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one of the most slept on moments of season two: the moment when hunk saved everyones asses by baking “cookies” that ended up being similar enough to teludav lenses that it saved them all from getting captured by zarkon,,, like without hunk the season would’ve ended at like episode 5 or something

Omegaverse with omega blue bby because i’m weak

  • Eveyone is alpha except, of course, Lance and Pidge. 
  • So, you know, there’s too many alpha hormones going on in the castle and sometimes is just to much. Even Pidge, who hasn’t presented yet, is sometimes overwhelmed.
  • They think Lance is a beta.
  • Allura may be their Princess but Shiro is the official leader of the pack. This causes lots of trouble between them. Allura and Shiro respects each other, but when they disagree, is fucking hell in the ship.
  • Keith is really in touch with his instincs. Which is bad and good at the same time. Is perfecto for battle, but it also causes a lot of drifts between him and his teammates. He can’t help but try to fight Shiro’s commands, but the older alpha always wins and obliges him to submit.
  • Hunk is crazy strong, and Shiro is thankfull the paladin has a peaceful nature because there’s no way he could make him submit. If Hunk wanted it, he could be the alpha leader. But that’s not what his heart desire. Instead of using his ‘alpha-ness’ to lead, he uses it to break the fights between Shiro and Allura when they get to bad or to face enemies in order to protect others. 
  • Coran, even though he’s an alpha, submits easily to his princess and the paladins. Not really caring about things like fighting over control. No, he’s happy where he is. Taking care of everyone else.
  • Pidge doesn’t have her own scent yet, so Shiro has to nuzzle her like a pup to leave his own scent on her and make her smell like pack. 

                                     —(more under cut )— 

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“Shiro, Lance stole my jacket! And he’s using it as an apron!”

“Don’t listen to Keith, Shiro, he’s lying!”


“Spacedaaaaaad, tell Hunk he has to let me help cook!”

“Shiro, don’t let Pidge in the kitchen!”

Shiro’s left eye had most definitely developed a twitch. He was trying to be patient, truly he was, but after two hours of sleep and a battle the day before, there’s only so much a 25 year old can take.

“Why do you guys do this?” he groaned.

“Because you’re the Spacedad guy?” Lance shrugged awkwardly. “I dunno.”

“Well then who do I get to tattle to?” Shiro groused, folding his arms.

The other Paladins scratched their heads.

“I dunno, Coran, I guess?” Hunk stroked his chin thoughtfully.

“Works for me.” Shiro said flatly. He took a deep breath.


From the bridge, the Altaen in question absently answered, “What’s wrong, Number One?”

“The Paladins keep tatting to me!”

Coran waved a hand over his shoulder. “Leave Shiro alone, guys.”

Shiro pumped a fist and quietly hissed “Yesss!”

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so here’s a prompt that is totally not based off real events in my life ;)

-high school au!

-and Lance has a crush on -insert whoever you ship with Lance-

-and he tells his friends about it (either Hunk or Pidge [or both] but it depends who you ship him with)

-and they tell him to send a text to ask his crush on a date

-and he jokingly pulls out his phone and types it

-they have a good laugh, and Lance is about to delete it but then his phone gets snatched away, and Hunk/Pidge presses send

-let the panic begin :)

this was using the headcanon that Lance is too awkward to flirt with anyone he actually really likes and prefers to do it with strangers or people he doesn’t really know, but I can also see him constantly flirting with this person but being unsure how to actually ask them out. you can do what you want with it

and, even if you don’t want to write a fic, if you happen to have any advice I would love to hear it because I just so happen to be dying :)

lastly, do any of you want to be kept updated, or should I suffer in silence?


I was supposed to be doing math homework but then I got distracted and made these wallpapers instead…

If by a miracle anyone likes these, feel free to use them 


Short Voltron comic! Sorry for the mess, but I drew it very fast.

Knowing Lance is a fan of videogames, I expect him to play gal games as well!!

I’m planning on making single (and hopeful better) illustration for all the gal game voltron girls. Meanwhile, please leave a comment with the name of your favourite one! Mine in She-Hunk! She came out adorable!! <3

Other drawings related to this AU: Pidge.

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How would the paladins be with a clumsy s/o who's always tripping and dropping things

Hello! It’s mod Enki, thanks for sending in your ask! ; w ;



  • Since He’s used to cleaning up after the others why not just add to that? He has to practically “s/o proof” most of the areas in the castle ship that his s/o most frequents. 
  • No offense to his s/o but he probably doesn’t trust them too much with any sort of task or chore since he ends up having to do it for them anyways. Either that or completely clean up their mess. 
  • If it’s to the point where his s/o truly drops everything he could get a little annoyed by it after a while. When his s/o trips or falls he’s usually always there to pick them up or catch them.
  • Honestly has to keep an eye on his s/o like all the time to make sure they don’t accidentally kills themselves. Never allows them around weapons or anything sharp unless they can prove themselves competent enough not to accidentally stab someone or themselves. 


  • Probably also clumsy to a degree. Both of them become the power couple of absolute destruction. Pretty much leave a mess where ever they go and the rest of them have to suffer for it. 
  • They tease each other about how clumsy they can be. They fall on each other a lot, too and it’s kind of adorable because they just turn into a giggling mess and lay there in a cuddle puddle for a bit. Also a lot of “Get your fat ass off of me” being teasingly yelled when someone falls on the other. 
  • Lance loves to scoop his s/o off their feet when they fall and parade around with them in his arms. A super goof about the whole thing. Can deal with the whole dropping things pretty well but don’t expect him to constantly clean up after his s/o. He’ll help them clean up their mess but wont do it for them. 


  • Can’t understand how clumsy his s/o is like how the hell are they this incompetent?? Do they have a balance issue? Maybe they were hurt in their childhood so they don’t have very good motor skills? He has no idea what the answer is and constantly asks his s/o how they’re so clumsy. 
  • He gets a little more irritated about it than everyone else. Although, he wont get sick of helping his s/o off the ground when they trip but he will get mad if they keep dropping stuff. 
  • Convinced he can “get it out of their system” by training with them and trying to improve their competency with basic chores. Doesn’t realize how bad it is until his s/o accidentally hurts themselves. He becomes a little overprotective of them afterwards and doesn’t let them wander around too much without his supervision. 


  • Slightly annoyed please stop knocking over his stuff while he cooks. S/o is banished from the kitchen after almost completely ruining a dish he worked really hard on. He absolutely will not let them in the kitchen while he cooks or help unless they’re completely certain that they won’t cut themselves or spill something. 
  • At first he thinks it’s a cute little quirk and finds it endearing but once he realizes how bad it actually is he’s not really sure how to handle it. He tries to be rally patient with them and helps them with small tasks so that they don’t feel useless because of how clumsy they are. 
  • When his s/o manages to do something without dropping something or tripping he showers them with affection so that they feel better about themselves. The most supportive about it. 


  • Amused and also probably uses it as a scape goat to mess with her s/o. Honestly she tries to make a robot to follow her s/o around and clean up after them like some sort of super roomba. 
  • Most of the time she’s there to help her s/o with their clumsiness but about 40% of the time she’s too busy working on other things to be there for them. She tries her best but sometimes she does manage to lose her cool. 
  • If she can though, she’ll try to find things that her s/o is good at so they’ll feel better about themselves when they can help her with things around the castle ship. Since Pidge isn’t much of a head on fighter herself, she understands her s/o not really being able to get any action or help out when an intruder gets in the castle. 
  • She also probably has some sort of monitoring system to watch her s/o in case they get into trouble around the castle ship. 

Going full-alpha on that ass. (hung UVA wrestler Joe Spisak)

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