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I Was Here First - Part Two (NSFW)

Characters: Jason Todd (Red Hood), Reader (You).

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: I Was Here First Part 2. Smut. That’s it. Some story.

Warnings: Sex, language, violence.

A/N: Y/N = Your Name.
Good lord me! I’ve gone down a rabbit hole and I’m never coming back.
Hope you like it!


“Well, well, well. Lookie who we have here.” A cheerful voice came from behind Jason and he beamed under the hood. “Did you just punch a guy in the face or are you happy to see me?”
Jason released his grip on the man he had just caught harassing a woman. “That makes no sense.” He turned to face Y/N, dressed in the red and black attire and full face mask.
“Then is it both?” She purred and traced up and down Jason’s chest before tugging him closer to her by the collar. The masks between their lips stopping contact.
“Maybe.” He roamed his hands from the top of her back til they were resting on her hips.
“You fuc- Agh!” Y/N silenced the criminal with a swift kick to the nose, blood gushing from it as he fell backwards.
“Maybe we shouldn’t do this hear.” She breathed.
“Are you free tomorrow night?” Jason asked, thumbs drawing circles on her hips with his thumbs.
Y/N pulled away. “I’ll meet you here at 7.” She skipped down the alley. “I’ll wear a nice dress!”


Jason stood in the dark alley, a single street light illuminating the place. He checked his watch constantly. His hair was messy but styled, he wore a suit jacket and pants with a red dress shirt underneath, couple of the top buttons undone.
“What? You thought I wouldn’t show?” Y/N said as Jason checked his watch for the hundreth time.
Jason smirked. “Not quite sure whether I trust you yet.”
“Well then,” she pushed herself of the dumpster she was sitting on, “I’m afraid you might not want to after tonight.” She whispered into his ear.
“What are you going to do to me?”
“You’ll have to wait and see.” Her hand lightly brushed against his crotch and a tingle ran up his spine. Y/N giggled as he tensed. “Where are you taking me tonight?” She asked, bubbly, a complete shift in personality. But Jason wasn’t done with the flirty side of the conversation.
“On my bed if everything goes as planned.”
“Oh.” She swiveled, her hip bumping Jason as she turned and strutted down to the busy street. Jason thought he said something wrong til she looked at him over her shoulder. “Are you gonna take me or not, Red?”


“I just realised,” Y/N breathed heavily as Jason attacked her neck, her hands pinned abover her, “I don’t know your real name. Now that I know your face.”
“It’s Jason.”
“Jason.” His name rolled of her tongue perfectly.
She was shoved against the wall the moment they had entered Jason’s apartment and he was on her like a tiger hungry for its next meal.
He left perfect red tracks along her collar bone down to her cleavage before the dress prevented him from going lower.
Jason released her hands and started to tug on the bottom of her little red dress, pulling it up over head leaving her bare. Jason smirked at the fact she came to their date with no panties.
“Had high hopes, didn’t you?”
“I didnt need to hope. I knew.” She smiled hazily.
Jason caught her lips in his and lifted her up, wrapping her thighs around his waist. He carried her through the apartment, lips never disconnecting before laying her down on the bed. He stepped back to throw off his jacket and ripped his shirt open. Y/N got up on her knees, tugging the belt and hurriedly pulling it off and dropping his pants.
A tent had formed in his underwear. Y/N teased, running her lips over his cock, gently scraping against it with her teeth.
Jason hissed and looked down at her. She grinned and played with the band, slowly pushing it down to expose his erect cock.
“You have a condom right?”
“Right there on the bedside.” Jason cocked his head in the direction and Y/N reached over and took it, opening it and sliding it down onto his penis.
Y/N climbed further up onto the bed and Jason crawled on top of her, hands on each side of her head. She gave his cock a few tugs before guiding it to her entrance.
Jason pushed in, Y/N digging her nails into his back as she adjusted to his size. He looked at her, concerned until she nodded her head for him to start moving.
He slowly, building up his pace until the sound of skin slapping against skin and moans.
Y/N rested her legs on his face and clawed at his back. “Shit.” Jason moaned.
Y/N felt her climax coming and her walls began to tighten around Jason. His cock twitched inside her. “Fuck.” Y/N cried out in ecstasy as she released her fluids. Jason came soon after. He slipped out of her and lowered himself down, kissing down her sternum til he reached her dripping pussy and lapped up all her juices.
“Wow.” Y/N breathed. “Forget what I said the first time we met.” She and Jason laughed.

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Is Obi-Wan going to try to escape (crossed-out verse) or just accept them?

Resting on his knees, Obi-Wan ignored the eyes that never seemed to want to leave him, meditating peacefully as he took in the sensation of the ships motors beneath him and the recycled air… and the smell of Anakin.

Sweet Force, was this how Anakin was going to look?

He was a very pretty adult so to say, the word pretty boy came to term in his head, all curly hair with dirty blond that most likely went bright blond under sun. Though the scar through his left eye made Obi-Wan curious as to where the other had gained him.

He slowly opened his eyes and peered at the Sith in turn.

Anakin stared at him in return, expression hungry and eager, like malastrian tiger forcing itself not to pounce just yet. ‘And I’m the meal.’ Obi-Wan thought dryly before he shifted and slowly stood, brushing imaginary dust lightly off his knees.

“You have our names on you.”

He paused at the voice, his Anakin’s voice was still in the mist of change and would crack and break at times but this Anakin…

It had settled on a low timber that suited him, an octave or two lower then Obi-Wan’s but an octave higher then Qui-Gon’s had used to be. It suited him along with the outer Rim accent he still carried.

He peered at Anakin and then gave a slow nod, joining the other on the small couch of the quarters when Anakin patted the seat.

“Can I see?” The blond requested, blue eyes flickering over Obi-Wan hungrily.

Obi-Wan cleared his throat, a slight flush on his cheeks. “They’re rather intimate areas s-”

“Please.” Anakin reached out, touching Obi-Wan’s cheek, fingers brushing the heated skin lightly.

Staring at the other for a long moment, Obi-Wan started to undo his belt and obi slowly. He could show him the one on his chest.

Letting his tunic drape around his elbows, Obi-Wan watched Anakin’s amber eyes flash to the letters on the right side of his chest, two inches above his nipple.

Padme Amidala.

Anakin stared at the letters and then reached up, gently smoothing his thumb over the black text. “And mine?” He whispered, voice low and intimate.

“Lower, its… its on the right side of my hip.” Obi-Wan cleared his voice as Anakin continued brushing his finger slowly over the letters. That felt much nicer then Obi-Wan had been expecting.

Then he hesitated. “And you have my name?”

“Back of my shoulder blade. You and Padme share space. I’ll let her show and tell you about hers.” Anakin stared at the letters on Obi-Wan’s chest for a long moment before he started to undo his expensive belt and the layers of cloth he wore.

Fair was fair after all and he turned his bared back to Obi-Wan, letting him see his names.

Anakin sat still for it as Obi-Wan’s fingers hovered over the warm skin but never touched.

“…I wonder.” Anakin murmured, turning his head to look at Obi-Wan. “If you can love monsters as much as the monsters already love you without even knowing you?”

Obi-Wan stared back.


She had duties.

Many, especially with her husband gone for so many weeks to find their third.

And yet she is still there to greet them as the shuttle lands, the trademark of Anakin’s improvement on it making it glide quickly and easily.

The ramp lowers.

The guards step off first and line up.

Then comes her husband, the Emperor, suited up in gold and red with blazing amber eyes and a cocky smile, his hair pulled back in a small nerf tail. He looks like the nexus that caught the tantum.

And then he comes.

Not as tall as Anakin but taller then her, copper hair carefully groomed and brushing his shoulders with a matching beard that’s trimmed and well cared for and soft green eyes that sweeps around curiously before they land on her.

The electric charge that passes through Padme’s spine is almost enough for her not to notice the creased and wrinkled tan and beige clothes their third is wearing.


He’ll need new clothes to match them for sure.

Anakin has found their third.

Doctor Office Secret Part 2

Type: One Shot | Imagine About Justin Bieber
Rating: Rated R for Sexual Content
Word Count: 2,454

I placed my phone in my bag as I was rushing out of the house. I just slipped on a pair of flats before heading out the door. I made sure the door was locked before running out to my car. I got into my car and on the day that im running late. Of course my car wouldn’t start, I could feel the tears running down my face. I was just getting frustrated with everything including myself. I tried to start my car again and it finally turned over. I pulled out of my driveway as I headed my way towards the office. Little did I know that I would be the gossip of the office.

“Did you hear?” One of the nurses Rebecca said.

“What?” the other nurse Nicki asked.

“Y/N is with Mr. Bieber” Rebecca said.

“What do you mean?” Nicki asked as her blood started to boil.

“They are dating” Rebecca said.

“Impossible” Nicki crossed her arms.

“It’s true, ” Rebecca said.

“Ill make sure that wont last long” Nicki said as she walked back to the office.

I pulled into the parking lot, locking my car before seeing Mr. Bieber get out of his car. We walked in separate so no one would think anything of it. Little did I know we were the talk of the office, but it seemed like no one confronted me about it. I figured it was my choice and if Mr. Bieber was into me then that’s how it was. It seemed like I was getting swamped before lunch time.

“So is it true?” Nicki asked as she walked to my desk.

“What?” I asked.

“You and Mr. Bieber” she crossed her arms.

“That has nothing to do with you” I looked up at her.

“Oh, but it is” she smirked slightly.

“I have work to get done” I rolled my eyes as I turned my attention back to my computer.

“He’s my fiance” she snapped back.

“Well, guess he doesn’t value you the relationship if he’s with me” I said.

It seemed as soon as I said that her blood started to boil. She walked away my desk going back to hers quickly. I could feel her stare from across the room. I didn’t pay any attention to her as I continued to work, I worked through lunch since I was swamped. I saw Mr. Bieber walked back in from his lunch break and of course, Nicki through herself at him. It was like she was a hungry tiger and he was the piece of meat she wanted. I tried not to pay attention to her, but it did catch my attention.

“Can I see you in my office y/n” Mr. Bieber said as he looked towards me.

“Sure” I nodded as I got up from my desk.

I walked into his office first as he was behind me. I heard the door close behind us and the lock switch, I turned to look at him. He placed his hands on my hips, pulling me close to him, I rested my hands on his shoulders. I didn’t know if what Nicki was saying was true or not. I didn’t want to believe her, but there was something in me telling me that something was wrong here.

“Is it true?” I asked.

“Is what true?” he looked at me.

“You and Nicki” I said.

“We dated a few months ago, but nothing came of it, ” he rested his hand on my chin.

“She said you two are engaged, ” I spoke softly.

“She’s crazy, I wouldn’t propose to someone and then cheat on them, ” he brushed his thumb against my cheek.

“I believe you, ” I leaned up slightly allowing our lips to meet.

He moved his hand towards my neck as he kept the kiss between us. Slowly moving us towards his desk, lifting me up slightly as he sat me down on the desk. I moved my legs slightly apart as he moved between them, keeping the kiss between us. I rested my hand against his chest as moved closer, keeping his grip onto my hips. I slightly pulled at his lip as I grabbed his shirt. I started to raise his shirt up as he rested his forehead against mine. He lifted his arms up as I removed his shirt. He placed his lips against my neck as his hands slipped up my sides. Removing my shirt, allowing it to fall onto the floor. I rested my hand on his chest as he leaned down to kiss my softly. I pulled him closer to me, wrapping my legs around his waist. He smiled slightly as he pushed me back against his desk. His lips pressed against my neck slowly moving down my body. Slipping his hands behind my back undoing my bra. Removing it from my shoulders as he kept his lips against my skin. His lips moving down my stomach to the top of my pants. He undid my pants as I lifted my hips up so he could remove my pants. Removing my panties as well, so I was naked on his desk. I watched him as he stood back looking over my naked body. I bite my lip as he started to undo his pants, allowing them to fall down to his feet. He moved back between my legs, allowing his tip to tease my clit.

“Is this what you want?” he asked.

“Yes, ” I nodded.

He rubbed his tip up and down my slit. Slightly pushing into me as I felt him enter me. I laid my head back as he started to thrust inside of me. Hitting my spots with each thrust, I started to moan as he held my hips. I rested my legs along his hips. He leaned down to kiss me softly as he started to pick up the pace. My breathing picked up as I could feel myself edge closer to a climax. Running his fingertips along my stomach, his thumb finding my clit. Adding pressure against it as he moved it fast. He kept moving his hips towards mine, his thrust was hard and deep. I moved my hips towards his as I climaxed against him as he thrust forward. Once he felt me tighten around him, he climaxed as well. He soon slipped out from me pulling his pants back up, as he watched over me. I soon sat up from the desk as I caught my breath. He handed me my clothes as he sat down in his chair. I finally finished getting dressed, looking back at him.

“Don’t worry about Nicki” he said.

“It’s all over the office so what are we going to do?” I asked.

“Well, we can act like nothing is going on or be out in the open” he walked over towards me.

“Whatever you want to do” I bite my lip as he grabbed my hand.

“I kinda like us being a secret, ” he smirked slightly.

“Then I’m your dirty little secret” I looked up at him.

He rested his forehead against mine, as our eyes meet. I laced our fingers together as I didn’t want this moment to end. I felt my heart start racing when I heard someone knock on the door. I pulled away from him as I walked towards his desk. Trying to pretend that I was working on a few things while he opened the door. Of course it was Nicki is sticking her nose in something that had nothing to do with her. I rolled my eyes as I kept my back turned to her as I straightened up the paperwork.

“The patient is here for their appointment at 2” Nicki said.

“I’ll be in there in a second, ” he responded.

“You are already 15 minutes late, ” she snapped back.

“What is your problem” he asked.

“We, the ring you gave me” she said.

“There was no ring and nous, ” he crossed his arms.

“Your just saying that because she’s here, remember that when you come over later, ” she rolled her eyes as she walked out.

“Don’t believe her, ” he said as he looked back at me.

“I have work to do, ” I said as I walked past him, going back to my desk.

I kept my head down as I focused on my work. Trying to schedule all of the appointments that came across my desk. I knew Nicki was at her desk just staring me down, but I ignored it the best way I could. I kept checking my phone hoping that the time would melt away. It went slower with each time I checked, I just wanted to go home. I didnt know who to believe, he had everything to lose but what did she? Once the clock hit 4pm everyone started to leave the building. Once again I was collecting my things when Nicki decided to stop by my desk.

“Hes mine, so back off” she said.

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes.

“You will soon find out” she walked away.

“Listen here, its clear he wants me! He proves it every time he fucks me so your irrelevant so next time you decided to drop by my desk just keep walking” I stood up.

“You are just a little slut he will fuck for a while BUT he always comes back to me” she crossed her arms.

“We shall see about that” I stepped closer to her.

“Trust me the last chick to cross me isn’t able to talk” she said.

I could feel my jaw clench as the anger in raged me. My blood was boiling and I just wanted to shut her up.

“Try me” I looked at her.

“Excuse me ladies, not doing that here” he grabbed my arm before I could strike her.

“Get this low life bitch out of here” Nicki said.

“Oh I got your bitch” I said as I stepped towards her. Of course Mr. Bieber placed his arm around me keeping me from her. I was beyond pissed now, I wasn’t that type to allow some petty person get away with name calling.

“Nicki go home NOW” Mr. Bieber shouted as he held onto me.

She finally left the building as Mr. Bieber tried to keep me under control. He gently pushed me to the wall, moving my arms above my head. I tried to get from his grip but his strength held me against the wall. He leaned down towards me allowing his lips to touch mine. Slightly kissing me as he kept my arms above my head. We both looked at the door when we heard it open. Of course it was Nicki but this time I knew she wouldn’t leave without a fight. Mr. Bieber kept my arms up as he held me against the wall.

“I told you to leave, ” he looked back at her.

“Not without you, ” she stood at the door.

“Go home!” he said.

“Once again, not without you” She crossed her arms as she demanded his attention.

“What do you want Nicki?” he asked.

“We need to talk, I’m pregnant” she said.

Those words came crashing down on me. I swallowed deep as his hands allowed my arms free. I could see the shock on his face as he stood there. I pushed passed him as I grabbed my bag, heading out the door. I didn’t care what they were going on but now there was a pregnancy. I rushed to my car as quickly as I could, shuffling the keys in my purse. I could feel someone running after me as I tried to get in my car. The tears slipped onto my cheek as I opened the door. I knew I shouldn’t of catching feelings for someone who just looked for sex but the truth was I did. I shut the door before Mr. Bieber could get to my car. I started my car and took off from the parking lot as he ran to his bike. He followed me with his bike, I tried to get away, but it seemed like he would let me go. I hit the interstate just having my foot on the petal going as fast as I could. He kept up with me, but had trouble going in and out of traffic. He soon got in front of me, but I turned the other direction, he focused on me. His bike started to wobble as the speeds picked up. He tried to hit the brakes, but the bike slide underneath of him as his body went through the hair. I slammed on the brakes as his body came to a rest on my car. I held onto the steering wheel as my heart started to race. I was frozen as I closed my eyes, hoping this was a dream that turned into a nightmare. All I could remember was hearing the police sirens. The next time I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital room, not knowing what was going on. My monitors beeping was ringing in my ear, where was Mr. Bieber? I took a deep breath in as the I closed my eyes.

Next time on Doctor Office Secert: Will the hot doctor make it? Would his love interest be ok? Is Nicki lying about it all?

“And CUT” the director said.

I got up from the hospital bed, walking backstage. I changed back into my regular clothes as I saw Justin standing there. I walked towards him leaning up kissing him softly. He grabbed my hand as we walked out of the studio. It was nice to turn off the real world and be able to be in a different world. He leads me to the car opening the door as I got in. Of course the media were snapping pictures of the hottest couple in Hollywood. I had three lives, the one I played on tv, the one in the media and the one I spent with Justin. We mainly kept our private life as private as we could.

“How was that scene?” he asked as we drove home.

“Terrible” I said as I grabbed his hand.

“It wasn’t real, ” he kissed my hand softly.

“I know” I smiled.

We finally pulled up to our house, where our world started. Once those doors didn’t behind us it was Justin and I. We didn’t have our phones nor did we have the internet at our house. We wanted to connect with each other, the only thing that private, better love story will forever be private but our sitcom was pretty entertaining.

the signs as 80s hits
  • Aries: Eye Of the Tiger - Survivor
  • Taurus: Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran
  • Gemini: You Spin Me 'Round(Like A Record)- Dead or Alive
  • Cancer: Whip It! - Devo
  • Leo: Fame (I Want To Live Forever) - Irene Cara
  • Virgo: Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley
  • Libra: I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner
  • Scorpio: Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
  • Sagittarius: Tainted Love - Soft Cell
  • Capricorn: I Love Rock N Roll - Joan Jett
  • Aquarius: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go - Wham!
  • Pisces: Take On Me - A-ha
A little treat

My lovelies, recently I reached 200 followers, and believe me that’s huge for me! So to celebrate that I wrote an one shot piece with Eric and an one night stand in Dauntless ! A humongous thanks to my sweet dear @anditcametopass who direct me on the smut way, lol, pushing me on the right way of writing it! Thank you so much, sweetheart 💞💞💞💞 I hope you guys like it !

The first night at Dauntless

Your Choosing Ceremony wasn’t that bad, you chose dauntless, it was the right move for you, a young Erudite not smart enough to remain on your faction of origin, but you were beautiful and brave, a perfect fit for dauntless. Was it ?

You jumped on that roof with other transfers and a dark-skinned guy introduced you to your next challenge.

“My name is Max, I’m the main leader in dauntless, if you’re dauntless this is your way in. If you don’t jump, then you’re not dauntless.” He said

One by one the initiates started to jump. You weren’t the last but you weren’t the first either.

When everybody reached the bottom, a handsome guy named Four showed you around.

“This is your dorm, be comfortable on your cots, get changed and meet me here so I can take you to dinner. Later you can have some fun at The Pit, there’s bars and clubs over there, but don’t stay out too late. Tomorrow your training starts and I will be your trainer along with Eric, he’s a dauntless leader but he couldn’t be here today. So you will meet him tomorrow and he doesn’t stand hangovers, so don’t drink tonight or you will become factionless tomorrow.” He said.

You changed your clothes to dauntless attire and followed him to the cafeteria. A candor girl sat down by your side and as well as an Erudite boy you remembered from school. The three of you talked a lot and bond. After dinner you decided to go to a club at the pit.

The Erudite boy that you remembered as Michael bought drinks for you and Felicity, the candor girl. You were not used to drinks but you went for it. After your third drink you were already out of your mind. You looked at the bar and you saw him, a very gorgeous guy looking at you, he was smirking as if you were his prey for the night, he had beautiful blue eyes and two piercings above his eyebrow, block tattoos on his neck and a figure to die for.

He came over you and without saying a word he placed his hands on your face and kissed you roughly, you kissed back and gave him access to your mouth. Your tongues were dancing together, playing with each other.

The next thing you knew you were at his apartment. He took you jacket off and moved to your shirt which he removed fiercely leaving you only with your bra. The only thing he said

“God, you’re so beautiful.” And continue his task of undressing you. He removed your pants leaving you only with your underwear, you took his shirt off and his pants so now he was only on his boxers. He placed you on his bed, unclasped your bra and start to suck your right nipple as his hand was playing with your left one, you were on cloud 9 already.

Despite your drunken state you were feeling completely aroused by the handsome man in front of you as you explored every inch of his toned body, you took your time licking his neck tattoo, your hands were traveling up his strong biceps and you were feeling the heat coursing you.

He looked like a hungry tiger looking at a piece of meat and you were the prey. He slowly trailed lower, planting kisses and licking your abdomen on his path downward, all the way there he kept track of your ribs with his fingers like Braille reading, memorizing every single one of them until he reached your panties, which he removed easily ripping them apart.

He went down and started to kiss your inner thigh making you burn under him. He started to lick your wet folds while his thumb played with your clit. You were seeing stars and you knew you were close, so you whispered. “Stop playing around, I need you.”

He positioned himself at your entrance and smiled at you thrusting into you so hard it had you begging for more. Each thrust sent you to another universe of pleasure. You felt like you were on fire as Eric took this mission as there was no tomorrow and he had to devour every inch of you.

“You like this?” He asked thrusting harder and harder in you. Every time he groaned at your ear, it got you more excited. You were moaning in return, but under the influence os alcohol you forgot to ask his name, so instead of screaming that, you could only moan.

Eric was enjoying his time with you more than you could imagine and he was determined to make you feel it. You started to move your hips in circles and soon he was feeling the same pleasure as you were, resulting in you both reached your climax together.

You felt like your body was made of jelly and boneless as Eric fell on top of you panting heavily. You were laying with your head on his chest and you were drifting into sleep.

The last thing you remembered hearing was him asking “who are you?” Like he couldn’t survive another day without you.

The next day you woke up with the sun hitting your eyes, you remembered that the dorms had no windows so where were you? You opened your eyes and saw that big beautiful guy sleeping next to you. Flashes of your steamy hot night went over your mind making you blush. What have you done? It was not like you to have hot crazy one night stands. You got up quietly, got dressed and left his apartment not looking behind once.

When you reached the dorms everybody was still asleep so you took a shower and got ready. Four entered the dorms and told you to be at the pit in ten minutes to start your first training.

As you were hungover, you putted a hoodie over your head and went for training.

Four started to explain about your stages of training and said “Eric is here today, so he will explain some new rules to you.”

When Eric started to speak, you looked at him and you wanted to die right away, the block tattoos on his neck that you remembered licking last night flashed over your eyes and at the moment he made eye contact with you, he was shocked.

“You chose us, now we get to choose you.” He finished his explanations looking right at your eyes.

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Old Spice

for the Drabble Games, now closed for requests. 

Drabble games prompt #26: “It’s always been you.” requested by @everyjourneylove || More Dwalin fics || Fanfiction Masterlist || Drabble Games series || Notes/Warnings: brief cursing-EDIT: F bomb removed || can be read as part of the “If Only You Knew” series, or independently || incorporates this imagine from @imaginexhobbitImagine Dwalin showing you affection by patting your head or ruffling your hair

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x // @violentremnant

     This stranger did help him out..for whatever reason. He supposed indulging him for now wouldn’t be so terrible. Besides, he didn’t feel like bothering to resist such a pretty face. “Balthier.” He doubted he was as famous out here as he was in Ivalice. A nice change. “Of course I do admit that my rifle is rather useless if I run out of ammo…I suppose I am grateful after all.”

     That the silver haired beauty circled him like a hungry tiger wasn’t lost on the sky pirate, and he had seen what the male could do. This beast that had attacked him, not much was left of it. He better be cautious, lest he’d end up just like the corpse by his feet. “May I hear the name of my powerful saviour?”

A Most Unfortunate Encounter (Strange Magic Drabble)

WARNING: Some smut. Minor, nothing too explicit. Also, cursing later on.


“I really hate parties.” The princess flared her gleaming wings in something similar to agitation, the shades of magenta that sometimes shone in the thin membranes contrasting to the bright almost-blue of the lower wings as she flew up onto a branch. Bog followed her, sitting down on the wood while she remained standing.

“Myself, I only really know how to crash them,” he said, hoping the mix of joke and honesty would amuse her–and it did. She sat own next to him and wrapped her arms around his left one, resting her chin on the rough chitin of his shoulder plating with a small, mischievous smile.

“We should crash some parties together more often, then,” she purred, puckering her lips. Bog responded by snaking his head down to kiss them, and she released his arm in favor of wrapping hers around his neck instead, mouth opening against his tongue to deepen the kiss, inviting him to push just a little harder. He made an almost purring noise and did, pulling her slim body onto his lap. She folded against him without complaint, knees on either side of his hips, and when she tightened her legs just a little the pressure of her thighs on his made him kiss her just a little harder.

“Hey,” his pretty, sexy fairy said, slightly breathless but mostly playful and most certainly full of devious intent. She fluttered her wings and a small breeze brushed his face as she pulled away. “Let’s go.”

“Go? Where to?” It didn’t really matter, in all honesty–he was going to follow her anywhere. Especially considering how she looked now, with the moonlight illuminating the golden and red and almost violet highlights in the brown strands of her hair, and her eyes heavy-lidded and seductive. Marianne chuckled and sidled up to him, curling her supple body around his rather rigid one so that when she fluttered her eyes, her lashes ghosted over his cheek as she whispered in his ear, “My room.”

That was accompanied by a finger slithering tantalizingly up his spine, and his wings jerked violently in response. He caught her around the waist before she could dance away and kissed her hard, then let go with bright, smoldering eyes. “Let’s go.”

Marianne whooped and sprang off the branch, wings snapping open to catch the wind and send her swirling higher. Delighted, he raised his own, ragged wings and took off after her, swooping through the air above the spiraling butterfly until he could fall in alongside her. She spun around and took his hand, and he smiled, unable to mask the warm glow that rose inside him whenever she touched him.

They landed on one of the balconies and slipped through into the hall, holding hands and giggling and snickering, as pleased with their little escapade as two lovestruck teenagers sneaking out. They darted into the shadows to avoid a lone guard on patrol, pressed against each other in the space between the wall and a statue, then scampered to her door. Marianne pulled it open and ushered him inside, giggling like a schoolgirl, then darted through the space and shut the wooden door behind her. When the door was closed, she jumped on him, hooking her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, muffling her laughter between kisses. “You make me feel like a little girl, sneaking a midnight snack, all over again,” she breathed against his mouth before biting his lower lip hungrily. He snaked his tongue over her teeth when she released his lip before opening his mouth to hers, and her wings fluttered as she moved into the kiss.

“I’m not surprised you were a little vagabond,” he purred into her hair when she hopped down, kissing his neck and then down his mottled chest. “Such a….troublemaker…”

“Wanna see me make trouble?” The fairy murmured into his carapace, now flaring her wings on purpose. Though he had spent his whole life largely disgusted by bright colors and the way the fairies looked like living rainbows, he had come to realize that few things were as mind-numbingly hot as when Marianne flapped those brilliant, beautiful wings to get his attention.

He caught her waist again and pulled her to him roughly, jerking her smaller body against his in that way she liked so much, and her cheeks grew red when he did so. A low growl rumbled from deep inside his chest and her face grew even hotter at the feeling of his hungry eyes upon her. She met them challengingly, thrilling at the intensity and spark and danger that those smoldering eyes entailed.

“Show me,” he growled, and without hesitation Marianne went for his mouth like a hungry tiger, grabbing hold of the collar of his chestplate and dragging him back towards her rose bed. Since they had arrived at the fairy palace, the original bed had been replaced by a much larger one, this time made from a series of rose petals layered in a huge walnut shell, large enough for both of them to sprawl out comfortably. Dawn had helped engineer the operation; Marianne’s father would have three and a half cows if he knew they were sharing a room, nevermind a bed. Nevermind doing this.

Marianne’s hands were on his segmented abdomen and he found himself once again surprised by just how much fire this tiny fairy had in her little body. The woman had a drive and libido that even he was hard-pressed to compete with. He found the seam of the petals on her back and pulled the garment off, carefully working it over her wings with her help. Her fingers were already shimmying her leggings off–those boots were long gone–and when she had disrobed completely, she decided to bite his neck. He had to bury a small moan in her shoulder; amused, she whispered, “Remember, we’ve gotta keep quiet.”

He laughed and nibbled at the most sensitive part of her ear, making her yip and then flush. “You remember.”

“You did it first, not me,” she chuckled, tightening her legs around his hips and tugging him down so most of his weight was on her chest. His rough exoskeleton pricked against her skin, but did not hurt her, and she dug her fingers into the grooves between the plates on his back, canting her hips against his pelvis. He grunted and tried to ignore her antics.

“You were louder,” he hissed, punctuating his statement with another nip, this time to the hollow of her collarbone where neck met shoulder, and she hid her squeal by pressing her face against his palm. Her eyes were sultry and full of hot passion when she looked back at him, challenging, daring him to try and extort another noise from her, and it made a fire sing in his blood. His wings rubbed against each other in a showcase of excitement, and hers were spread underneath her, the edges turning slightly up around their entwined bodies.

“Urgh,” she muttered as he kissed her neck and trailed his ministrations down her throat to her chest, “At least almost everyone’s at that party. Yes, do that again.”

He did, dragging his teeth ever so gently over the surface of her soft skin, his rough tongue then following the same path in reverse. She shuddered underneath him and he grinned, shifting his weight so he was propped up on his elbows and not lying on her, his hands at her shoulders and she had tightened her legs around his hips when suddenly and without warning, the door flew open.

The next few moments were rather blurry. Marianne lurched halfway out from under him to twist her upper half around and unleash an ear-splitting scream of rage without any warning, for a moment he was too surprised to do anything, and then he jumped back and away from her, and Marianne was screaming like the devil was after her, screaming at–her father!

Ohhhh no. Oh no oh no oh no. Not her dad. Please, anyone but her DAD. And yet, there was her father, right there, bug-eyed with his right eye twitching, screaming something like “MARIANNE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOW COULD YOU MY LITTLE GIRL OH MY GOD NO” and Marianne was SHRIEKING at the top of her lungs, “DO YOU KNOW HOW TO KNOCK?! YOU CAN’T JUST BARGE INTO MY GODDAMN BEDROOM WHEN THE DOOR IS CLOSED AND NOT EXPECT ME TO REACT THIS WAY–”





The king’s enraged eyes now went to Bog, and for the first time in years and years, the goblin king felt genuine fear. The old fairy looked ready to eviscerate him with his bare hands, and Bog’s face was burning with embarrassment, which made him feel all the guiltier–even though Marianne was his fiancee and there was nothing wrong with that–and jeez, the door was closed!

Oh dear God. The fairy king was about to pop a vein. His face was as red as a tomato, and Bog’s own was turning a shade of pink he was unaccustomed to. He tried to hide behind Marianne, but she was getting up, and he didn’t know whether to grab her arm and tug her back down or not.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH,” George bellowed, spittle flying from his lips as he started towards Bog. “HOW DARE YOU DEFILE MY DAUGHTER–”




This was just getting worse by the second. Bog had one option available to him. He grabbed one of the petals and dove underneath it, trying to make his large, lanky frame as small as physically possible. Marianne had snapped her wings up in front of her body and jumped off the bed to scream at her father from closer quarters, as well as keep the old king from charging at Bog and ripping his wings off, and several of the guards had appeared in the hall, alarmed by all the shrieking, along with Dawn and Stanley or whatever the elf’s name was. Unfortunately, there was only so much of himself he could hide and his all-too-recognizable wings were sticking out.





Kill me, Bog thought. Kill me right now. 

Eventually Dawn was able to calm both Marianne and her father down, and the king left fuming and disgruntled and in genuine pain from walking in on his daughter getting frisky with what had long been his mortal enemy. Bog, for his part, did everything in his power to avoid the king and all other fairies, but especially the king, once he was willing to leave the room. Marianne had actually temporarily gone off the deep end and stormed after her father wearing nothing but her wings, still screaming, until Dawn had dragged her back and made her put her clothes back on. For almost a day, he and Marianne could barely look each other in the eye, and things were only made worse when Sunby sauntered by and winked at Bog with a sly, “Nice going, BK.” Why did everyone blame him??

Empty >> Jungkook, OC, Jimin (Prologue) Punch! II

Yes! I’m putting Jimin as a main character in this book :D So don’t be shocked if you saw Jimin’s photo instead of Jungkook ^_^

Book Trailer 


Everything around me was black!

I couldn’t see anything, however, I was sure that my eyes are wide open!

It was so dark. So dark that my eyes couldn’t recognize what was around me.

And I was scared!

Keep reading


Jared Mees & The Grown Children - Hungry Like A Tiger

anonymous asked:

Happy! Derek? ? Because reasons

I feel yah, Anon. I always need more Happy!Derek in my life! So, without further ado, here we go! 

That’s New by alisvolatpropiis



Stiles missed out on seeing Derek’s transformation, so a few days after Mexico, he goes to see for himself.


“Come on dude. You’re making me regret saving your life. Again.” Stiles grins and kicks his leg, knowing full well that Derek can hear his lie.

Derek rolls his eyes again and stands, peeling off his shirt, dropping it to the couch before unbuttoning his jeans.

“Oh, um, okay,” Stiles mumbles, looking away and slurping at his coke. He knew about the naked part, was expecting it. But expecting – imagining – Derek naked is nothing like seeing it happen right in front of him. Derek steps out of his jeans and walks towards the middle of the room in just his black boxer briefs. Stiles knows the rules of no homo means he shouldn’t look, but he’s always felt pretty damn homo when it comes to Derek, whose hands are resting at the waistband of his underwear, and Stiles doesn’t just want to look, he wants to touch and lick and ohdamn

Edge of Seventeen by accol



Derek was humming. As in, a song was being played through the headphones and Derek was happily mumbling lyrics and painting like it was hot guy karaoke night.

Stiles helps Derek put the finishing touches on his renovated house. And then feelings happen.

Baby Smiles by Handsofred

2,552  I  part 1 of 16 of this series

General Audiences

But then he came home to find out that, Grumpy Derek had left and replaced by a much more smiley Derek Hale. Stiles stayed at the hand pressed protectively across the infants back, the other which had been holding a stuffed toy tucked under the butt as Derek sat up from where he had been slouched against the couch, his chest a soft slope.

When ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ Doesn’t Even Begin To Explain It by Stilesaur


Teen and Up

“Stiles, I swear to God.”

Stiles began to laugh again, his head falling back into the leather head-rest. His feet moved back and forth in a rhythmic fashion on Derek’s dashboard and to much surprise, Derek didn’t tell him to drop them.

“That was perfect timing! Who knew the radio was so intuitive to werewolf emotions?”

Derek shook his head, already regretting letting Stiles touch the radio in his car only for it to turn to a station that, strange enough, was playing the song ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’.

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh my (god)! by day


Not Rated

Stiles moves into Beacon Hills when he’s 18. He doesn’t know about the werewolves or the town hunters or the crazy amount of supernatural shit that goes on, because if he did, he would have hightailed it the fuck out of there instead of buying a small apartment and actually settling down.

So when he catches the scent of wolves on his jog, he groans and fights the urge to fling himself to the concrete and throw a tantrum impressive enough to rival any and all five year olds. He settles for sitting down on the scorching concrete and cursing his life choices.

In which Stiles can shift into any animal he wants and somehow the pack doesn’t find out until Stiles’ ~dramatic~ reveal.

(I’m serious it’s dramatic)

Until I Met You by agtwrites



Homeless!Stiles AU. Stiles goes to bed with strangers just to have a place to sleep. One night he goes home with Derek and finds a permanent place to rest his head.

constant as a northern star by Hymn



Derek stole a chicken wing from Stiles’ pile, said “You’re special,” in a way that was probably meant to be a subtle jab at Stiles’ sanity but really just came out sounding like Derek was having emotions.

Extra Credit by ShakeThatCocktail

17,073  I  13/13


NOTE: This one has Stiles and Derek pairings other than Sterek (but also Sterek).

Stiles is a girl who is just getting along with life and her best friends, Lydia and Jackson. However, one thing in her life makes no sense- Peter Hale. She knows it’s wrong to want a teacher, but she can’t help it. When he tries to help her with her future, Stiles needs an outlet, and her friends just won’t do. Enter Derek, a passionate library-goer who likes a little mischief. Put a hormonal teenage girl and a cheeky teenage boy in a quiet room surrounded with an endless amounts of words, and something is bound to happen…

We Can’t Die Before We Have Lived by Maisie_Mck

18,093  I  8/?


‘Holy shit dude, is that a mark?!’
Stiles slapped his hands over the black mark that he had forgotten about, his cheeks turning crimson as his best friend stares at him in wonder.

(Post Season 3A) A slight au in which werewolves shift completely into wolves, The Hales all escaped that fire, Alison is alive and only she and Chris Argent are in town, Erica and Boyd survived the Alpha pack, Ethan and Aiden have found their way home and every supernatural creature is born with a mark, a mark that will match them to their soul mate.

The Animal Den by HausOfSterek

24,350  I  17/?


Stiles Stilinski is going to NYC to pursue his dream of becoming a songwriter. Stiles soon gets a job at a small nightclub called The Animal Den. The Animal Den is the city’s newest LGBT hot spot. Stiles also meets Derek Hale, who wants to help him get over his stage fright.

This fic is based off the movie Coyote Ugly.


The crowd is cheering wildly as Stiles drops to his knees and gives a few thrusts. Danny starts pouring more water, and Stiles closes his eyes. The water falling over him makes his shirt cling to his body. He moves his hands through his hair to get the wet strands out of the way. His eyes open and scan the room. He sees a few regulars. There is Matt, who has tried to dance with Stiles on the bar multiple times. He sees Sarah, a girl has a crush on Lydia. His eyes move again. That is when he sees it. The face Stiles has seen far to many times in his life. A look of disappointment. It’s all in the eyes. The face is strong, the jaw is tense.

Stiles’s eyes widen in shock. He shoots up to his feet. His heart is beating fast. Stiles jumps down from the bar and makes his way through the crowd towards the man.

“Dad. Wait!”

How To Fall In Love by BioticShadow

48,360  I  18/18


Stiles moves back to Beacon Hills after five years of being gone. With no job, barely any money, and no place to stay. He takes a job offer, from an old friend. Stiles Stilinski dating coach to the rescue!

Okay, that’s all I have for you right now! Fluffy over and out!

Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

P.S. Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA recently, I got crazy fucking sick and Angsty has been a doll keeping me from coughing out a lung and dying. 

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favorite breakfast dish?

Natto over rice.

The store was out of natto today and I wasn’t happy. I stared at the freezer case in abject frustration long enough for the grocery clerk working to notice and quickly walk away. I proceeded to pace up and down the freezer aisle like a hungry, caged tiger, scanning for my precious natto.

I finally slumped over to Stiffler to share the bad news. Stiffler hates natto and gets squicked out when I eat it (and especially when my sticky lips kiss them after), so their *pat-pat* on my shoulder and “Aw, sorry!” seemed very disingenuous.

So, I suppose since I don’t have natto, my second choice is NOTHING. Because nothing is as good as natto in the morning.