For those that weren’t sure if Cece was in Ezra’s Ravenswood Lair, this is Hanna getting Ali’s diary in the same spot. @hunnnnie

The lair has this section with yellow painted wood paneling, which is identical to the entrance hall, as you can see here. Interesting it’s painted yellow, too.

Pretty sure @tremolux can confirm that Cece was indeed at the lair, calling Ezra, wondering where he was, while the police conducted a manhunt for her after Wilden’s murder.

I also think Ezra has the strongest motive for killing Cece. She knew all about his lair, and she was on his payroll. The name of the LLC he created to pay her and fund his spying at this time was called Shawbee, LLC. That was Ali’s favorite beach in cape may. But we’re gonna get into this in detail when I cover Season 4.