So @biklance​ and I like to yell about Voltron Christmas hcs…

  • So. Christmas with the all the paladins together.
  • Everyone had to explain what Christmas was to Allura and Coran who were confused and slightly terrified by the idea that a fat man comes down your chimney to give you suspicious gifts from the unknown.
  • Hunk dresses up as Santa. Lance gets really excited and is the first to sit in his lap.
  • Hunk starts choking on the white fluffy beard he has to wear.
  • They all force Keith to wear a red nose and pretend to be Rudolph because, “He’s the red paladin. It makes sense.”
  • Everyone wanted Pidge to be the elf. She flat out refused. Lance dresses as an elf instead and he gets really into it. He’s Santa’s helper how could he not be excited?!?!
  • Allura and Coran fall in love with Christmas traditions. They love decorating and they love the Christmas food and the festive mood.
  • Because of ^ they go really overboard with decorating the castle. Allura puts mistletoe e v e r y w h e r e. And anybody and I mean anybody caught under that plant will be forced to kiss by a very excited, sparkly-eyed Allura.
  • Lance tries to catch Keith under the mistletoe every goddamn chance he gets. He finally manages to do it and gets punched in the face by a flustered/angry Keith.
  • Shiro walks into the castle’s bathroom and finds garlands wrapped around the toilet. Then when he goes to shower, he finds a full-on Christmas tree in the shower. I told you Allura gets really excited.
  • There’s probably a Christmas tree in every frickin room. Shiro is utterly confused. They’re in space?? Where did the trees come from Allura h o w
  • Coran turns out to be the best. gift wrapper. ever.
  • Lance is the one running around belting “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the top of his lungs. Hunk is his backup singer. Everyone gets serenaded. E v e r y o n e.
  • Pidge wears a reindeer antler headband every day, starting December 1st all the way until Christmas Day.
  • Hunk cooks the meal for Christmas Day. Everyone swears they saw a bit of heaven after finishing their food.

Headcanon that Lance goes around the castle Trust Falling everyone.

He goes up to Hunk who just drops whatever he’s holding on the floor out of instinct to catch Lance. 

He does it to Pidge and just friggin lands on her because she’s busy doing tech stuff. Then she smacks him.

He does it to Coran, who freaks out when he catches him, thinking he might be feverish.

He does it to Allura, who is equally confused, but finds the activity fascinating.

He does it to Shiro, who just laughs and shrugs it off as he catches him and says “Oh Lance…”

And finally, 

He does it to Keith, who just watches, smirking as he falls flat on his ass. Lance then chases Keith around the castle for letting him fall while screaming “THIS WAS AN EXERCISE IN TRUST! YOU WOULD JUST LET ME DIE ON A MISSION. SHIRO!! KEITH’S NOT BEING A TEAM PLAYER! DO SOMETHING!” and Keith is just like “THAT’S A STUPID TRUST EXERCISE, LANCE”




Johnny Hunk

Maybe you thought he was Johnny Bravo. But obviously he’s not… Bravo is too skinny…(uploaded on Patreon on 27th October).

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Anxious Hunk Thought

I was doing personal research on anxiety related stomach issues and learned that anxiety can cause bloating, poor digestion and even excessive gas. I’ve seen this in myself and also other friends with anxiety but never correlated the two - and it made me think about Hunk, and how he might be displaying anxiety and stress through similar ways. Lance at one point calls him his gassy friend, which I at first viewed as sort of odd, but it actually establishes that he might suffer from excess gas and bloating due to anxiety. I could be wrong, but it’s definitely worth a thought, since pointing out his gassiness etc might be viewed as an unkind jab concerning his weight, but I actually now view it as an additional indicator of Hunk’s anxiety.