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A Green Little Something (The Hound)

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Part three of the little Sandor Clegane drabbles I’m doing. Not all of them will be in quick succession in terms of time progression. There will be large time skips as this isn’t a full fic. Enjoy! Also- the fucking rock scene man.

Court was within the half hour and in the mean time Sterren chaperoned Sansa through the royal gardens. Sansa twittered on about meaningless gossip surrounding the high lords and ladies of Kings Landing. It was a habit of hers. Perhaps her way of calming herself down for the potential horrors of Joffrey’s court.

At some point between the hydrangeas and the final turn towards the Red Keep, Sansa eyed her friend. “Sterren, you look… different.” Her blue eyes searched Sterren in attempt to pinpoint just what had changed in her from the evening before.

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Tormund and Baelish hovered around Brienne and Sansa this week, and that was about all they did. An odd parallel for such dissimilar dudes.

It felt like the makings of a wacky buddy comedy, maybe a Shakespeare thing where they continually try to put in good words for each other with those women. Probably on a bet; Tormund puts up a month’s worth of fresh meat, and Baelish bets, I don’t know, soap.

Giantsbane! Littlefinger! Two wild and crazy stalkers who shouldn’t buy any green bananas if they keep acting like that.

Whenever I’m describing a TV show or movie to someone that hasn’t seen it, I always use equations with something they HAVE seen. For example:

Chicago = Orange is the New Black - lesbians + musical numbers

Miracle on 34th Street = How to get Away with Murder - murder + Santa

The Librarian = Indiana Jones - Indiana + a dweeb

Stardust = Princess Bride + Hocus Pocus + Game of Thrones

Young and Hungry = Disney Channel Sitcom + sex + gay

Kaijudo = Avatar the Last Airbender + Pokémon

Galaxy Quest = Star Trek - the 4th wall

Torchwood = Doctor Who - time travel + gay

Please add your own, I just love these!

Some thoughts on season 7 plot leaks, general GOT, jonerys and Jonsa (Meta)

Hi, first of all I wanted to say thank you for your tumbrl. It’s always full of nice and positive quotes, articles and metas. I’m a sucker for ships, I guess I just like to see people happy. Jonsa has quickly become one of my favorite ships. I don’t have a tumbrl or any real platform to express my opinions about it but if you allow me I would like to share some of my thoughts with fellow shippers. 

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Concept: Ozai’s attempt at coup fails before it even got off the ground. He and his family line are all exiled from the Fire Nation, and that bloodline of the royal family grows up near destitute. Ozai is still so hungry for the throne that he’s willing to do anything to get what he feels he deserves with his wife complicit, up and including colluding with his father’s enemies. And of course, drags Zuko and Azula further down into treason with him. 

changing tags pt. 1: verses

Let us not squander it