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HI!! I was just wondering if you wrote any Niall blurbs? If you do, I was wondering if you could possibly write a really fluffy one about Niall and the wife taking their kids to Disney for the first time.. I could see Niall getting just as excited as his kiddos to be there. And watching him with the babies makes his wife fall in love with him all over again! Niall with babies is my ultimate weakness! Thanks!! Love you and your blog! Kisses!

Not sure if this was exactly what you were wanting, but I hope you like it. I’ve only been to Disney World once and it was when I was 4 so I don’t remember much lol.

Magic Kingdom

“Daddy, are we going to Cinderella’s castle?” asked your oldest as you held her hand.

“You bet we are,” replied Niall, pushing your little boy in the stroller.

“Yay!” your daughter danced.

“Dat!” your son pointed.

“What lil man?” Niall asked.

“Dat! Dat!”

You and Niall both followed your son’s tiny finger. Realizing what he was pointing at, Niall rolled his eyes.

“All the stuff to see here, and my kid wants ice cream.”

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Crush - Niall Horan

*Request for Anon: Niall has a crush on you and has for awhile. Boys joke about it until he finally asks you out????*

My other writing

“He’s probably thinking about y/n, give him a few moments,” followed by a few snickers from the other boys was all Niall heard after he had zoned back in. 

“Sorry, what was that?” He mumbled looking up from his phone, even though he knew exactly what was going on. Niall had been the victim of constant teasing and jokes ever since he opened his mouth about you. You had met a little over a year ago, when the boys first went on break, and instantly hit it off. You both bonded over the love of music and guitar, among other things and any chance he could get to see you, he would take it. He was casually mentioning you to the other lads as they were catching up, finally all in one place again, and he was a little more enthusiastic about you than he tried to let on. The boys certainly made it clear that was the case whenever they could.  

“Come on Niall, it’s so obvious your absolutely smitten about the girl,” Louis cried out, throwing his hands above his head, “Just ask her out already, you’ve known her long enough.” Niall shrugged casually turning back to his phone, and ignored the comments as always. He wasn’t going to deny he liked the teasing, annoying as it was. Every time they brought you up, his heart fluttered at the very thought of a chance with you. 

“We’re just friends, I don’t want to ruin that.” he mumbled, aimlessly scrolling through twitter.  

“Oh come on, that’s the oldest excuse in the book. I’ve seen the way she looks at you the rare moments you aren’t looking at her. She’s just as smitten about you as you are about her.” Niall’s heart beat heavier at Liam’s words, they could tell you liked him?

“Seriously, we all know how charming and funny you are but I don’t think anyone would laugh that much at your jokes, or blush so profusely when they saw you if they didn’t have some sort of crush on you.” Harry reassured him, almost taken aback Niall didn’t see it himself. Niall chewed his lip nervously as his focus turned completely on the boys.

“You guys really think she would say yes?” His voice grew hopeful, wanting it all to be true more than anything. His smile grew as they all nodded in agreement, so certain they were right. 

“Okay, okay I’ll ask your out, but I’m blaming all of you if I get rejected,” he let out a small laugh as they all cheered making his smile only grow.

Niall had invited you over, like he often did, to simply hangout. You never planned anything too specific, just time to chill and talk. With the boys conversation still fresh in his mind he let you in, giving you one of the hugs he always does. He let out a small chuckle as you immediately made your way into the kitchen, rummaging around for something to eat. 

“Don’t judge me Horan, I’m hungry!” You shouted out in reply to his small laugh.

“No judgement here, I’m hurt you would label me so quickly,” he gasped out playfully, a hand clutching at his heart. You rolled your eyes, giggling as you found yourself something small and made your way to the living room couch. You were about to let out another joke, when you noticed the seriousness that fell over Niall.

“You okay?” You asked, slightly confused by his nervous state as you both sat down.

“I want to talk to you,” Niall stated quietly, looking everywhere but at you.

“Yeah, of course anything, what’s up?” You were met with a long pause, Niall wringing his hands together, tapping his foot ever so slightly. 

“I really like you a lot, like more than friends. I didn’t realize it fully until a few days ago but I know how true it is now, and it’s taken me everything just to tell you this and-” Niall’s words were spoken in one long breath, only pausing to meet you gaze and see your reaction. You took in a sharp breath, in shock at his confession. not knowing how to respond. Niall’s heart fell when you said nothing, screaming to himself that he ruined everything.

“I really like you to,” you whispered, your eyes beginning to gleam, simply amazed that he felt the same way about you. You giggled once more as Niall visibly relaxed, beaming brightly at your words. 

“I want to take you out on a proper date, see where this will take us.” 

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going with niall to look at la houses and u find the one that he picked?? it can be smutty or super sweet!! u choose darlin , thanku

You’d never known Niall to be picky.  Not even at a restaurant when the server got his food wrong.  He usually just shrugged his shoulders and ate the meal anyway, raving about it once he was done as fate rather than a mistake.  

But today, today he was being so oddly picky that it was concerning you.  Sure, if ever there was a time to be picky it was when you were house hunting, but he was pushing it.  The last house had a window placed in an area he didn’t like.  The one before that had too many stairs.  Now, he was standing in the backyard with his arms folded and his nose turned up as he shook his head,

“No room for a dog.”  He announced before walking back into the house.

“Niall…”  You grumbled as you followed him back inside, “You don’t even own a dog.”

“What if I wanna get one?”  He asked as he slid the back door closed once you walked back into the kitchen.

“Then you have more money than God…you can make the backyard any way you want.”

He continued to shake his head as he walked to the front door, reaching out to open it for you.  He followed you out of the house, walking past the Realtor, James, who looked exasperated and tired after six hours and no forward movement,

“Not the house.  Got anythin’ else?”

James rolled his eyes and sighed,

“Yeah.  Few places over near Calabasas but you said you wanted to stay in the LA area-”

“Let’s go there.”

You let your head rest against the back of the passenger seat, staring out the window.  At least that was one positive in this whole thing.  You lived in Calabasas and you could suggest Niall drop you off at home if he couldn’t find a house he liked there.  You were starving and over it.

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Uncomfortable *Your POV*

Pregnancy Series can be found here.

Harry: We were just eating. That’s all we were doing. But I couldn’t help the discomfort I was feeling at the moment. “That’s it!” I nearly shouted startling Harry. “What?! What’s wrong?!” he asked jumping to his feet. My arms wiggled around under my baggy Hoodie while my husband stared at me with utter confusion. I sighed in relief like a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I finally pulled my bra through my sleeve. “What the hell was that?” he laughed sitting back down in his seat. “My boobs are killing me” I said sounding exasperated. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but it was too uncomfortable.” He shook his head smiling at me. “You’re a weird one ya know” he teased taking a sip of his drink. “Yeah, well then there’s a good chance our daughter will be just as weird as me” I said sticking my tongue out at him like a child would. He grinned against before taking my hand and kissing the back of it. “I think that would make me love her even more.”

Niall: “I love this weather” I said as I clung onto my husband’s hand while we walked through the park. He smiled down at me wrapping his arm around my shoulder. “You sure you’re not too cold?” he asked. I shook my head. “M’fine” I replied just as my stomach growled. “But I think the little Horans are hungry.” He laughed rubbing my stomach mumbling ‘my boys’ before looking around for some place to eat. “I think there’s a diner over-“ “Ice cream!” I squealed excitedly seeing the dessert parlor not too far away. “Ice cream?” he asked. “Please?” I begged making a pouty face. He smiled grabbing my hand again leading me towards the parlor. “Mmm” I hummed licking around my cone. “Babe!” Niall shouted starling me. “You’re nose!” I brought my hand up to my nose feeling the sticky substance dripping from it. “Oh, it’s just a nosebleed” I said casually using my napkins to stop it. “Just a nosebleed?!” he screeched like I was dying. “Ni, calm down! My mum used to get them when she was pregnant too” I explained. “Sure, you’re okay?” I nodded removing the napkin to show him. “See? It’s already stopping. I’m fine” I said leaning up to kiss his cheek.

Liam: I swear I only closed my eyes for five minutes. I was in the middle of cooking when I walked over to the couch and closed my eyes while our dinner baked in the oven. The scary thing was that I woke up to the sound of the smoke alarms just as Liam was getting home from work. “This is all my fault” I cried as he reset the alarm stopping it from beeping while I threw the burnt casserole in the trash. “What happened?” he asked walking over to me. “I-I’ve been so tired lately and…I just wanted to close my eyes for five minutes.” He sighed and pulled me into a hug kissing the top of my head. “S’not your fault” he said rubbing my back. “I know you’re exhausted from everything. The important thing is that you’re okay.” I smiled against his chest kissing it through his shirt. “Cuz I’ve got my firefighter with me” I teased making him chuckle. “Got that right” You still tired, sweetheart?” I nodded. “How bout you take a nap while I phone in for dinner?” “Will you come cuddle with me?” He smiled and pecked my lips. “Of course, love.”

Louis: “Ughhhhh” I groaned loudly as I walked down the stairs looking like a mess from just waking up. I could barely navigate with my belly so big at this point but I managed to make it to the couch. “I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my life” I complained as my husband walked into the room. I’m two days late for my due date already and felt like I was about to explode. Any sort of discomfort that I could be feeling was what I was feeling but all at once. “Hey, sweetie” he said kissing the top of my head. He sat down on the other recliner giving me the whole couch. His eyes were fixated on the TV not noticing for a few minutes that I was glaring at him. “What?” he asked. “You…..” I said narrowing my eyes at him. “You did this to me.” He chuckled lightly before standing up and moving next to me. “What hurts, love?” I sighed. “Everythinggg.” He smiled and moved so he was standing behind me slowly kneading his hands into my shoulders. “Better?” I shrugged. “No, but it helps.”

Zayn: “Babe, is everything okay?” I heard Zayn ask from the other side of the door debating whether or not to enter. “You can come in” I said sinking further into the tub letting the hot water sooth my muscles. He opened the door and walked over to the edge of the tub kneeling down beside me. “You’ve been in here a while, love. Sure you’re okay?” he asked worriedly. I smiled slightly and nodded my head. “Just really sore, lately. Thought a warm bath might help” I explained. “It is working?” I nodded again. I closed my eyes leaning my head back. I heard a shuffling of clothes but kept my eyes shut and pretty soon I felt him climbing in with me pulling me back up against his chest. One of his hands rubbed over my belly while the other pressed its thumb into my back rubbing it soothingly. “How you feeling now?” he asked quietly. “M’tired now” I sighed leaning my head against his shoulder. “S’okay, you can rest. I’ll take care of you” he mumbled as my eyes closed falling asleep against him.

1D Hiatus: Day 336

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* Niall posts a picture on Snapchat

* Niall is in LA, meets a fan

* Niall posts two pictures on Instagram

* Sean Garrett posts a picture with Liam on Instagram

* #1YearOfMITAM trends on Twitter

* It’s been a year since ‘Made In The A.M.’ was released

It’s Nov 13th, 2016.

Baby Series #13 Baby's first smile

A/N: Most babies have their first smile when they’re between six and eight weeks olds.

Baby Series can be found here.


“Where’s Emmy?” Liam whispered and covered his eyes with his large hands, only to remove them seconds later. “Oh there she is,” he chuckled, “my beautiful girl.” He smiled widely as he looked down at his daughter. “What are you doing Li?” you giggled, walking into the master bedroom and saw your husband sitting on the bed with Amelia laying beside him. He looked up at you and smiled. “Playing peek-a-boo with her. I think she likes it,” he replied, before looking back down at his little girl. You smiled, not having the heart to tell him that she was only eight weeks old and probably didn’t know what he was doing to her. “Again sweet pea?” he cooed and lent forward to kiss her head, before sitting up again. “Where’s Emmy?” he chuckled, covering his eyes again, as you walked towards the bed quietly. He removed his hands and smiled at the baby girl laying in front of him. “There she is,” he cooed and tickled her small tummy, making her little lips turn into a smile. Liam gasped and your eyes went wide. “Did she just?” he whispered, “smile? I think so Li,” you added. Liam laid down happily beside Amelia and rested his hand on her body. “Where is that gorgeous smile sweet pea? Can you smile for mummy and daddy again?” You slowly sat down on the bed by Liam and looked at your daughter. Amelia’s eyes lit up when she saw you and smiled happily, making you smile excitedly and Liam kiss her cheeks proudly.


“Shh Noah, it’s ok,” Louis soothed, cradling his crying son. As he rocked Noah gently in his arms, he sighed happily as the crying settled down. Louis poked his tongue at his little boy, but Noah just stared at him with a blank expression. Louis sighed disappointedly; he really wanted to make his little boy smile or laugh. He decided to try another face. He crossed his eyes and sucked in the corners of his mouth. Noah’s little mouth twitched, making Louis drop the face and smile widely. He held him close to his chest as he walked towards the master bedroom where you were putting away clean clothes. “He smiled boo,” Louis said excitedly. “Are you sure it wasn’t just gas, Lou? Like last week,” you giggled. He sighed and shook his head, “I’m positive he smiled. I’ll see if I can get him to smile again,” he said, transferring Noah from his arms to yours. He whined and wiggled to get comfortable against you. Louis made another funny face; he raised one corner of his mouth and both his eyebrows as he rolled his eyes. You looked from your funny husband to your little boy. His little blue eyes focused on his dad’s face and seconds later, he smiled. “See I told you,” Louis said proudly and smiled. You giggled and swayed Noah gently. “Do you think daddy is funny?” you cooed and kissed his head. “Of course he does. I can teach you to be funny too,” Louis poked his tongue at Noah, making him smile again.


“Num num,” Niall cooed and brought Cora’s little foot to his mouth, playfully biting it. “Nom Nom,” he repeated, playfully biting Declan’s tiny hand. “Are you hungry little Horans?” Niall smiled, “mummy is getting your bottles, yea she is.” He chuckled to himself, but the two seven week olds sat in their bouncy chairs and watched him, with blank faces. “Num num, I’m going to eat your little toes,” he bit Cora’s foot again, making her wiggle her leg and face light up. You walked into the room and watched Niall with the twins. You froze as you saw Cora smiling. “Nom nom, you’ve got yummy fingers,” he whispered, bringing Declan’s hand to his mouth. You watched as Declan’s blue eyes lit up and he smiled lazily. “Ni, they’re smiling, oh my god,” you whispered, putting the bottles on the coffee table and quickly kneeling beside him. “What? Smiling, really princess?” he asked looking at you. “Do it again to Cora and watch her face?” you explained. As Niall lent forward and opened his mouth around her little foot, Cora smile again. “See that Ni, she smiled,” you said excitedly. “Look at your beautiful smile Corabear,” Niall cooed and kissed his little girl’s cheek, “just like your mummy’s.” You turned to Declan and took his arms in your hands. “Can mummy have a smile Dec?” you cooed. He looked at you at hearing your voice and smiled cheekily. “Oh that’s a big smile Dec,” you giggled proudly and kissed his cheek, “you cheeky little boy.”


“Harry? Are you ok?” you called out, hoping nothing happened when he went to get Spencer out of her crib from her nap. You walked around the corner to the stairs, stopping when you saw them. “There you are Haz,” you sighed, “I was coming up to see what was taking so long.” Spencer wiggled in his arms, trying to get out of her pink blanket. Harry frowned and unwrapped her a little, so she could move her arms and legs freely. Harry turned to face the mirror in front of him, as you stood beside him. “Look at my two gorgeous girls,” Harry smiled and kissed your temple, before looking back down at his little girl. He tilted Spencer slightly and looked in the mirror again. “Who’s that? Is it Spencer?” he cooed. You placed your hand on his shoulder and looked at your little family’s reflection. Spencer caught a look at the image in the mirror and locked her eyes with herself. She opened her little mouth and watched as her reflection did the same. “Haz, look at her,” you whispered softly, tapping his shoulder. Harry chuckled quietly and watched his daughter in the mirror. Spencer wiggled her nose and smiled. Harry’s face lit up and he looked at you excitedly. “Baby, she smiled,” he said. He shifted Spencer so she was against his arm, looking at the mirror straight on. “Who’s that pretty girl? With those big green eyes?” you cooed, kissing her forehead. She smiled and reached out towards to her refection.


“How’s my boy?” Zayn smiled, picking up his son off his play mat. Kaiden looked at his dad with matching dark eyes. Zayn kissed his little cubby cheek and laid him on his chest. Kaiden whined and wiggled on his chest, so Zayn gently rubbed his back, hoping to sooth him but Kaiden wiggled more. “Come here Kade,” Zayn cooed, carefully placing his hands around Kaiden’s little body and pulling him away from his chest. The little boy kept his eyes on Zayn as he settled down. “You like moving, do you?” he whispered, moving Kaiden around in the air. “Like a superhero Kade. Flying around saving people,” Zayn moved him over his head, “like superman. You’re Super K.” As he brought Kaiden down and then up again, Kaiden smiled widely showing his little pink tongue. Zayn gasped and brought Kaiden to him. “Was that a smile Kade? Can daddy see it again?” he cooed and smiled at his baby boy. Kaiden sensed Zayn’s excited and smiled at him, making Zayn smile wider. “Super K,” Zayn chuckled, “shall we go save Mummy and show her that smile.” Zayn moved Kaiden so he was ‘flying’ towards you in the kitchen. “Guess what baby girl?” Zayn walked towards you. You opened your mouth to ask, but Kaiden smiled. “Oh my handsome boy,” you cooed and kissed his forehead, “you are so clever aren’t you Kade.” Kaiden loved the attention and smiled again, making you and Zayn smile widely at your son.

A/N: The next one in the Baby Series will be “You’re insecure (of your after baby body)” Would love to hear what you thought/feedback xxx

- Holly