smolgay-bean  asked:

Hey my guy got any hcs for when the paladins discover that their s/o is ticklish :D????

I am one of the powerful few who can turn my ticklishness off muhaha so I am usually on the other side of this spectrum, doing the tickling


-He is actually ticklish himself so he doesnt usually try to tickle people cause he knows how annoying it can be 

-That being said, when he does find out he thinks that their laugh is the cutest thing and his mind … changes slightly 

-Cause then he has no qualms about surprise attacking them when they are alone, mostly because he wants to hear their laugh but also because he doesn’t want anyone else to know about them being ticklish. He sees it as his own little secret 

-But ohhhh boy when s/o finds out hes ticklish? Its done. Like Shiro never feels safe again. He is exposed and is determined to remain hyper vigilant for the rest of his days around them. He just hates the feeling so much and is the type to start swinging if he thinks an attempt is trying to be made just out of reflex 


-He has never been the type to be super interested if people are ticklish or not. He just really couldn’t care less and doesn’t want to get that physically close with most people anyway  

-So its not even him who finds out s/o is ticklish, Lance is the one who was playing around and ambushed them and immediately got decked in the face from their knee jerk reaction 

-Keith found this extremely hilarious but also kind of dangerous because what if he accidentally tickled them. That was some seriously fast reflexes and it kind of scares him 

-So he actually does his best to avoid tickling s/o and has a total new appreciation and understanding when people say that they don’t like to be tickled. Hes not ticklish himself so he doesn’t know what it feels like but if thats the reaction it really cant be any fun 


-She is notorious for tickling people. If you are ticklish any where on your body this girl is going to find it and use it at any given opportunity 

-This stems from always being tickled as kid, she hated it and in order to extract her revenge she became a ninja at tickling other people. So she would find out very early on if s/o was ticklish and take full advantage, she might let up a little bit because of their relationship but old habits die hard 

-This only fuels s/o to want to tickle her back but oh man was that a bad choice. This girl has gone to the extremes to not be ticklish any more, she has developed the skills to turn off the reaction at any given moment 

-As soon as she feels an attack coming she goes stone cold and just stares at them until they finally remove their hands and she just quirks an eyebrow and asks if they are done now 


-This boy, my son, was that annoying punk in high school who would come up to everyone and ask if they were ticklish and no matter what the response was would tackle them in an attempt to tickle them 

-He is ticklish as well but fully accepts this about himself and is ecstatic to discover that s/o is also ticklish. He feels its something that bonds them in this dorkish way 

-There is a full out tickle war. Straight up with points and plans of attack and sabotage missions. It spans through out the whole castle and has even found its way onto several planets when out on less dangerous missions 

-Lance tends to lose quite a bit, he has racked up a decent amount of points but he gets distracted easily by s/o. All they have to do is kiss him or flash him a cute smile and he is made into an easy target. Not that he really minds, he just likes having fun with them 


-He discovers this by a playful tickle fight, some cutsey scene where he pretended to be angry and went to tickle them. He didn’t even know that there were ticklish at that point but omg does he think its adorable 

-Seriously he thinks it is just about the cutest thing ever. The way they squeal slightly and smile as they laugh and try to squirm away from him is just everything to him 

-He never uses it as maliciously as his friends, he doesn’t want to torture s/o after all, but he uses it whenever he wants to cheer them up. He would be the dork who called himself the tickle monster. Or more accurately the ‘Hunkasaurus Tickleraptor’ cause seriously hes a dweeb 

-He also loves to get tickled back. There is nothing he loves more than having s/o get all close to him even if it is an attempt at some pay back. Each time they do he doesn’t try to stop them and instead laughs and pulls them into a tight hug 

> I was only nine years old

>I loved Kano so much, I owned all his movies and merchandise

>I pray to Kano every night, thanking him for the life I have been given

>“Kano Volkano is love”, I say, “Kano Volkano is life”

>My dad hears me and calls me a fagoat

> He is obviously jealous of my love and obsession with Kano

>I called him Satan

> He slaps me and sends me to my room

> I am crying now, and my face hurts

> I go into my bed and it is very cold

>I feel a warmth moving towards me

> I fell something touch me

> It’s Kano

> I am so happy

> he whispers into my ear, “No charge…”