hunnic empire

Saber (Attila the Hun/Altera)

Leader of the Nomadic peoples, The Huns after the murder of his brother Bleda. He would lead his followers on a conquest of the known world, establishing the Hunnic Empire. 

A bloodthirsty, ruthless and determined conqueror, Attila would ravage and pillage all across Eastern Europe murdering thousands of peasants and Romans alike. So feared was he, they called him The Scourge of God. 

Twice would he conquer Byzantine and be offered richly before he choked to death on his own blood after consuming too much drink at his wedding reception.


The Signs as Famous Kings pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Alexander III, King of Macedon (331-323 BC)
The curly-headed and dark-eyed curious boy-prince was tutored in archery, horsemanship but also poetry and philosophy or drama. Alexander’s childhood heroes were heroic warriors and he was eager to become one himself. The grown-up Alexander is said to be the embodiment of a true king. Courageous, power-conscious, loyal and ambitious, he was destined to lead and expand Macedon. But this task called for cruelty and unscrupulousness as well. This King was tremendously stubborn on the one hand but his calm and logical side made him part of reasoned debates on the other. His opposing personality traits also show off in his peace-loving and happiness-seeking nature which conflicted with his changes of mood.  

Scorpio - Attila the Hun, Ruler of the Hunnic Empire (434-453)
For his enemies the impersonation of ruthless terror and violence but for his allies a mighty and gracious leader; Attila’s life might have been driven mainly by the rumors  spread about this man of honor and justice. A cunning lover of war, a brilliant horseman, educated in archery and bargaining, Attila was the very opposite of the other more barbarian conquerors. Preparing advanced battle tactics in the background and gaining respect as well as henchmen by keeping the sheer superstition of his fellows, suppliants and foes alive allowed Attila to contribute to defeating the Romans. It is uncertain how he died but the passing of Attila, one of the greatest military leaders of all time, was bemoaned strongly.

Pisces - King Arthur of England (late 5th, early 6th century)
King Arthur is rather a legendary figure than a historical one but still he is a widely-known former leader of England. According to medieval histories he led the defense against Saxon invaders. One of the king’s greatest personality traits was his strong belief  in equality which is why he created the Round Table where he listened to the advice of others. Whether literature created that picture of him or not, he is remembered as brave, loyal, kind and trusting of his family, knights and staff. Arthur had an ongoing strive for a peaceful and happy empire although it was permanently endangered by battles. This King was a man who made decisions with thought always seeing the bigger picture.