friends : *talking ‘bout sex* 

me : *starts talking ‘bout what i know*

friends : how da fuck do you know these kind of things??

me : there’s this thing called smut, go read them and you’ll learn more bout sex from fans rather than our teacher

bc fans are seriously kinky af, no kidding. 

Baekhyun & Chanyeol Going Out In Hawaii
  • Baek: hey chanyeol go ask the lady where the restaurant is
Chanyeol: I dont speak Hawaiian
Baek: They speak English

Me: *Is busy doing something*

Mom: “Hey, I’ll just borrow your phone for a second.” *takes phone*

My phone: *Has gay smut fanfiction stories ready to be read, videos currently on hold on youtube, searched fanart on Tumblr, and special moment pictures on Twitter*