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Things I want for Voltron's season 3

Explanation on what happened to Shiro (let him be safe and sound)

Explanation on what happened to Kalternecker, the magnificent cow

More Lance screen time

On a filler episode Hunk makes the paladins go to a super new intergalactic food chain that everyone is talking about and the owner is actually the guy from the shopping mall episode.

Pidge finally finding her brother (the father can wait until season 4)

A flashback episode on how Shiro and Keith met each other (plus scenes of Lance being on the same class as Keith)

More Klance, we only had the two guys on a hot tub

Lance’s character development

More info on Keith’s galra heritage (and perhaps he turning furry, purple and having a tail)

More info on the past paladins

Allura’s rats are the main characters in an episode

Allura and Pidge bonding moment, I want Allura to be the big sister Pidge never had

Lance bisexuality turns canon


I was supposed to be doing math homework but then I got distracted and made these wallpapers instead…

If by a miracle anyone likes these, feel free to use them 

pidgeongunderson  asked:

what are the paladins' thoughts/opinions on PDA? love your writing btw!

It’s mod Enki! Thank you so much! :0 It really means a lot to hear how much you like our writing. ; 7 ;


Shiro: He doesn’t mind PDA but don’t expect for him to shower his s/o with affection. He’s fine with hand holding and hugs but anything beyond he gets a little sheepish to be honest. He might get a little flustered if his s/o randomly gives him a kiss on the cheek or lips and you bet your ass the other paladins will tease him about it. But other than that he’s actually a pretty touchy guy. He’s one of those guys who has to be touching his s/o somewhere no matter where they are. He might put his hand on their shoulder, waist, arm and hold their hand but anything else might warrant some unwanted teasing. If his s/o tries to do anything extreme he’ll politely suggest they go somewhere else. Also his s/o better not try to tease him or his they might get more than they bargained for. 

Lance: Is ALL about that PDA. He will literally be all over his s/o no matter what. No kidding he will drape his arms all over them and has to have at least a small hug on them at all times. He’s a clingy little turd so hopefully his s/o doesn’t mind. Practically showers his s/o with affection and always tries to make them smile. He’ll tickle them to get them laughing or blow raspberries on their tummies or necks. Everyone in the vicinity is disgusted at how cute it is but no one can really stop them. Lance is also totally the person to tease his s/o a lot. He’ll pinch their butt, sides, and anything he can to fluster his s/o. But he honestly can’t stand getting the same treatment back because he’s a weanie. Please tease him back he’s a huge nerd and deserves it.

Keith: The least comfortable with PDA. Please leave this boy alone he’s just a dumb child who has no clue how to express his feelings. His s/o will literally have to beg him to show at least some affection. He’ll hold hands with his s/o but you bet your butt cheeks that he’s going to be flustered the entire time like a child. His s/o is really going to have to work on him to get him to display anything more than that. He starts out as a super awkward hugger but after a while he’ll start to get better at it until it’s the only thing he’s good at. If he’s ever relaxing with his s/o in the main room on the couches he’s probably hugging his s/o in some shape or form. Please don’t tease him unless you don’t value your life. No butt pinches for this boy.

Hunk: He doesn’t mind PDA but really thinks affection is best for when they’re alone and in a private setting. He’s a little more subtle than everyone else and adores hand holding to death. Honestly he’s always holding their hand like 24/7 it’s almost like they’re glued together. Anything more than that and you’ll probably fluster him. He can deal with kisses on the cheek pretty well but don’t ask him to kiss his s/o in front of the other paladins because he’ll probably die. And teasing would be a huge no no for him because it’ll probably make him super uncomfortable or scare the poop outta him. He’s also super fond of hugs and is probably the best hugger in the entire universe like let’s be real here. Hug this boy a lot because he’s honestly addicted to hugs and especially his s/o’s hugs.

Pidge: She’s okay with PDA but her s/o better not try anything or they’ll get an earful. When she’s busy she really won’t care for any sort of affection but when she’s hanging out in the main room with her s/o and all the paladins she pretty much lays across them like a cat. She’s pretty fond of her s/o messing with her hair but will get pretty flustered if they try to give her kisses while the others are watching. Absolutely no teasing or she will rip her s/o a new one. Hand holding is optimal but she’d rather be hugged from behind than anything. The hug can’t be too tight or she’ll feel like she’s being suffocated. Her s/o has to be pretty gentle with her or she’ll get annoyed and run off. More than anything she’s like a cat, her s/o has to pay attention to her but not TOO much attention or she’ll get fussy. 


Going full-alpha on that ass. (hung UVA wrestler Joe Spisak)

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There are 2 more pages in development to this i swear. So, enjoy some Klance shenanigans till im done the rest cause damn they do take a while to make :D

Next is pinning Keith getting some hand on butt action ehhhh ;)

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