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Prop Hunt

Mark, Jack, Bob, and Wade

You watch with delight. You missed Prop Hunt. Everything is going as normal, laughter and jokes flying back and forth until something goes wrong with Jack and Mark’s facecams.

“Hey uh… guys, I think my camera’s dying.” 

“Same. Weird. I’ll be right…”


Another face appearing in Mark’s facecam, taunting smirk overlaying a clueless Mark, Jack disappearing in a cloud of static only to reappear in.. Wade’s? But no, that’s not Jack… Bob frozen, picture distorted, Wade is GONE.

The screen goes black. You sit in shock. 

The screen suddenly explodes with color and movement, voices through your headphones making you jump.

“TrUCe… R͕͉͎̬̭̰̞̓͝͞ẽ̞̥̹̼̟̾̒͊̀v̫̞̪̲̂ͬͤ͋ͪ̚͘ͅe̹̺̟͍͈̳̽ͨ̊̈́ͣ̍͐̂̒n̸̛̺̖̝͍̝̠ͭ̿̋͌ͣ̚g̢̳̠̘̠̦ͧͮ̕͜e͓̺̿̆̍̊̾̽̈́ͬ̉̀… L̓͊҉͓̼͎̻̖Et’s pl͈̰̯̪̠̖ͧͯ͠ͅaͬ҉͘҉̞̤̝̥̜ͅY.”

Based off a text submission by @markiplitessepticeyes to @markiplierswhatifs. Inspired by a few of @markired‘s wonderful gifs. 

Holy. Shit. This edit consumed my brain. I’ve spent the last 3 days working on it, at all hours, and even had multiple dreams about working on it long after I want to sleep. 

Also, excuse my questionable writing. I wanted this to be a gif but then I thought how cool it would be as a video edit. But after staring at Premiere Pro for about 5 hours, I fled back to the safety of Photoshop and made what you see now. A tiny bit of written narrative to make up for what’s missing with visual cues.

(Gifs take from: S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ,  HORROR. and THE MYSTERIOUS SCREAMING TRASH CAN ¦ Prop Hunt #41)

Tiny Box (Y/N)

A Markiplier x Reader fic where you’re playing prop hunt with Bob, Jack, Wade and Mark. 
It’s not really fluffy, just some banter and in-game shenanigans. Also some swearing but that’s usually expected.

Originally posted by dork-iplier

“Oh look, it’s the dream team versus the Three Stooges,” Jack said with a laugh.
You looked at the teams and found that you and Jack had chosen Hunters; while Bob, Wade and Mark were starting off as Props. You chuckled and Mark let out a whining protest.
“Babe! Why would you betray me like this!” He yelled, mocking heart-ache.
“I’m sorry, Mark.” You replied in your saddest tone. “But that sexy Irish accent is just so alluring.”
The boys laughed and you winked at the camera.
Your screen went black as the round started, and almost instantly, you heard your boyfriend cry out in anguish.  
“Really, Mark!” Bob said in disappointment. “All you had to do was nudge the thing and do the other thing. And you fucked it up!” 
“I’m sorry!” Mark half giggled, half howled. “My finger slipped. I’ll make it work though, watch! I’ll survive the whole round like this. The Dream Team are too stupid to spot this.”
You rolled you eyes and Jack chuckled, “Challenge accepted!” 
Your screen filled with light and you started exploring the map. Almost instantly you heard an explosion somewhere in the map and Wade’s death flashed on the top right hand corner of the screen.
“That’s not where a lamp goes, Wade!” Jack scolded.
“The chimney needed to lighten up!” Wade responded. 

As the two bickered, you headed straight to the room you knew had heaps of boxes in it and opened the door. 
From what you remember, this room should have columns of neatly stacked boxes with smaller packages flooding the floor. 
However, the room you entered looked as if someone had thrown a grenade into the middle and called it a day. The towers of boxes had been knocked over and the smaller objects were scattered about in random areas. Some object were even stuck inside each other and on the ceiling.
“Jaaack!” You called. Bob and Mark announced themselves by giggling profusely and yelling at you.
“Hey! Get out! You’re not welcome here!” Mark hollered.
“Give us some privacy!”
Jack came up beside you and started laughing. “Oh God! What happened here?”
“Two of the three stooges had a party,” You replied. You stepped into the room and started lifting the boxes one by one. You smashed those you could lift against the walls, turning them into splinters. You shot the objects on the roof, pouting as it took away your health. Jack maned the door, his gun scanning the wreckage with a deadly threat. 
“Hey stop that!” Mark said, false anger biting at his words. “Those are my big brothers!”  
“Ohh,” You cooed, “So you’re a little box!” 
“Fuck!” Bob suddenly made a run for the door, his giant form knocking things into the air in his wake. 
Jack let loose a scream and his grenade slammed into Bob with a large explosion. Bob disappeared and Jack’s body slumped to the floor. 
“JACK NO!” You bellowed. You ran to his side, pretending to cry over the limp diaper baby. 
“Avenge me!” Jack howled.
In the corner of your eye you glimpsed a small box scoot behind a larger box. Knocking another box into the remaining stack of boxes. Mark didn’t get to curse before your grenade soared towards the box and you let loose a cry of victory. 
“Gotcha babe!” 


You were quite happy with your spot. Nestled perfectly behind the logs in the fireplace, your little box form was completely obscured by the textures. The shadows hid any of your corners that might be sticking out of tent of wood. 
It had taken some impressive maneuvers to get to this spot. When the round started, you hurtled towards the box room and snatched a smaller container from the floor. Careful not to knock the bigger boxes over, you tried to hide among the rest of your kin. 
But then Jack came barreling in as a chair and the your plan was destroyed. 
“Jack! Get out!” You hissed. 
“Oh shit. (Y/N) you’re in here?” Jack whispered. 
“Yes! You just ruined my plan!” 
The door opened and Mark, Bob and Wade shuffled into the room. 
With the boxes scattered and the towers dismantled, there was no use in hiding. So you booked it out of the room just as Wade was closing the door. 
“NO! There she goes!” Mark hollered and Wade’s grenade exploded against the closed door. He died as the other props exploded about him. 
“Goddammit Wade!” Bob yelled, “You let her get away!” 
You were giggling as you whipped about the map. Mark was on your tail, leaving Bob to find Jack in the box room. 
“Babe! Babe, slow down. Let’s talk about this,” Mark said, his voice turned low and soothing. 
You ignored him and slid through a small gap in a wall. Mark cursed and was forced to go the long way round. You took the time to try out different spots. All of which were either too obvious or knocked things over. 
At the last second, you ran into the fireplace and froze as Mark entered the room. 
“Sweetheart,” Mark rumbled. “Come out.” 
You laughed as he went about the room knocking things over or nudging his form against the larger objects. He took hold of a can and started scattering the things on the higher shelves. 
Then, Mark closed in on your spot and pushed the can into the fireplace, wiggling it wildly as if trying to dislodge the textured logs. 
Before you could try and escape, the can threw your ting box form into the and you should yourself get stuck in the chimney. 

You squealed in shock, puffing out your cheeks to stop yourself from laughing. 
“What?” Mark asked, his voice suspicious. “Is someone in those logs?” 
You giggled quietly, but the sound quickly turned into laughter as Mark threw his grenade into the fireplace and it exploded without killing you. 
“What the hell?” Mark mumbled. He walked away and started rummaging through the rest of the room. 
“Jack, are you ok?” You asked. Your question was answered by a large explosion and Booper-Dooper’s death on the screen. 
“No,” He squeaked. Jack was silent for a moment. Then your ears were blasted with his laughter. “How the hell did you-”
“SHHHH!” You frantically waved your arms, “Silence! I don’t know how it happened, it just did and I’m very happy right now!” 
“Oh my God, Mark.” Jack chuckled, pity dripping from his lips. “You won’t find her.” 
“I will!” Your boyfriend exclaimed. “Baby-doll, get your sweet ass out here!”
You actually tried moving, but found yourself stuck. Shaking your head you watched Mark scramble about the room.
“You’re not even in here are you,” He concluded, jogging out of the room.
“Get your ass back here, Mark!” You called, “I am in here, I’m stuck.”
Bob joined Mark search the room. They came so close sometimes that Jack made small excited noises, then cursed them for being so useless as they walked away.
“Give us a clue then!” Bob spat.
“I’m related to Tiny Box Tim,” You shrugged. Nothing else came to your head as a hint. Anything else and they would have made a bee-line to you.
“She’s a fast-food box!” Wade screamed and Mark’s grenade exploded against the table with food.
“No,” You laughed as his diaper baby collapsed to the ground.
Wade and Bob were getting frustrated, Jack couldn’t stop laughing at how close they were. But so far away at the same time. 
“I’ll give you lots of kisses if you tell Bob where you are,” Mark said and you pretended to think about it. 
“How many kisses?” You asked.  
“As many as you want!” Bob yelled, his frustration clear. “Mark will give you a massage as well! Cook you dinner! Tell me where you are!” 
Jack and you laughed. There was ten seconds on the clock. 
“Fine, go to the chimney.” You ordered and you watched Bob’s form run over to you. He fired into the nest of logs. 
“No, go all the way in and look up.” 
Bob crouched and wormed his way into the fireplace. At the sight of you, the three men howled and cursed. Bob shot you just as the clock turned 0. 
“We win!” Jack and you yelled. 
“How did you get up there?” Mark screamed. You could practically see him throwing his hands in the air in frustration. 
“You knocked me up there!” You told him. When you knocked the can around you bumped into the chimney and I got stuck.” 
“We are never playing with you again!” Wade said and you camera high-fived Jack.

  • me : The wheels on the horse are Mark and Wade, Mark and Wade , mark and wade .
  • * distant irish screaming *

⇢ Mark Fischbach Gif Icon Pack ⇠

Below the cut are +300 gif icons of the Youtuber, Mark Fischbach, better known as Markiplier. He is Korean on his mother’s side, and has stated so in multiple videos. These are all suitable for roleplaying and were mostly taken from vlogs and the like! These were all hand made by me from scratch, just as I would make regular gif packs. Please do not take these and put these in other gif hunts/gif packs/fc packs/etc. Please don’t redistribute or claim they’re yours either – these took a lot of work. REBLOGS are preferred to spread the resource around! This will also be updated regularly! Most recent update is 01/01/17 with +100.

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