HE A BABY BOSS (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I swear I have an explanation for this just need to find it… ah, there it is!

So, last night when I had just crawled onto my bed at 01:30 something in the morning, my mind for some reason went “My Red calls Edge Baby bro constantly, but also boss, so… he be baby boss” and I literally laughed so much I cried as this mage, Edge in a suit and sitting in a baby chair, immediately popped up in my head xD   


Erm, story before Teikou where Akashi accidentally runs into a bunch of hoodlums on the street who decided to kick him around for easy money until Nijimura intervenes by deciding to vent frustration on these lowlives who decide to pick on him.

Also bonus factor that Akashi enters Teikou bc of his savior. 


siriuslycollins  asked:

Queen Y/N and T'Challa going to her family for thanksgiving? (and i mean the ENTIRE family. cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles)

Family Reunion

You had to warn T’Challa about the fuckery that was about to unfold. “You know the cookout we attended some years back?” He tried to search his memory and cringed, “Yeah.”

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So! hello!

I haven’t been online for some time and that is because my whole life has changed and it’s mostly for the better. So here is what has been happening.

At the beginning of October my mother kicked me out, I hadn’t done anything wrong or what would be deemed but because I was no longing letting myself be controlled she turned nasty. For years she’d treated me badly and had gaslighted me. The few days leading up to her kicking me out she tried to get me sectioned, she put in a false claim against me to the police and threatened a charity that has been helping through my transition. I got back from a hospital appointment and she got annoyed that I wouldn’t discuss anything with her, why? Because I was tired and needed to sleep as that morning at 1 am she had barged into my room and screamed abuse at me and refused to leave until she was done. She allowed me to sleep for an hour before coming into my room and saying she and her husband wanted me to leave. So I did. 

With the help of my social worker I managed to get myself into a secure hostel for a few nights while they tried to find me a more permeant place - it took them nearly two hours of phone calls to find me a hostel because were too dangerous, full up or weren’t age appropriate. After just two nights there I was shown a flat and given the keys. So that’s where I have been living since then, in my own flat :). I have a care team that come four times a day to help with medication, food and also to take me shopping once a week. It’s all going good. 

But I’ve had a lot of health problems, I’ve been in and out of hospital and round various doctors until one finally listened to me. I’ve been having pelvic and ovary pain since I was 15 and I was mostly ignored and then told it would go away when I was on T. It hasn’t, it has got worse. It’s got that bad that I’m now prescribed morphine which is not something that doctors in the UK like to give to young people because of the health problems and addictions that it can happen with it. Basically I need to get a hysterectomy but first I have to go through all the necessary channels first and do whatever it is the doctors tell me to do. I have an appointment in February with a doctor to talk about what the next best thing to do is but my main worry is examinations that have to happen. I am so scared yet I know that I need to get those done in order to move onto the next step. For now I need to keep my pain under control and keep on with my walking to help clear my mind.

The good news is that I have been referred for top surgery. I had a consultation on the same day I was kicked out so yeah…a day full of conflicting emotions. The surgeon was amazing and it looks like the surgery will happen towards February/march time so wooo!. I can’t wait. Other good news is that me and my dad are closer than ever, he has been supporting me through all of this and it’s brilliant that I finally have a parent involved in my everyday life that wants to be there for me. 

So yeah…my life is been pretty stressful. While being kicked out has been tough it has also been one of the best things to happen because I’ve been so happy these past couple of months, I don’t wake up in fear, I don’t go to bed hunrgy without eating for three or four days, I don’t have to leave the house to escape abuse and most important…I feel free. Life is…good :)