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⇢ Mark Fischbach Gif Icon Pack ⇠

Below the cut are +300 gif icons of the Youtuber, Mark Fischbach, better known as Markiplier. He is Korean on his mother’s side, and has stated so in multiple videos. These are all suitable for roleplaying and were mostly taken from vlogs and the like! These were all hand made by me from scratch, just as I would make regular gif packs. Please do not take these and put these in other gif hunts/gif packs/fc packs/etc. Please don’t redistribute or claim they’re yours either – these took a lot of work. REBLOGS are preferred to spread the resource around! This will also be updated regularly! Most recent update is 01/01/17 with +100.

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pokegirl19  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you would give me a couple of Mark's videos that always make you smile. I could use a smile, currently. I'd really appreciate it, but it's cool if you're busy. ☺️

Hello! Sorry I couldn’t respond right away! It was 5am here when I got the message lol

But here are a few videos of Mark that never fail to make me smile and feel better~

Try Not To Smile Challenge

The ENTIRE Markiplier Animated Playlist

Prop Hunt #17 (But I recommend the entire playlist of Prop Hunt as well here)

Markiplier’s Photobooth Fun w/ CHICA!

Disco Discomfort

I hope they are what you are looking for and I hope this helps anyone who needs some extra smiles today~