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So I was at Taekwondo tonight (I'm an assistant instructor at our Do Jang) and I was sparring against this guy around my age. He kept kicking around me, as if on purpose, and I assumed it was because he was intimidated (He was a white belt, and I am a third degree black belt, but I was just going at his pace and level) so I said it was okay for him to hit me (we also have body protection). He then looked at me and said, "I'm sorry, but... (1/2)

(2/2) …but I don’t hit girls.“ I was shocked that, in a m a r t i a l. a r t s. class where we s p a r. and teach s e l f. d e f e n s e, this guy refused to properly spar against me because I was female. I stopped the clock in the middle of the match and told him that any woman could hit just as hard as any man, and it was extremely disrespectful to imply that I would not be as capable of a fighter. You can guess which third degree, who stopped holding back, won that match.

HELL FUCKIN YEAH. That dude had it coming. 


Yesterday I saw The Summer Set, We Came As Romans, a bit of Chiodos’s set, The Used, Blessthefall, Memphis May Fire, The Wonder Years, Middle Finger Salute, Echosmith, Secrets, A few songs of Crown The Empire’s set, August Burns Red, and Bring Me the Horizon. Also met Jeph Howard from The Used and Andy Leo from Crown The Empire. Went to the Secrets signing too. Best day ever, indeed.

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I couldn't get past 1:30 on that Shane Dawson video. Honestly? The way those people in that "comedic" skit acted was in a way that no human being would act

he is the woooorst youtuber!! he pulled this shit, has used blackface multiple times, and uses awful stereotypes and minstrelry in his videos all the FUCKING TIME I HATE HIM