We promised to post THE LOST CITY OF Z REVIEWS that mention Rob and we found two plus a great COLLIDER review that gave the movie an A rating and is definitely worth reading. #ProudFans

THE FILM EXPERIENCE: “And here I must insert a very special shout-out to Robert Pattinson, who went and became a fantastic character actor while nobody was looking.”
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FILM BOOK: “Robert Pattinson had some funny moments playing his character in a role that showed the willingness he would go through for his colleague.”
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COLLIDER: And yet, Gray’s adaptation of David Grann‘s beloved bestseller is a far quieter, more ruminative, and confidently intimate movie than all that would suggest. Quiet would not always be something you’d say as a compliment but in this case, it’s crucial. Hunnam does give Fawcett a booming soldier’s voice but it’s used with measure and his main partner in his explorations, Henry Costin (Robert Pattinson), barely raises his voice above a sarcastic mumble or groan. The sounds of the world they are moving through, whether it be the domineering symphony of the jungle or the rhythmic bustle of city streets and stadiums of law. It’s immersive without demanding your attention.
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THE LOST CITY OF Z - NYFF REVIEW by Nancy, one of the admins of our Facebook affiliate page The Pattinson Profile.

“It was very cool to be there for the movie. I made the choice to go see the movie instead of waiting to meet Rob out front before the movie and I’m glad I did. I actually was sitting in the front row so I got pretty close to him in the theater and was more than happy about that.

The movie was truly special. A throwback to classic cinema not only because it was filmed in 35mm but the story felt like an old time classic. Going on this adventure with the characters really made you appreciate what determination the real life characters must have had to endure what they did. The film was shot beautifully and really transported you into the jungle so much that you could almost feel the heat at times.

I thought all the actors were amazing. Charlie Hunnam who I must admit I have never seen him act before really blew me away. I thought he was terrific. And Rob, well what can I say. Everything you read about how he morphed into Henry Costin was true. You can tell he gave his all in this role physically and his portrayal was out of this world. At times you could forget it was Rob in the part (although that’s hard for us die-hards to do). I’m thrilled that he’s getting lots of accolades for the role he played because they are well deserved. I would LOVE to hear Oscar buzz for this next year.

I know we as Rob fans sometimes have to fight to get to see some of his movies these days because of the Indie route he’s taken in his career but I REALLY hope everyone gets to see this special film. Everyone that worked on it deserves applause.”

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Thanks to Nancy Tyler Hawkins for taking the time/effort to write a review for us.