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hunk/keith + friends to lovers (read on ao3)

It’s not until a couple of weeks after the Weblum incident that Hunk realizes how much time he and Keith have been spending together lately. Or, rather, it’s not really spending time together per se, just that Keith seems to always wind up wherever Hunk is in the evenings, whether he’s cooking up a late night snack in the kitchen or lounging in the common room with a bowl of Altean cracklepops and a movie.

And it’s not like the two of them really talk. Mostly, it’s Keith giving a nod of acknowledgement and hopping onto the counter, content to pass Hunk various cooking implements as needed. Other times, he sprawls out on his favorite corner of the couch. Hunk’s not entirely sure how long Keith’s had a favorite spot on the couch, and he’s doubly uncertain when he started realizing these things about Keith.

As it is, the two of them are comfortable with letting the evenings pass in silence, and Hunk doesn’t see any reason to break the peace. It’s kind of nice, actually. He gets on well enough with Lance and Pidge and Coran, extroverts as they are, but prolonged contact with them is just…exhausting.

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AU where: Hunk is no longer the goddamn food guy I am so sick of him being the food guy. We get it!!! Hes fat!!! He likes food!!! Hunk is that caring super smart friend who talks sense into you. Like when Pidge was gushing over the technology, instead of Hunk making comparisons to goddamn food he could have been excited too! Hunk is smart (we know this for a fact) so please show it