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  • me: *giggles in public while looking at her phone*
  • random girl: she's probably giggling because of something her boyfriend texted.
  • random boy: she's probably giggling because of a joke a friend told her.
  • me: *actually giggling because just cant stand some funny sexual tension on a gay fanfic and reacts like a 5yr old that has seen the word penis*

Favorite Hunhan fan art 😙 (NotMinex1,000) credit to @amsetiz @domolily @winpeer @

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I can’t believe it! I can’t believe that today is the birthday of my babe!


So lets have a little post to show to people just a small  snapshot of reasons why he is so precious and amazing, shall we?

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Okay so i gotta admit. Sometimes, at first glance Sehun can come across as well….. very bitchy.

However, that is not a bad thing. After all, Sehuns resting bitch face just highlights his character and attitude and I love it!

I love seeing an idol with a ‘fuck it’ look on their face. Its fun, its entertaining but it also allows Sehun to be himself.

And while some people I do believe have a bad attitude, Sehun’s is simply charming. he is not trying to hurt anyone.

In fact, the more you look into him the more you realise that he is actually such a cutie sweetheart who melts all hearts.

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He loves his Vivi

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He loves his hyungs

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And loves his fans

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And I hope that he can continue to be himself.

I hope he stays healthy.

I hope he has fun on stage and is actually close with his hyungs.

Mostly, I hope that he is also comfortable with himself. 

I hope he experiences the life of a young man… goes on dates, has ‘fun’ and does it with whomever he wants, whatever sex he likes.

Hope he has true and amazing friends who listen to him and his problems.

And I hope that fans respect his decisions and does not try to force anything on him or try to force him to spill details he doesn’t want to spill.

I also hope that SM doesn’t force him to a dating scandal or just into any scandal. Noone deserves that.

Once again, I hope he is healthy both physically and mentally. Because a healthy mind is extremely important. It is essential. 

So let us celebrate the birthday of an amazing human being!

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(Look at that smile!)

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So let us spread the love for Sehunieeeeeeeee.

Lets make him feel loved and appreciate him!

Lets protect this precious man!

We love you Sehun!

Thank you for reading!

The difficulties of being pretty

While active with EXO, Luhan had a lot to deal with…

Kai couldn’t control himself around Luhan..

But Luhan always rejected him..


1. Sehun wouldn’t allow it..

2. He secretly wanted to be close with D.O ..

And D.O secretly wanted to be close with him too..

But that’s also something Sehun wouldn’t allow..

Kai wouldn’t either (He likes both parties, haha!)

Mean while every other member was shyly falling for him..








Then there’s Suho, who was very blunt..

And why did they all fall for Luhan at one point??

Honestly, I believe he could of ruined any OTP being that cute!

Maybe Luhan wanted to just stick with Xiumin at one point..

And Xiumin may have felt the same..

But because of Luhan being too pretty, this otp could not be in peace!

And then there was that one boy that wouldn’t leave him alone..

Being that pretty is dangerous.

(Btw, this is all for fun, don’t take it too seriously!)

another prompt yay

A and B are flat mates. A has a thing for B but A’s also a notorious fuckboy whilst B is depressingly uninterested/unconvinced of their feelings. A plays around with their flings while they wait for B to come around.

B: *Walks into the flat to see A sucking face with their newest toy* *Stares* *Sits down next to them and clears throat* A, your girlfriend has 5 minutes to leave or I’m not cooking dinner tonight and you can starve.

A: A simple ‘honey I’m home’ would have sufficed.

B: *After girlfriend of the month has been kicked out* Who’s she? Never seen her before

A: No one important, I don’t think I’ll be seeing her again after this.

B: Why not? She was pretty

A: Yeah she’s pretty but she’s no you. *B ignores this* *A sighs* Anyways how was your day?