hallway, to the safety of my parents room. I would feel it at the back of the neck hunting me down the hall, as if it were death itself reaching for me.

Thankfully, we moved out of the house while I was still pretty young, and I was given a room beside my parent’s. I was ecstatic to finally have a safe haven. The first floor, however, felt worse than my old bedroom doorway had before. The air was always thick when you entered, and you knew eyes were upon you. This time, for whatever reason, felt more vicious than before. You knew you were not welcome here to the extent that the simple act of blinking your eyes could be the biggest mistake of your life. I was deathly afraid to go near, only running to and fro for laundry as if a time bomb would go off if I were down there too long. One day. upon leaving to bring my clothes back upstairs… I saw it. The thing that intimidated me all my life. I now knew it had followed me here, to where I foolishly thought I’d have a fresh start.This was no ordinary Native Alaskan ghost as friends had told me, but instead some demon-like spirit. It was large and pitch black, unlike any shadowy ghost I had seen before. It hunched over as the seven foot ceiling was too small for it, and was as wide as the hallway. It stood beside the door I needed to go through, watching, waiting, observing every move I made as if I were prey. My heart stopped. I dashed towards it through the door as I had done so often as a kid, thinking this was surely the end of my life.

It took me months to go back down there, but I still occasionally felt its presence come upstairs. Twice I’ve been told that others have seen it, which brought comfort that it wasn’t my mind playing tricks, but more fear that it was truly real if anything. And to this day, that inhuman thing still resides there.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Oh boy, good luck with that.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

#5 Are you cheating on me?

#13 Don’t freak out, but…

This was supposed to be the perfect week mini vacation away. Only you weren’t sure if Chris was on the same vacation as you. All week he had been looking at his phone and then taking the phone call outside or it would be all hushed. A couple of times you even heard him laugh. It didn’t sound like the normal business laugh.

 Getting up to use the bathroom and grab something to drink. You noticed his phone on the table. One part of you wanted to grab the phone and read every message till you learned the truth. The other half trusted your boyfriend. Turning around to go back upstairs you stopped when you heard his phone vibrate.

Turning around and seeing a woman’s name on his phone. Robin? Who the hell is Robin? You thought to yourself watching her name over and over on his phone. Okay. Chris talks to all kind of people. It could be anyone. So why am I so worried? Walking away from the phone you decided to trust him and let it go. Climbing back into bed you pulled the covers over you and Chris and feel back to sleep.

 The next morning you woke up to the sun hitting you in the face and an empty bed. Grabbing your robe you put it on to go fine Chris.

“Chris.” You said walking down the stairs into the kitchen.

When he didn’t answer you. You started looking for him when you notice he was on the deck and of course talking on his phone. Usually, you would not bother him but this was getting old. Walking outside you could hear his side of the conversation.

“I think I can get away this afternoon.”

“She won’t figure it out.” He said with a nervous laugh.

“Good morning.” You said leaning on the door frame.

“I have to go.” He said hanging up and smiling at you

“Don’t stop talking on my account.” You said not returning the smile.

“The call wasn’t important.” He said walking up to you and giving you a kiss.

Giving him a small kiss back you were trying to decide how to bring this up.

“You said you had to go somewhere?”

“I have a meeting later, but then I will be all yours.”

“I’m going to go take a shower.” You said turning away



“What’s wrong?”

“Are you cheating on me?”

You watched his smile drop and what seemed like worry on his face.

“Since we’ve been here. You haven’t been with me. You’re either on the phone or gone. I share you with everyone all the time and you promised that this week would be just you and me.” You hated how you sound like you were being whiny.

“I’m not cheating on you.”

“I’m going to go take a shower. I’ll see you whenever you get back.” without you walked back upstairs.

You listened to his car pull out and then you let the tears fall. You trusted him. You always have. But this was supposed to be your time. Still crying as you got into the shower. You stood under the hot water and thought about you and Chris. When he got back you would make the best of your time. Chris wouldn’t leave you alone if this stuff wasn’t important. Getting out and wrapping a towel around you that was when you heard your cell phone go off.


Don’t freak out but I have a little scavenger hunt.  Go to the hall closet downstairs and put on the dress inside.


Are you serious?


Humor me


 I’m going

Walking downstairs to the closet. You held onto the handle for a moment before opening it. Taking a deep breathe you opened the door. Hanging inside was a beautiful white sleeveless white lace dress. Carrying it upstairs you put it on and stood in front of the mirror. It was beautiful, straightening up the little belt that when around your waist.  You heard your phone go off again.


Did it fit?


 Yes. it’s beautiful.  


 Look under my side of the bed. There is a shoe box, but them on and follow the note inside.

Walking over to his side you got down on your knees and felt for the box. Pulling it out you opened the lid to see a pair of light pink heels. Putting them on. You smiled that Chris knew you enough to get the sizes right.


 Go outside and follow the trail thru the trees to the place we came the first time I brought you here.

Fixing your hair as fast as you good and putting on a little makeup. You grabbed your phone and keys and hurried outside. You knew the spot he was talking about. It was the spot where he told you he loved you. It was the spot by the lake that you had the late night picnic and made love under the stars. What could he possibly have planned?

As you got closer you got nervous, but when you turned the last turn by the tree you saw Chris standing there is a suit and tie. He was also standing there with a woman.

“You made it.” He said walking up to you.

“What is going on?” You asked taking his hand.

“You look beautiful Y/N.” Getting down on one knee he pulled out a ring box.

“Chris.” You said in a whisper

“Don’t freak out on me, but will you do the honor and marry me today?”


“Y/N I love you and I don’t want to spend another moment without you. You took my heart and I want you to take my last name and make me the happiest man alive.”

“Yes.” You said thru the tears.

Standing up he picked you up and kissed you. He was crying as much as you and laughing at the same time.

“Y/N this is Robin and she is going to marry us today.”

“Hello. Nice to meet you. I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Sorry I can’t say the same.” You said laughing.

“Your mom is going to be so mad at me.”

“No she won’t we will have this for us and when we get back my mom can throw us the biggest wedding you can ever dream of.”

“I think this is the wedding of my dreams.”

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25:17 “It looks like Tormund is looking at Brienne like he’s all laid back, he’s probably got his legs like super wide open and he looks like he wants to get him some of that Brienne of Tarth, he wants to go to her Sapphire Isles, y’know what I’m sayin’?” 

37:47 “I don’t think Tormund will go with Jon Snow to Dragonstone (…) and Tormund will probably be completely down with it because Brienne will still be there and Tormund’s likely looking up at Brienne like “Oh you thought I was about to leave with him? Nah he let me stay here, I’m gonna hit on you and there’s gonna be some awkward fucking scenes between us.”

Animal Crackers and Teddy Grahams

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Part 2 of Outside Looking In

“Daddy!” You called out. “We’re home!” Laughing, you set your squirming toddler down. At thirteen months, he still wobbled when he got too excited.

The small boy giggled as he went hunting through the halls of their small home. “Dada!” He yelled.

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Riven Crown Ch 27 Preview

Patchy memories continued to surface, and his stomach twisted. By the Valar, he hoped Ronin and his soldiers were all right. The last he had seen of them was a fleeting glimpse of armoured bodies motionless on the floor. Did they sleep, or had they died trying to protect him?

The notion made him feel sick, and the fretful patter of his heart only grew worse as he thought of Thorin. Had he arrived at the forge hoping for respite and instead found the carnage of prone bodies and Bilbo gone? It was all too easy to imagine his despair. Bilbo knew well enough how he would feel if their positions were reversed: furious, terrified and helpless. Did he realise he had been taken from the mountain, or did he search Erebor’s halls, frantically hunting for any trace of him?

Did he even know Bilbo was still alive?

Updating tomorrow!