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I’ll try to keep this as short as I can because I could go on for a long time about a figure like Springer when it gets down to Jungian archetypes but I won’t do that since that would end up being a veritable tome of spew and jargon.

Let’s start this small little profile off with one word: virile. Springer is, at his core, an immensely masculine, self-possessed individual. And it is this masculinity, almost potent, that we can define him by. A Freudian psychologist might suggest that this inherently masculine persona–should it be a persona and not in fact Springer at his core–is one that deals with compensation. In fact, Freudians would postulate that Springer is overcompensating for something, perhaps something he interprets in himself as overtly feminine.

Freud sees Springer as overcompensating and overtly aggressive due to poor ego control–the basic need for instant gratification, a driving and primal sexual need, thus his competence as a warrior; the most primal of occupations. We then must look at Springer’s use of the sword as an extremely obvious phallic symbol. The brandishing of the sword and the idea of overcompensation, Freud would say, points out that Springer is…less than well-endowed.

Well I say Freud is full of shit. Freud would also say something about Impactor and Daddy Issues but I’m not going to get into that because it would be far too difficult to get that all in one ask.  

Jung, however, would point to the fact that there is far more balance to Springer than one would think. While he is masculine, he is, after all, a commander, a leader. This points to a maternal side, something that is deeply, inherently thought of as feminine. Springer’s anima–the feminine tendencies in the male mind–then, is well developed and works wonders for the morale of the team. He cares about his men and while he doesn’t come off as a mother hen, he’s still a good leader to them and considers their safety of the utmost importance.

I think the most remarkable thing, psychologically, Springer is his resilience. He’s a hardened veteran and the fact that there is a hardly an ounce or trace of PTSD to him points to someone who is extremely well-adjusted for someone that goes on the missions he does. This points to a high stress tolerance, which is a good, good thing in someone like Springer. He’s steady, level-headed, and doesn’t run the risk of cracking and having a giant nervous break at the first sign of trouble. 

Really, it shouldn’t be a fucking wonder to anyone he’s the leader of the Wreckers. 

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I bought the Springer tote ♥♥♥ omg it's like the Wreckers propaganda art post I made come to life I'm gonna cry

No Problem! It was originally going to be a MTMTE theme but then I thought Wreckers Propaganda and really wanted to draw a pin up-ish Springer!

(Was also thinking of having Kup there too but Springer just stole the spotlight aha)