People: Oh my god, EXO is like so gay smh

Me: Omg i frickin wish like Chanyeol and Baekhyun would be so cute together, god i ship them so much like they are my otp and i would give anything for them to be together but i bet they are together and just dont want to come out i mean the evidence is all there did you see that smile Chanyeol gave Baekhyun at that concert i mean that smile was full of love and affection theres no way they dont love eachother oh and did i mention Hunhan I mean look at that Sehun basically said he was gay and they would be so cute together and Oh my god Tao and Kris like i totally ship everything about them and you know how you said BTS was gay too like i hope so because vkook is my life and so is namjin i cant believe that they arent out yet like all these couples are so cute and have so much potential and everytime any of these ships look at eachother i get so many feels because their eyes are just full of love and they are probably thinking about how cute the other person is and i just literally cant even

People: what

Me: what