Good morning! A few thoughts:

I wish I could stay in the ‘’new’’ home always. I feel so calm here..forest all around! 

My bird seems happier

There’s so much space in my room (whenever I’m here it’s yoga time)

I’ll make grilled-cheese sandwiches for breakfast

If I start buying better fitted clothes, it’ll feel more comfortable

I haven’t weighed myself in weeks and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

 Give as much love as you can

Don’t ever expect things in nice things cause it’s nice

Lavender is everything

Happy Sunday!

The Strawhats as Breakfast Foods
  • Monkey D. Luffy:Basically all the meat stuff; bacon, sausage, etc.
  • Roronoa Zoro:He likes waffles idk I think it's sweet.
  • Nami:Parfaits!!!!
  • Usopp:I think he likes fried eggs jesus christ.
  • Sanji:Crepes definitely.
  • Tony Tony Chopper:I think he likes things like smoothies and fruit salad.
  • Nico Robin:Croissant foods, like breakfast sandwiches, chocolate croissants, etc.
  • Franky:Cereal but he pours cola in it instead of milk jesus fucking christ Franky.
  • Brook:Probably scones and bagels.
  • Jinbe:I think he drinks electrolyte water and maybe has an English muffin.
  • Carrot:Omelets with vegetables.
  • Trafalgar Law:Rice or scrambled eggs.
  • Kirishima:Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. It’s happening. Say yes!

  • Uraraka:Yes!
  • Bakugou:O-okay, but technically, you just said yes to Eijirou.
  • Uraraka:Well, ask me, Katsuki.

  • Bakugou:Okay. Ochako, will you marry us? Me. Mostly me.
  • Kirishima:Yeah.

  • Bakugou:Even though Eijirou is always gonna be part of the deal.


Please help by sharing, or keeping an eye/ear out for them if you are in the area! Any help would be very much appreciated!

Lost as of October 20th, 2016

The white and grey one is named Kaspyr (pronounced just like Casper), and the grey with pearled marking is Shadow. It has been colder than they’re used to locally, so if there’s a best time they could be caught, hopefully it’d be when they’re huddled trying to stay warm, or hopefully seeking out humans for food, since they should be very hungry right now! 

As much as it pains me, realistically, due to Shadow’s more wary nature, she may prove very hard to catch, but I have slightly stronger hopes for Kaspyr, as he has gotten out and been returned before, so if the chance arises, please prioritize the capture of Kaspyr, as if they are still together, there’s a high chance he may follow Shadow off if she flies away, but he has a higher chance to seek out people and actually be captured. 

They are fully flighted, and smart, so the best way to capture would be to offer food and a finger to step up on (then holding their foot down with your thumb so they cannot take off again), not making sudden movements or making them think you’re going to grab them. A swift net might work too. Noodles are one of their favorite snacks, so it may be the most tempting for them aside from seed/colorful bird pellets. 

Shadow is missing tail feathers from when she got away, so if you, or anyone you know (or see posted about) has a bird matching her description with missing tail feathers, please contact me. I don’t like to give info publicly, but PMing me on tumblr should work, and if additional contact info is needed, I will provide it there.

Again, any help would be appreciated, and thank you for any shares/support! I miss them so much and feel awful for how they got away…They’ve been a major part in helping me cope with depression and anxiety, so losing them is a really hard blow right now. 


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. But there’s no ice cream to be had here because each of these awesomely overflowing ice cream cones is made of glazed ceramic and porcelain. Ceramic artist Anna Barlow creates these extraordinarily detailed melting faux-desserts entirely by hand.

“She not only molds clay into scoops of this dairy treat, but also little cherries, candy hearts, ice cream cones, and even the occasional pillow being engulfed by the seeping dessert. Even more interesting, the artist also makes ceramic shoes that appear to be comprised of ice cream and flavored syrups swirling around the heel.”

They may be made of porcelain, but these ooey-gooey sculptures are so convincing that they make our stomachs rumble. Time to step out for a few scoops. We’ll be right back.

In the meantime head over to Anna Barlow’s Facebook page to check out even more of her mouthwatering ceramic creations.

[via Beautiful/Decay]