Lay - 151007 Hunnan TV MC Zhang Da Daweibo update: “#张艺兴1007生日快乐# 今天是你@努力努力再努力x 的生日演唱会,你的妈妈坐在我的身旁,我问阿姨看你在台上表演什么感觉,阿姨说:“这孩子真的挺不容易的,真的很努力,真的…”。嗯,越努力越幸运!Wuli艺兴生日快乐!也希望你成为更多人的——小骄傲!!!”

Translation: “#Zhang Yixing 1007 Happy Birthday# Today is your birthday concert, your mother is sitting right next to me, I asked her what she felt while looking at you on stage, and she said: "This child is really not simple, really hardworking, really…” Yes, the more hardworking you are the luckier you get! Our Yixing Happy Birthday! And I wish you will become the——Little Pride of even more people!!!“

Creidt: BIGBIG张大大.