The Bus Smut

Summary: While on the TATINOF american tour bus, Dan convinces Phil to leave their own private bunks in the middle of the night to spend the night in the “forbidden bedroom” at the back of the bus. But, spending the night together innocently isn’t what Dan has in mind. Add a suspicious unnamed tour manager and a bumpy road and things get interesting. 

Pairing: Dan Howell/Phil Lester

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Daddy kink, rimming, blowjobs, unprotected consensual sex

“Bye guys!” I smile, Dan smiles, waving at the enormous crowd ahead of us, flashing lights and squeals bombarding us.

We walk off the stage, and once my eyes adjust to the significantly darker lighting backstage, I suddenly become aware of Dan’s erratic behavior. He grimaces at every person who walks past us, pulling off his gold show-jacket as he speed walks into the dressing room.

“Dan?” I yell at him through the people, running after him.

He doesn’t stop, plowing past staff.


He slams the dressing room door in my face, and before I can say anything, I hear the lock click.

“Dan? Come on, what the hell is going on?” I pound on the door.

I stand there for a few minutes, assuring all the staff that he’s fine. I make up a lie about him having a stomache ache, and the stage lights made it worse.

I eventually sink to the floor, giving up my fight, talking to him through the door. I gasp for air, my lungs still not adjusting to the extremely high altitude of Colorado. Mile High City indeed.

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Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, parallels.
  • Both are orphans. Both lost their fathers before their birth, during Robert’s Rebellion, and both mothers died bringing them into the world.
  • They were smuggled away from their place of birth - Daenerys went in exile to Essos, Jon was carried to Winterfell. They both suffered abuse: Jon by Catelyn, and Daenerys by Viserys (Daenerys case is much worse of course). Dany was in the shadow of Viserys; Jon was in the shadow of Robb.
  • As Daenerys is sold to Drogo and starts her life with the strange culture of the Dothraki, Jon joins the Night’s Watch and struggles to adapt to the law standards of the life at the Wall. Later Jon has to join the Wildlings, the “savages of Westeros”, just as the Dothraki are the “savages of Essos”.
  • misslalwen also pointed that both Jon’s and Daenerys’ journeys in ASOIAF start with a feast: Jon’s very first chapter is the feast at Winterfell, when he takes the crucial life-changing decision of joining the Night’s Watch. Daenerys’s very first chapter is the preparation for her wedding feast with Khal Drogo; her second chapter is the feast itself. It happens at the same time as Jon’s story.
  • Their first love relation: Daenerys was sold and raped by Khal Drogo; just as Jon was forced into his relation with Ygritte - he had to sleep with her under threat on his life. Mance made it clear that if Jon doesn’t sleep with Ygritte, he would kill him (as it would mean that Jon remains true to his Night’s Watch vows and therefore is a Crow).

Yet every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

“I never asked you to lie for me.”

“I never did,” she said. “I left out part, is all.”

“You said - ”

“ - that we fuck beneath your cloak many a night. I never said when we started, though.” The smile she gave him was almost shy. “Find another place for Ghost to sleep tonight, Jon Snow. It’s like Mance said. Deeds is truer than words.”

  •  Both Jon and Daenerys develop affection to their companions.
  • When Drogo and Ygritte die, it’s in the hands of Daenerys and Jon. 
  • Both Jon and Daenerys feel guilty about their lost first loves, and mourn them.
  • Both Daenerys and Jon rose to power quickly, and at a very young age. Daenerys is Queen of Meereen at 15, Jon is made Lord Commander at 16. Note that it happens at the same time: Daenerys takes up residence in Meereen and becomes Queen, while Jon becomes Lord Commander, both at the end of Storm of Swords.
  • They are the two best examples of young leaders in the novels. How they rule, the difficulties they are facing, the trials they undergo. Their stories illustrate the battle against their inexperiences and will to move forward “kill the boy and let the man be born” “if I look back, I’m lost”.
  •  Daenerys was offered the chance to return to Westeros, but she decied to stay in Meereen to rule and help her people. Jon was offered to be made a Stark of Winterfell, but he refused because he knows he has a duty to the Night’s Watch, and because he feels that as a bastard, he doesn’t have morally the right to be Lord of Winterfell.
  • Both want the best for all the sides, and both struggle to be accepted by those they rule. They both turn their attention to the outcasts of the society,to those other people refused: Jon cares for the Wildling, and is the first Lord Commander in history to make peace with them and allow them to cross the Wall; while Daenerys releases thousands of enslaved people and does everything she can to keep them alive.
  • Both faced assassination attempts, by those who disagreed with their ways of ruling. While Daenerys escaped her poisoned locusts by luck, Jon is stabbed by his Brothers. And again, these events happens at the same time, at the end of A Dance with Dragons.
  • Both are connected to magical legendary beasts: a direwolf for Jon, and 3 dragons for Daenerys.
  • Both think of their family they never knew: Jon quite a lot of his mother, and Daenerys of Rhaegar and Aerys, and her ancestors.
  • Daenerys feels the need to carry her Targaryen lineage and fulfill the duty to her House, Jon also want to impress his adoptive father Eddard. 

He was no true Stark, had never been one … but he could die like one. Let them say that Eddard Stark had fathered four sons, not three.

“Remember who you are, Daenerys,” the stars whispered in a woman’s voice. “The dragons know. Do you?”

  • Daenerys tries to think of Rhaegar as her idol, while Jon’s idol was Daeron Targaryen the Young Dragon.

That night she dreamt that she was Rhaegar, riding to the Trident. But she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse.

When Jon had been a boy at Winterfell, his hero had been the Young Dragon, the boy king who had conquered Dorne at the age of fourteen. Despite his bastard birth, or perhaps because of it, Jon Snow had dreamed of leading men to glory just as King Daeron had, of growing up to be a conqueror

  • Both are gentle and kind people. And both are very melancholic
  • Finally, Daenerys’ prophecy from the House of the Undying:

A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. … mother of dragons, bride of fire …

 The obvious reference to Jon (blue flower in a Wall of ice) is part of the prophecy concerning Daenerys’ love interests, symbolised by the word “bride”. 

  •  And there are subtle foreshadowings when Jon and Daenerys think of the magical beast of the other (unbeknown to them of course)

He might as well wish for another thousand men, and maybe a dragon or three. - Jon, A Storm of Swords

Off in the distance, a wolf howled. The sound made her feel sad and lonely, but no less hungry. - Daenerys, A Dance with Dragons

And I am sure there are more parallels, perhaps less obvious. Parallel lines are meant to never meet, but in the case of Jon and Daenerys, I feel these lines are sliding straight toward each other.

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Hey have any recommendations for some bellarke social media aus?

We have a great tag for that here!

Anonymous said: ‘ I’m looking for a fic I read a while ago where Clarke is dorm mates with bellamy’s kind of girlfriend (maybe Gina) and Bellamy tends to “sleep over” even if Clarke is there. But end game is bellarke. I think it was either a one shot or a two shot. It would’ve been on ao3′ 

This is so, so familiar, and I know I’ve read it, but I cannot think of it! Can anyone help us out?

Anonymous said: ‘hi i was reading a bellarke pride and prejudice au that i lost it was on ao3 and they were in modern la and minty was getting married and bellamy was lizzie and clarke was darcy thanks so much for your help!’

We think you’re looking for Dawn.

@clarkkeee asked: ‘Hey, I’m looking for an end-of-the-world esc fic. Not their current situation but a modern au where there’s a earth quake or tsunami. Or where they are the ones who escape the nukuler war caused by ALI and escape into space.’

We have an apocalypse tag!

But some  other ‘end of the world’ type:

Anonymous asked: ‘Hi, just wondering if you know any fics where they’re still stuck in Mount Weather and forced to participate in a breeding program. Thanks.’

Drawings on the Cave Wall is a good option!

Anonymous asked: ‘Hello! I see you have accidental marriage fics, but do you know of any assumed marriage fics, where through some miscommunication people are under the impression they’re married?(preferably in canon verse, but anything’s lovely)’

We are unaware of anything that fits into these specifications, but perhaps our followers have suggestions!

Anonymous asked: ‘Hey, are you aware of any 4x11 speculations fic? I’d love to read some in-canon bellarke angst’

@happywholidays asked: ‘This might be a long shot, but are there any dancer/ballet bellarke AUs at all?’

Library Time - Revamped

Author: MelBelle45

Author Notes: Revamped to make it better. I also included my very first aesthetic. This fic is based off of the two Jensen pics. Beta’d by the ever lovely @avasmommy224

Pairing: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Smut (oral: both; smutty, smut, smut)

Word Count: 1,879

Summary: You’ve always wanted to try out the library. With Sam not home, here’s your chance.


“That was one hell of a wedding,” you said, throwing your black clutch purse on the bed before undoing your strand of pearls. You toed off your red heels by the door to the room you shared with Dean. You inhaled the bunker scent – a bit of metal, a bit of old books, a bit of leather and dampness. A very manly smell, but a smell that was home to you and calmed you instantly.

“Literally,” you heard Dean in the kitchen and headed that way. “It’s not every day Crowley gets married…and we were invited.” You rounded the corner to find him, tux jacket still on, tie loosened just enough to unbutton the top two buttons of the crisp, white shirt. He had a small glass tumbler in one hand, a bottle of whiskey in the other.

“Champagne not enough for you?” you smirked, leaning on the island in front of him. You noticed his eyes rested on the ample cleavage you bore with your position. Your black dress was low cut, but leaning on the island simply made his view even better. There was a burning in those green eyes that always put that familiar wanting in your stomach. He glanced away only to pour the amber liquid into the glass, the smell of aged alcohol filling the air around you.

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Movie Night - Archie Andrews Imagine

REQUESTED: Yep, requested by a lovely anon!

Ooo can you do a Archie imagine where him and the reader go to her house to hang out since her parents are out of town and they start watching a movie and it’s fluffy for a while and then smut idk if that makes sense but 💕💕💕

WARNINGS: Implied smut, hickeys (you know how much I love hickeys)

SUMMARY: You and Archie haven’t had time to yourselves recently, because of all your homework and the Jason Blossom drama. So when your parents are out of town, you invite him over for the night.

NOTES: It’s the start of exams week this week for me. I’m dreading it, but I have the day off tomorrow for revision, so maybe Ties pt. 3 can be uploaded? 😏

Also, I’m writing all of this on my iPad, which isn’t normally what I do…so let’s see how the formatting goes.

Enjoy! ❤️

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Requested by anonymous

No ones been in the diner for an hour now since it was late at night. It was just you, cleaning the tables. Becoming bored you began to hum to yourself and soon you started to dance. What you didn’t know was that someone was watching you.

You heard someone clear their throats from behind which made you immediately freeze and turn around. You met the eyes of a familiar costumer, Jughead Jones. You felt your face go red.

“Ah hey Jughead… you’re here late”.

“Yeah I got hungry. Nice dancing by the way”.


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23. “Just once.” Ladynoir

“Please, just kiss me once,” Ladybug asks again, the champagne coloring her cheeks a rosy pink. 

Chat Noir swallows, the champagne hitting him too as his heart thuds in his chest. 

All my dreams are coming true.

But she’s looking at him with hungry eyes, lust dancing between them as she leans forward, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. 

It’s everything he’s ever wanted yet–

–he sighs and kisses the center of her forehead instead. 

With a gentle hand, he feathers away her bangs and kisses her nose. “Ask me again tomorrow, My Lady,” he whispers, holding her close. “And I’ll kiss you as many onces as you ever need.” 

Ladybug, drunk and sleepy sags in his arms, her words warming his neck. “Okay.” 

(She doesn’t really remember, but she kisses him in the morning anyway). 


They made it into a dance–
hungry eyes like drooping petals
from long-given flowers-ago and I’m sorrys.

Colors arrayed and waiting in line
awaiting her hand for a hand-out—
Her chin lifts

into the wave of his simpering need
as it leans in
to sweep the curl from her cheek,

but she backs away,
shuddering at the sickening gesture of
his insincere, duplicitous touch.

© j.a. carter-winward

Caught (Part Three)

Request: can you write a damon smut where he gets drunk and horny ;)) thx boo!! – Anon

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: smut, swearing

Word Count: 1674

And I just continue it lol

Caught: Part One, Part Two

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

You were back to Mystic Falls from your little getaway to New York City and now you’re back to your record keeping duties. You sighed as you went to the living room and grabbed a glass of bourbon. “Isn’t it a little too early for that?” Elena asked. She sat on the couch and you sat opposite her. “It is but I have to read a lot of stuff today, record them–you know, do my job.” You said and she sympathetically looked at you.

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(Trans) CECI 20th Anniversary Interview with Bangtan Boys (Excerpt)

Note: This is only an excerpt of the interview; not full trans.

The advantages of men living together.
V: It’s like we’re sworn brothers.
Rap Monster: You can borrow each other’s clothes.
Jin: You can walk around without clothes.
V: And you can shower together.
Jimin: When it comes to packing luggage or cleaning, we can finish it faster since there’s a group of guys.
Rap Monster: J-hope and Jin hyung are the clean type so they clean quite well.

It should be fun just being together.
Jimin: Maknae Jungkook is really interesting/fun in the dorms.
Jungkook: We are lively when we are with people we are familiar with but we’re shy when we meet someone for the first time.
Jin: At home after dance practice you’ll see 6 guys lying on the dorm floor. Jungkook is washing clothes by himself (laughs).
Jimin: His physical strength is very good.

Is Bangtan Boys a ‘democratic’ group? For example, when it comes to eating or choosing seats in the car.
Suga: In most cases the majority makes the decision. I can’t decide what to eat so the decision belongs to somebody else.
Jimin: Only leader gets the shotgun seat in the car. The others will just go in order.
Jin: No one likes to sit in the middle seats. I’ve been sitting in the middle seat quite often lately. Everyone is dissatisfied as they kept complaining why someone with such broad shoulders is sitting in the middle (laughs).
Jimin: His personality is no good, this Geonggi-do guy.
Jin: Geonggi-do guys are renowned for their personalities ok?

Do you also bet on food?
Jimin: We’re get hungry when we’re at dance practice so we talk a lot about food. So with our dance teacher we play the pig feet ladder game. (Note: Koreans play a ladder game when eating pig feet to determine who will treat and how much.)
Suga: We also bet on a lot of ice cream.
Jin: After eating everything, we will determine which two will clean up using rock, paper, scissors. But if both the chosen two don’t want to do it, it will be combined for one person (laughs). So in the end that person will complain while cleaning.
Jimin: Lately it’s been J-Hope hyung cleaning all by himself.

The harsh trainee life can be tiring. What was the driving force behind your motivation?
Rap Monster: The desire to debut, win newcomer awards, win first place, and for my music to be #1 on the Melon Charts one day.
J-hope: The support from friends gave me a lot of strength.
Jungkook: When I’m tired, Jimin hyung will be by my side comforting me and listening to my complaints.

I’m curious what Bangtan Boys was like in school.
Rap Monster: I’m the type that had a lot of friends. I was very active and liked to attract attention. I was the class leader many times.
Jin: I hear from a lot of people that I was very frivolous. I look a lot different from before. I was very short and my growth spurt only started when I was in second year of high school.
Jimin: I was very similar to Rap Mon hyung. I like to receive a lot of care. During talent shows, I would dance on stage. I started attracting some attention in high school and it was an astonishing feeling (laughs).
V: I would be creating disturbances in the hallway. Since I would feel lonely, there’s always a lot of people by my side.
Suga: I’m more of the quiet type. I like basketball and girls would come watch when I played basketball.
Jungkook: I was very mischievous. I didn’t study and was an active kid that liked to play computer games (laughs).

What’s the atmosphere like in Bangtan’s Kakao chat group?
Jimin: We send a lot of ugly pictures.
Jungkook: We’ll also compete in who takes the ugliest pictures.
Jin: Most of the time it’s the youngest three that talks the most. It’s the ‘young’ group.
V: When the members are dyeing their hair, I would secretly take pictures of them sleeping. I’ll also take some if there’s funny expressions. I am Bangtan’s Dispatch, you guys better treat me better (laughs).
Suga: We’ll also share important things or things we should be careful at.

Who’s the noisiest member (in the Kakao group)?
Jin: It has always been Kim Taehyung, Kim Taehyung, Kim Taehyung
Jungkook: Even if no one replies, he’ll still keep going (laughs).
V: I think it’s Hope Hyung.
Rap Monster: There’s not much to choose between the two.

Who’s the slowest to reply (in the chat group)?
Jin: Suga’s name practically has never showed up in the group chat.
Jimin: We joked around that he will probably never reply (laughs)
Suga: Because I’m more of the ‘cold’ type

Wasn’t it said that you can understand someone based on their picture/avatar or status?
Suga: I didn’t set anything for either.
Jimin: Mines is a selfie I took with oranges.
Jungkook: My mind has been a mess lately so it’s black.
Jin: Maknae is going through puberty right now. Mines is of me and an alpaca, in which fans say I look like.

Chinese trans: 咻嘎被被sugababe

Monsta X reaction to you not being able to cook


You not being able to cook would be indifferent to Shownu, he would be glad if you could cook, but if you couldn’t cook, then that’s fine as well. As long as he had you, he was happy. When you were scrutinising the cookbook to make sure you weren’t missing anything out, you didn’t realise your face scrunched up like a little angry rabbit. You hear a burst of laughter coming from the boy leaning against the door and you look up confused only to see him copying your face from before.

“Look we can both be angry bunnies together! Now let’s get back to cooking, I’ll help this time, you put sugar in instead of salt”

Originally posted by hyungvon


Wonho had just walked through the door, and threw his keys down on the side gently calling your name. He was greeted by the sound of a pan dropping and a loud cuss word. Confused, he moved towards the sound and peeked his head around the corner. The first thing he saw was you leaning against the side breathing heavily as you picked up the dropped pan. The kitchen was a mess, and you had somehow managed to get more of the sauce on yourself than actually in the meal. Wonho moved towards you before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you gently into a back hug, squeezing tightly while he asked what you were doing. When you replied you were trying to surprise him with dinner, but it looked like you couldn’t cook, a laugh rumbled through him as he kissed the top of your head

“It doesn’t matter that you can’t cook, I love you just the way you are jagiya.”
*A few moments later*
“Wait, you can cook ramen right?”

Originally posted by wonhobe


This hyper child would bring out his little puppy eyes and ask you to cook for him regardless  of whether you were good at it or not. He would honestly not care if it tasted horrible, or if it was amazing, as long as you made it he would be happy. He firmly believed that no matter how horrible the food was, as long as it was made out of love, it was the best thing he’d ever eat. As soon as you laid down the plate in front of him, he’d excitedly clap his hands like a little child and dig in as soon as you were settled. As soon as the food entered his mouth he’d close his eyes and moan that it was so good, even if you didn’t believe it. He’d finish every mouthful, constantly reassuring you it was very good.

“jagiya this tastes amazing!”
“Don’t lie Minhyuk it tastes like cardboard”
“I happen to like the taste of cardboard”

Originally posted by yukimuradesu


This little puppy would love that you couldn’t cook because it means when he has days off, he can cook. What he didn’t really know was that you could cook perfectly well, but pretended you couldn’t as you knew about his love for cooking, and didn’t want to ruin it as this was his favourite pastime and it reminded him of his eomma who he hadn’t seen in months. One of  your favourite moments was sitting at the island in the kitchen, watching your beautiful husband humming away with his groups latest song, while gently stirring the Korean beef stew.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come help y/n”
“No, no I’d just mess it up keep going”

Originally posted by kihyeun


When Hyungwon caught you trying to book yourself some cooking lessons he’d be slightly upset that you didn’t ask him for help. One of his favourite things to do is teach, so he’d jump at the chance to teach you how to cook. He’d start of simply, and slowly build up the meals when you felt comfortable enough. He’d constantly come up behind you in a back hug while you were measuring something out and whisper gently in your ear. Of course this would scare you and whatever you were measuring would go everywhere. This would just make him laugh and he’d clear everything up again so you could start again. Cooking dinner took way long than it should usually have taken because of his teasing, but you loved every second of it

“Okay now just add a pinch of spice… jagiya no that was too much are you trying to make our mouth burst into flames?!”

Originally posted by yuhwan


Much like Minhyuk, Jooheon would ask you to cook regardless because he knew anything you made would be better than what he does (after all he didn’t need to cook in the dorms, that’s what Kihyun was for). He’d constantly look up complicated recipes online and print them out, leaving them on the side in the morning before he went to practice so on your days off you could send the entire day trying to cook. He’d eagerly arrive home, hungry from dancing and would help set the table while you dished up the dinner. He’d eat almost all of it (the chicken was still slightly raw so he passed on that) but he’d praise you throughout the entire thing, telling you your cooking was getting better each time. 

“I don’t want to make this, it’s way too complicated Jooheon!”
*aegyo king appears*
“…alright I’ll try but don’t expect it to be edible!”

Originally posted by destinybbb


Just like Kihyun, this boy would love that you couldn’t cook but not for the same reason. Being young himself, he wouldn’t know everything about cooking so he’d pull you into the kitchen every night to experiment with him. Now he wasn’t the best cook either, mixed with his playful puppy personality, so half your dinner always ended up either on the floor or each other. Laughing at each other, you both agreed that maybe getting a takeout was probably the best idea before you completely destroyed the kitchen (cleaning all the mess up would be hell later)

“Y/n where does this flour go?”
“In the bowl… chANGKYUN I AM NOT THE BOWL”

Originally posted by wonho

This one is not a very good one… I’m sorry! Enjoy though!

Admin S

*None of the gifs are our own, credit to original owners*

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write one where Y/N is walking out of a movie with harry and they are laughing and talking but it's night and a bad guy pops out with a gun, he just wants their money but then he tries to reach for Y/N and harry fights him and he gets hurt but of course he lives. (Very batman style haha)

  M A S T E R L I S T

thank you for requesting and sorry i took so long to reply!!

“That was long.”

“That was amazing, Harry! How could you not think it was?”

Harry runs a hand through his curls and sighs, “The ending was alright, but what was the movie even about?”

You roll your eyes.

It was Saturday night, which meant that both you and Harry were off work–and for Harry that was never a problem anymore, since he was now on a one-year break. A light drizzle falls onto the pavement below you and Harry shrugs off his coat and drapes it around you before your too-white shirt gets wet.

“It was about Sherlock Holmes, Harry,” you try to explain. “You might’ve gotten that from the title? Mr. Holmes?”

Harry rolls his eyes and playfully nudges you, casually intertwining your hands together as you walk down the lonely pavement. He huffs and a cloud of breath forms against his mouth, “If I were half as intelligent as Sherlock Holmes, would you love me more?”

You laugh and swing your laced hands. “I can’t possibly love you more than I do right now.”

Harry turns to you and stops walking. You look up at him with wide eyes and you watch his lips curl up into a smile. He steps closer to you, curls barely visible under his beanie, but beautiful, nonetheless. “Y/N, I—“

“Hands in the air.”

You and Harry both turn your heads in sync to the mysterious stranger standing in front of you both. He was a heavy-set man, wearing plain jeans and a flannel. Everything about him was regular except for the small black gun in his hands.

And it was pointed straight at Harry.

“Oh my God,” the words pour out of your mouth and you would’ve dropped Harry’s hand if it wasn’t for him clinging onto you for dear life. You glanced sideways at him to see his face pale-white and you could only guess you resembled his expression.


The bullet clicked into place and that was enough to force Harry to drop your hand and you to drop your purse.

Four hands flew into the air.

You felt your lips shake with fear and a tear races down your cheek.

“Now down on your knees,” the man barked.

You parted your lips, but didn’t know what to do. Do you scream? Do you risk that? What if someone hears and comes to save you both?

But what if no one does and a bullet tears through your stomach?

You mentally hit yourself. Why did you convince Harry to go see a three a.m. movie?? If you had listened to him, you both would be safely tucked under the sheets and eating ice cream and possibly even binge watching the new season of New Girl or—

“What do you want?”

Your head snaps to look at Harry. You both were knelt down onto the ground but you could tell he was furious. He wasn’t scared anymore, no. Harry knew that this man only wanted money (judging from his appearance he probably hasn’t had a bath in forever) and he had all the money in the world.

No, Harry didn’t like to be humiliated.

And kneeling down on the cold pavement was doing just that.

“You look familiar,” the man stepped closer and you flinched visibly. You could see the man’s hungry expression dance over your chest and you gulp. Harry sees this too and you catch sight of his fist and jaw clenching. “Hey sweet thing—“

“I’m Harry Styles,” Harry interrupts, bringing the man’s attention back to him. “You might’ve seen me on TV or heard me on the radio. I’m in the famous boy band One Direction.”

The man cocks an eyebrow. “Famous, huh?”

Harry nods stiffly. And with slow movements, Harry lowers one hand and reaches into his back pocket. He pulls out his wallet.

The man’s expression grows hungry again but it’s not from you. It’s from the sight of all the money that Harry’s hand holds. “Throw it to me. Don’t get up you twat, I know just what you might pull.”

Harry chucks his wallet at the man and you cringe as you watch his filthy fingers go through the money that Harry spent years earning.

“This isn’t right,” you whisper over to him and his eyes snap back to you.

He barely has time to form that worried crease between his eyebrows before the man is right in front of you.

Harry’s wallet is chucked to the side as you lift your head to meet his ugly black eyes. The man grips your face with one hand and squeezes hard, definitely leaving a mark. “Pretty little thing, aren’t you? Open your mouth.”

Tears are rapidly streaming down your face and Harry lets out a growl, “Take the money and leave. No need for all the—“

Then you feel something cold press against your forehead.

Harry stops talking immediately and looks down at his lap with pure horror.

The man smiles, “One more word out of you and I shoot your girlfriend.” Teardrops cling to Harry’s chin as he presses his eyes shut. The man lets out a raspy laugh and turns back to me. “Darling, opening your cute little mouth for me.”

You do as he says reluctantly and the man sticks his fingers into your mouth. You gag. The gun is still pressed to your head and you can feel Harry shake beside you.

“Now,” the man moves his hand from your mouth and to the buckle on his pants. “Let’s see how much your pretty mouth can take in, huh? While your boyfriend’s watching too—“


Harry’s fist slams into the side of the man’s head and knocks the gun right out of his hand. Harry lifts his knee up and hits the man in the groin and he lets out a groan. The gun is now on the floor in front of you and you lunge for it, immediately looking to turn the safety off.

“HELP!” You scream, body twisting around on the pavement. “SOMEBODY HELP! HE HAS A GUN!”

You cry out when Harry gets punched in the jaw and staggers back a little, but before anything could happen, you hold up the gun and point it at the filthy man. “Don’t you care move,” your voice shakes, but the message is clear enough.

Harry limps over to your side and kneels down beside you, gripping your hand in his. You don’t know how much you’ve been shaking until right then—when his steady hands grip your unsteady ones.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Harry keeps whispering, over and over again. “I should’ve stopped him sooner, I should’ve—“

You hear footsteps behind you and the sounds of police sirens nearby. You manage a small smile, “I think we’re safe now.”

Harry smiles back at you and tucks his wallet safety back into his pocket.

The cops come and handcuff the man and you hand over his gun. You didn’t know how tightly you’ve been gripping it until you let it go and your hands fall like paper in the wind.

“What were you going to tell me? Before we almost got killed?” You ask Harry when you both were sitting in the back of an ambulance, on your way to the hospital to get checked out.

Harry thinks for a minute, then grins and says, “I was going to tell you that I love you, and I would do anything to protect you.”

“How ironic,” you joked and he laughs.

No more three a.m. movie dates for you two.

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For the McHanzo SM au, what if OW realized that the SO was Mcree+Hanzo soulmate and OW puts them in holding regardless of the SO decision. Do you think the boys would go to their aid and use what OW did as way to convince them to leave or do nothing?

I think the boys would flip their shit.

Now, in the Talon base, an angry Jesse might be a common and feared occurance. His normally warm eyes are darkened considerably, to resemble something charred, burnt, angry. He becomes trigger happy, sullen, a hand always on the icy metal of his Peacekeeper. If you came across and hunched over Jesse, smoke from his cigarillo coating him, one eye peeking out from under the brim of his hat while the other one his hiden, you would walk backawrds as quickly as possible, trying to not turn your back on him.

An angry Jesse McCree is avoided.

An angry Hanzo Shimada, is feared beyond belief.

He hardly ever loses his cool. He’s always the one to approach the nagry Jesse, running a hand over his jaw, gently cooing for the cowboy to come back to their room, calming McCree down.

But now? Hanzo’s whiskey colored eyes and brighter, looking like a hungry fire dancing in his soul. He speaks in snarls, quick to grab those who disagree with him by the throat and teach them a lesson. Gloved hands curing and uncurling into fists. If you had just pissed him off, remove yourself quite quickly from the room. Don’t run, just a brisk jog. Throw in some zigzags. Preferably finish your will before meeting him.

Soldier 76 would see their angered state and hand over the reigns to them. Let them do anything, to just not have two furious, homicidal, deadly, love-struck assassins in the base.

Whether stealthily, or whether going in with guns blazing, it will be quite a show, watching these two rescue their soulmate. A terrifying show.


Genre: Smut

Rating: R18

Summary: A little bit of dominance from you and a little bit of dirty talk here and there, A little bit of brashness goes a long way with Kwon Soonyoung.

With a heated groan escaping his lips and his naked body in front of you, and the fragile sanity of love and lust taking over you, you enjoyed the sight of him in your hold. Your hand placed delicately on his shoulder, your legs spread out with your back on the head board. 

Soonyoung’s eyes were dark, mouth watering to get a taste of you. You guided him to your core as his head dipped down in your wetness. Soonyoung licked his lips, he looked like he was deprived of this luxury. He gave you a quick glance, before poking out his tongue to give a small lick. He always enjoyed seeing you indulge yourself in his mouth. He continued to give you conservative licks on your wetness, with your teeth shut together and your fingers tangling in his silk like hair, you were completely drowned with thoughts of him.

His hands kept your legs apart, his lips grazing over your sex and his hot breath made your insides tingle. The fire burning in the pit of your stomach intensified as you pushed his head further down, your toes curled and a loud moan made its way out of your lips. The feeling of his mouth eating you so intently was euphoric.

“That’s it..” You said breathing heavily, “You’re so good.”

You knew how he liked. You could see his ears turn red from your words, your finger twirling a strand of hair as you encouraged him to do more to his liking, “You’re making me wet..”

You felt a smirk grew on his lips against your searing heat. The wave of pleasure crashing down to your core. Beads of sweat rolling down your temples, your chest heavily going up and down. Engrossed with the sensation you continued to mew and moan. Exactly what Soonyoung wanted to hear, the confirmation of how good he makes you feel, the way you would call out his name and be rough with him. 

It wasn’t even that long before you could feel your peak gushing out of you. You screamed for him, pushing him further, making sure he tastes you well. You roughly pulled him away by his hair, with the rush of things you quickly cupped his sweat drenched face and gave him a long and hungry kiss. Your tongues dancing together, you could practically taste yourself. Soonyoung kissed you back with much fervor before slowly parting, with a string of silver filling the void between the two of you.

Your eyes were smitten with each other. His flushed face and thirsty lips were all you could see. The way your eyes would water and the way your lips would part, it turned him on. His hand slowly scoping your thighs, you could feel your heat ache from the fragile tension between the two of you.

You took it upon yourself as you made way to his lips, your body moving on top of him as you made sure you were positioned over him. With passionate kisses and stinging lips, his hands continued to touch you, groping your ass that made you squeal for a moment. The lust from the two of you overflowing, your wet core brushing over his hard member. It wasn’t even near inside of you but you could feel your sex throb.

You hovered over his ear, making sure to heave an extra breath to tease him. You gave a small peck on his earlobe before whispering, “I want you inside of me.” There was no time to be bashful, all you wanted was for the two of you reach nirvana at that moment. Soonyoung gave a low chuckle, the type that got you thirsty for more. You gave one last purr before you felt him filling you up all the way to the hilt.

His size was overwhelming, the way he felt inside of you was erotic. You didn’t waste any time, you wanted to feel all of him. With a small smirk adorning your lips, you started moving up and down, Soonyoung’s hands placed comfortably on your ass as you continued to ride him. Sounds of wet sex and breathy moans filled the room, you were just so hungry for him.

“Shit..” He groaned out, earning him a lick on his lips from you. With your steady pace, dipping back and forth, you could already feel your insides boil of ecstasy. The amount of pleasure you were feeling could only be describe as a flood. Drowning you into a euphoria you couldn’t control. 

With your eyes half lidded, you could see Soonyoung enjoying the view. Your sex and his meshing together. You felt his cock get bigger inside of you if that’s even possible. The amount of throbbing  you felt turned your knees weak. Soonyoung was aching already as you slowed down your pace. He took this as his chance to fuck you right up. 

His hips bucked continuously, you could feel from his actions how much restraint he’s been holding the whole time. You continued to moan out, enjoying every bit of his hardened member going in and out of you. Your hands gripping on his shoulders as you closed your eyes shut, your insides tightening and with a curse under your breath you felt everything turn white around you. You reached your climax, your head dizzy and your neck warm from it all, you felt his own juices inside of you.

You had a lazy smile on your face, and the feeling of comfort and closeness wrapped around you. Soonyoung gave you a kiss on the forehead, which you responded with a mischievous yet deep kiss on his lips.

“Seriously, what am I going to do with you?” He chuckled, amused by your brash yet endearing actions

“Question is… What am I  going to do with you?” You joked, as you let yourself melt on top of his cozy body.