hunt for gollum

Nice storylines for LOTR Prequel

  • Downfall of Númenor with Elendil and Sons and other Faithful fleeing, Isildur grabbing some white tree seeds, defeating Sauron and getting himself under the ring’s influence, sort of Breaking Bad Style
  • The blue Wizards. I seriously want to know what happened to them
  • Hobbits inventing Golf ;)
  • Start of the steward line of Gondor, like: fuck the kings, lots of cunts
  • Middle Earth History in the style of horrible histories ^^
  • Hunt for Gollum and that slowly merging into LOTR
  • Beren and Luthien.
  • Maybe exploring the line of Dol Amroth
  • The downfall of Moria and the Dwarves
  • The rangers of the north being like CSI/FBI with Prancing Pony as headquarters
  • Maybe something in Harad, relatable characters that are pushed into für war of the ring
  • History of Rohan: either about Eorl or about Helm
  • Glorfindel’s adventures and the prophecy of the witch king
  • Aragorn growing up in rivendell plus superhero-like revelation of who he is

There could be so much more…

feanope  asked:

Your Born of Hope Elladan and Elrohir edit. SWOONS FOREVER

Oh (n˘v˘•)¬ thank you!! I don’t know if you’ve seen the other one with them :D

I just read your tags on it and damn do I agree. I mean the fanfilms are so true to tolkien’s vision, I adore them so much!! I want so much more of that genre of tolkien films that expand upon canon with so much reverence, and make his world so much more complete. I’m so sad Storm over Gondolin, or The Tale of Fili and Kili will never come to life and it’s kind of uncertain with The Sunset Kingdom too.

Also for anyone interested, I have an entire tag of Born of Hope & The Hunt for Gollum edits.