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here are some traits you can give your characters to make them ‘dark and edgy’ without making them racist/homophobic/transphobic/islamophobic/etc.

abrasive, arrogant, cantankerous, careless, conceited, crass, deceitful, destructive, devious, dishonest, dogmatic, egocentric, fraudulent, greedy, hostile, inconsiderate, irascible, malicious, manipulative, mannerless, misguided, monstrous, obsessive, outrageous, possessive, power-hungry, sadistic, selfish, sordid, tactless, treacherous, unappreciative, unfriendly, venomous, etc. 

I just want to clear some things up about Solas

I’ve seen a lot of comments like, “Why can’t Solas just let the past go?

And “If Lavellan isn’t enough of a reason to not destroy this world, then what’s the point?

The short answer is it’s not about the lost empire of the elves, and it’s not about Lavellan.

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the caloric requirements of being batman have to be absolutely insane, like i’m telling you right now, to your face, that batman could probably eat his weight in girl scout cookies on any given day, but i’ve never seen him with snacks. i rarely see any of the robins with snacks, even though they are probably eating all of the time, because they are normal people who spend upwards of six hours daily kicking the shit out of people, which i can promise you is difficult. it makes you hungry. no wonder alfred looks so busy all of the time. he’s probably fucking cooking.

Headey does offer some intriguing insight into Cersei’s personality, though. ‘Power hungry people are fearful, otherwise why wouldn’t you just chill?’ And Cersei certainly has little in the way of chill. Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, talking to the Times through email, imply that this sort of thinking is what made Headey stand out during auditions. They say that she stayed away 'the Evil Ice Queen stereotype,’ and got to the root of what makes the character tick. Lena was the only one who conveyed the discomfort that comes with being Cersei - the sense of perpetual scrutiny and besiegement that comes with her position in the world, a position she never chose.
Pretty much all of Headey’s costars agree that she’s terrific in the role, with Conleth Hill (Varys) saying that ’[s]he can do more with a look than most of us can with a couple pages of dialogue.’
—  Lena Headey, Cersei in ‘Game of Thrones,’ Has Her Own Power Moves [x]

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Hello! So, not to flood your askbox, or ask dumb questions, but. What is the pun with "hunger pangs"? My english is not good enough to detect a pun here, and I've come to realize there has to be a pun, because you wouldn't name a book with anything other than a pun, right? Is it pang / fang? Thank you and have a nice day!

I chose the title for several reasons. One being that there’s an association with paranormal creatures for having monstrous appetites that cannot be satisfied, whether for food or sex (Dracula being the prime example, he literally feasts on what he desires) or power over another creature.

It’s a common trope we see repeated in a lot of paranormal fiction, erotica or otherwise. There’s just something inhumane about the characters that drives them, they can’t help themselves, they have to feed, they have to be in control, they often times (particularly in werewolf stories) act possessive and domineering in harmful ways, which is misconstrued by popular media as being “alpha”. Because what we think of as being strong and powerful has been warped to mean “bully”. And I’ve got no truck with bullies.

So as I have sought to do with most things in this book, because never forget it was a thought experiment above all else, was to flip those tropes. So instead we have a vampire who is socially awkward and a bit of a self admitted wreck, and a werewolf who despite being built like a brick house, is the embodiment of those giant dogs who still think they’re lap dogs. I mean, he’ll still break you in two if he has to, but he’d really rather not thanks, he’s got other things to do, like enjoying a good cuddle and doting on all 20ish of his nieces and nephews who simultaneously dog pile anyone who walks in the front door. 

Ultimately the reason I picked this title though, is because it’s a story about people who are all in some way hungry for something more than what they have. It’s a pang, a physical ache slowly eating away at them in turn. And I don’t mean power and control, not really, those things aren’t needs, they aren’t hunger, they’re a symptom of gluttony and greed. Hunger is for simple needs, for freedom, for love, for affection—to be seen for who you really are and accepted. 

To feel like they belong. 

Of course there was no way in hell I was going to call it Hunger Pains when I could use a word that rhymes with “fangs”. Are you kidding me, I’d have been kicking myself from here until next century if I’d denied myself that opportunity :p 


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Jacksepticeye x Reader : Mute Sean falls in love at first sight with a women he found walking alone in the park. He walks up to her and talks to her, only to find she stares at him, and says nothing. How will Reader explain to him, she can’t talk.


A chill bit his fingers and soon he shoved his hands into his pockets, quickening his pace – deep blue eyes glanced over the surrounding area as he took a sharp turn down the street and fell into a much quieter park. Trees and other greenery were just coming back to life from the harsh long winter, birds chirping on naked branches but flying away when someone walked too close. Low chatter and honks from behind greeted him and he side stepped to let some teenagers pass. He fell into motion right after, stepping off the concrete pavement and into the dry rocky road that went in curves and circles.

Here was nearly empty: a lonely gran fed a few hungry pigeons, some people sat on benches before heading to work and reading newspapers or simply idling with their phones. Sean was halfway down the park when out of the corner of his eye he noted something strange. Curiosity prompted to turn his head and once he did he stopped in his tracks. The unfamiliar, though striking, woman sat with a floppy bright (colour) hat which had neatly combed (colour) hair tucked away underneath it. Her hat was what caught his attention in the first place. Her face was halfway covered by a book, she was the only one carrying such a heavy tomb here, and eyes jumping from letter to letter as she was completely oblivious to his existence. Sean didn’t know what took over him, but with a calming inhale of breath – he was unsure why he suddenly felt nervous – he approached the sitting lady with a happy smile.

“Hi!” He said brightly, hoping she’d look up – which she did, curious, “It’s a bit cold to be reading in his weather, no?” This was the best his mind could come up with as he met your gaze and he was cringing on the inside from his lame starter line. You didn’t answer him however, seeming so focused on his lips that it took him aback. Lastly you offered a shy smile, setting your book down onto your lap. Your fingers were quick and graceful, forming a few signs and he had to stop himself from ‘oh!’ing. You couldn’t speak. He nodded. You bobbed your head too. Sean felt a bit lost on what to do next – leaving suddenly would make things even more awkward and he didn’t even want to leave in the first place. Watching the conflict on his face with a sort of amused glint, you patted the empty space next to you as an offer to sit down. Sean grinned. “Don’t mind if I do!”

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Well Tailored Part 8

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Title: Well Tailored

Pairing: I.M/Changkyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Warning: Swearing & Mentions of Abuse.

A/N: So I swear these parts just keep getting longer and longer, this one is barely over 4K which isn’t normal for me, but trust me it’s a good one and you all are gonna hate me when it’s done. Sorry, not sorry. Hehe. Enjoy! 

Part 7 | Part 9

Coffee in hand you walked into the studio the next morning, expecting to see Changkyun in the same outfit, still hunched over the sketch he was working on the night before. Opening the door you were surprised to see the room dark and empty, a slight sigh of relief left your lips knowing he had actually listened to you for once. Despite that, you worried about him, the conversation from the previous evening still on your mind.

As you set your coffee and bag down at your work table you remember him talking about his sister and why he was doing this, because it was not just his passion, it was also hers.

Taking another quick sip of coffee you began to unload your bag, fiddling with your pin cushion as you turned to look at what you had started on last night, realising how little you got done and huffed slightly.

Looking back into your bag you dug through it looking for your sketchbook only to find it missing, you began the search around your work table and then the rest of the studio, baffled as to where it could have possibly gone. Shrugging you decided to go check your apartment and see maybe if it fell out of your bag last night when you got home.

Making your way back to the elevator you hit the 4th floor and waited patiently as it reached your level, quickly stepping out you walked past Changkyuns door and paused, wanting to knock and make sure he was okay, but you shook your head and quickly opened your apartment door and started searching your bare apartment for the sketchbook, only to find it not there as well.

Huffing in defeat you walked back out to the hallway, deciding to just go back down to the studio and wait for Changkyun to show up and ask if he had seen it.

As if he knew you were thinking about him he opened his door as you passed. “Ah! Y/n good morning, I am sorry I slept in a little late today.”

You smiled at him as sweetly as you could as you stopped and waited for him to lock his door. “You are just fine Changkyun, you had a long night last night I am sure, how much longer after I left did you stay?”

The both of you began to walk to the elevator as he spoke. “Only an hour or so, I gave up and decided that me sitting over a paper wasn’t going to solve my problem, but sleep might,” he said as he smirked and glanced over at you.

Chuckling you nodded, “Ah, speaking of which did you see my sketchbook last night after I left? It seems to have gone missing and I have looked everywhere.”

His eyes went wide as the elevator door opened, he nodded. “Yea, I saw it sitting at your workstation and I was going to bring it to you last night but I realised you would probably be asleep,” he said as he shuffled through his own bag and pulled it out, handing it to you.

You took it as you both made your way into the studio. “You were probably correct, I passed out as soon as I got home last night,” you say with a slight chuckle.

“You are acting awfully strange with me today sweetheart. I am surprised, was it because of last night?” Changkyun said as you began flipping through the pages only to notice a few pages were missing.

“Uh, yeah,” you mumble as you think through the pages missing, realising that they are your personal sketches that you hadn’t shown Changkyun because you didn’t think they would work.

He chuckled, “Wow, not even a snarky remark, I am surprised,” he said as he put down his own bag looking at you slightly amused, clearly aware you weren’t paying attention to him.

“Hmmm?” you said as you looked up at him suddenly aware he was talking to you again.

He simply chuckled and waved his hand, “You are trying to work I won’t bother you, keep going, sweetheart.”

That damn nickname. Would he ever stop using it? You looked back down at your missing sketches, biting your lip as you glanced over at him as he started to pull papers out of his bag.

“Changkyun?” you whispered, half hoping he wouldn’t hear you. Only to be disappointed when he looked up at you, giving you a small hum in reply. “Uh, some of my sketches are uh, missing. Did they happen to fall out and into your bag by chance?” you say embarrassed, hoping he wouldn’t see how bad they were.

“Oh, you mean your sketches? I actually wanted to ask you about that, I hope you don’t mind. When I saw you left your sketchbook last night I went through it and found them. They could all really work for the last outfit actually. I wanted to ask your permission but I didn’t know how,” he said as he slightly blushed, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “I was going to ask if I could use this one,” he said has he pulled it out and put it on the table.

You walk over and look, only to see it was the one you hated the most, the lines were shaky and you threw it together in five minutes tops when you were waiting for your coffee to heat up.  The sketch was a tight black pencil skirt made out of velvet, a matching blazer,  and an emerald green satin button-down.
“Uh, I mean if you really want to, I just kind of threw that one together it isn’t that great.”

He shook his head, “No it’s better than great it’s the final piece to the puzzle,” he said as he took it and hung it up with the rest of the finished looks.

The both of you took a step back, both of your eyes wandering all over the board. A smile formed across Changkyun’s face as he slowly covered his mouth with his hand, biting his lip and closing his eyes. “Yes, this is it. This is exactly the design I needed, it’s perfect. Just like-,” He stopped and opened his eyes, looking at you before he quickly coughed and nodded “We better get started on the construction, it’s going to take a while.”

You tilted your head to the side but nodded in agreement as you walked back over to your work table and started pinning the fabric to the dress you started on last night, still confused as to what he meant.

Perfect just like what? What was he talking about?

“Ow, shit,” you mumble as you suck on your finger as it began to bleed. Irritated by even having to deal with the last few days of getting the last of the outfits constructed so they could be fitted on the models.

You would rather be hiding under a rock right now, you were not in the mood for anything.

As if on queue to be annoyed Changkyun walked up and watched you as you stopped sucking your thumb and continued to sew the little lines on the fabric in front of you.

Changkyun leant his chin on your shoulder watching you messily try to fix the last few stitches you had done. “Are you okay? Your stitching is messier than usual.”

You winced and tried to lean away from his touch, causing him to quickly step away and look at you worried.

“Just fine, please go away,” you mumble as you look back down at the stitching. “I hate this time of year,” you whisper as you squint trying to ignore him as he continued to stand there, partially confused and partially worried about you.

He opened his mouth to ask only to have you hold up your hand with the needle in it. “Don’t even bother asking. Just leave me alone okay,” you continue to mumble, not even looking up at him.

Nodding he quickly walked back over to his workstation but his eyes lingered on you, his confusion turning to deep worry as his brow line creased.

Biting your lip you closed your eyes and began to think about things, about how you ended up here, how your parents would probably lose their minds, how he would probably be furious with you.

A hiccup left your mouth and you opened your eyes to see Changkyun place a hand on your cheek, wiping away a few tears that had rolled down your face unknowingly.

“I-I am fine, please just let me get back to work!” you protested as you tried to focus back down on your work.

He shook his head and grabbed the outfit you were working on, along with your needle and placed it on your work table, turning you on your stool to face him as he sat down on the stool next to you. “I have a hard time believing that you are fine, you never cry. Ever. What’s going on? Are you hurt. Please tell me what’s wrong and I can help you fix it. Please, I just can’t stand to see you crying,“ he begs, his eyes looking over your face for any more tears.

“Uh, I-,” you start, but stop and close your eyes taking a deep breath. Keeping your eyes closed you began to speak. “You told me about how you got to where you are, I guess it’s my turn.

Opening your eyes you glanced up at him. “My family runs a very well known tailoring company and I was raised in the business, that’s why I am such a good tailor, but even with my tailoring skills the business was tanking, we were losing money faster than we were making it.”

Fidgeting you played with your fingers as you finally looked up at him head on. “My parents wanted me to marry a rich man, saying it could help business if we got a famous name to back up the company. I, of course, was very much opposed to this idea, but they made me do it anyway. Back then I was quite the pushover, just wanting to please my parents so they were happy. In reality, they are some of the most, money hungry, people I have ever met. They didn’t care about me at all, just how much money they could make off me and my skills and looks.”

“They made me go out to fancy dinners and parties in hopes that a man would want to take my hand in marriage,” you cringed and he smiled a little, knowing all too well your opinions on dating none the less marrying those types of men.

“One night I was attending a gala when this older man wouldn’t stop flirting with me, even after I told him I wasn’t interested. Apparently, he knew that my parents were desperate for money and he said he was willing to offer them money in exchange for me. To which I quickly declined but he was persistent. That’s when he- Uh I mean Devon stepped in.” you said as you looked off past Changkyun, your face falling into a blank space as you thought about him.

“Devon?” Changkyun asked, tapping your arm and bringing you out of your thoughts.

“Uh, yeah. Devon,” you nodded and bit your lip before continuing. “He stayed with me for the rest of the night so that the guy would leave me alone. We connected quickly and I really enjoyed his company. Of course though, after the gala word spread quickly that he seemed interested and so my parents found out.”

“They set us up on dates and small hangouts, trying to get us to connect which I didn’t mind because I actually enjoyed being around him. He wasn’t like the rest of the rich jerkoffs that only cared about women and money. It was a refreshing change and I pretty much fell into his arms willingly agreeing to be his girlfriend very early on into us knowing each other. Which in turn caused my parents to push me into getting him to pop the question, something I was not ready for yet. So they went to him,” you wrinkled your nose and closed your eyes taking a deep breath.

“He asked me a few weeks later to marry him, to which I rejected him. He and my family were shocked that I said no, my parents were angry with me. They blamed me for the business tanking and told me I was a failure for not helping out the family, but I just couldn’t as much as I didn’t want to let the business fail, I didn’t want to marry a man I had just met. That’s when things got bad,” you said as you hunched over slightly and crossed your arms around yourself, refusing to look up at Changkyun.

Changkyun frowned deeply and reached out to touch your knee, but you moved it away. He nodded and waited for you to continue.

“I am sorry, it’s just after I said no he got more aggressive in the relationship. He started pushing me to do things I didn’t want to do. At first, I fought back and put him in his place, but he persisted and started to belittle me when I stood up to him. Over time it started to eat away at me and I started to question myself and what I was doing. I wanted out but I didn’t want to disappoint my family any more than I already had. So I stayed, but belittling turned to fighting and-and..”

Hugging yourself you paused, and looked up at him for a moment, you felt so weak so small next to him. Something you had suppressed for years, you always tried to come off as strong and independent but truly you were scared, upset and alone. You looked down at your feet, feeling too intimidated to look at him any longer.

Shaking your thoughts you continued to speak, your speech shaky as you finally managed to say the words. “The fighting turned into hitting. He said I was stupid for not listening to my parents and that I was worthless. After he hit me I lost all my faith in him, I couldn’t love him anymore. How could somebody hit someone they care so much about. So I left him before he could do it again. My parents were furious when they found out and they tried to set me back up with him. It was then that I found out why he had gotten so angry with me. My parents had promised that he could have half the money the company made if he could get me to marry him. He turned out to be just as bad as the rest. Even worse is my parents helped him. They agreed to pay him to marry me. When I found out I felt sick.”

Changkyun’s fist was balled, his jaw clenched as you paused, watching his response as he nodded, not trusting his words to answer out of fear he would hurt you.

“After I found out what both my ex-boyfriend and parents had plotted behind my back, I left. I grabbed as little as I could and ran, lucky for me Fawn had worked with my parents years ago and she was a close friend to me, she practically raised me when my parents weren’t around.  When I told her what happened she took me in for the first few years, keeping me hidden from my parents and raging ex-boyfriend.

She got me the job at the shop and I started to work there. I put on a strong face for the first few years, but after so long it became who I was. I stopped letting my clients walk over me because I wasn’t about to have what happened to me happen again. No way in hell.”

Looking out the window you saw the sun starting to set as you smiled slightly thinking of how much you owe Fawn for helping you out. “The reason I have been off the last few days is because this is around the time it all happened, It’s the one time of year I usually take off from work and I hide so no one can see me be weak…..” you mumble as you look at Changkyun once more before you turned away, ashamed of how stupid you must look, how weak you must look to him.

You blew it, your strong side was gone, and now he saw how weak of a person you really were how scared you were to get close to anyone how you worried it would happen again. He must think you are pathetic.

“It all makes scenes now, the reason why you were always so strong. Why you didn’t put up with the bullshit the clients threw at you. It’s because you saw first hand what happened if you let them do what they wanted to you…..” Changkyun mumbled as he rubs his chin, taking in everything you had told him.

“Yes, that’s also the reason I treated you that way when you first came in, I thought you were like all the other asshole guys that had plenty of money to throw around and plenty of women swooning over them. I mean you clearly have the looks, so I just figured,” you said, too embarrassed to look over at him.

Changkyun raised his eyebrow, “You thought? What’s changed your mind?”

“You are passionate, you showed me that you care about designing just as much as I care about tailoring, it’s what keeps you going, what drives you. I respect that even though you have money you don’t flaunt it because what matters more to you is your craft. It makes me happy to see someone with as much passion as you do what they dream of doing,” you say as you glance over your shoulder and look at him. “Also, even though you irritated the hell out of me when we first met, I don’t dislike or hate you. It’s quite the opposite, I like you…” you mumble the last part quietly, not wanting to boost his ego too much.

Changkyun leant back for a moment and watches the woman in front of him, at her weakest moment, hunched over, peeking at him over her shoulder, her eyes looking directly at him. There it was again, that look. The look that made him believe that maybe, just maybe she felt the same way as him. Her words hitting him even hard. Making him speechless for a moment as he processed what to do.

Suddenly Changkyun stood up, spinning her around to face him, raising her chin to look at him as he searched her face for any type of resistance before he began to speak.

He leant in so their noses were touching, as he closed his eyes and sighed before opening them again. “You like me? How much do you like me, because you shouldn’t say such things if you don’t mean them? Do you know how fast my heart is beating to hear you say such things.”

Opening your mouth to speak, all that comes out is your voice cracking, but before you can speak he continues.

“Do you know how angry it makes me knowing that someone could have done such horrible things to you. To hurt you like that. Do you know how much it hurts me knowing that I couldn’t protect you, even though I never knew you? I could have kept you safe I could have stopped that from happening. You say that my passion is designing, it’s only half true. My other passion is You, Y/n. You are just as my passion as much as my designs.”

Your face flushed red as you continued to stare into his eyes, his eyes clearly backing up his statement as they looked into yours.

“I can’t keep myself away anymore, I can’t keep hiding my feelings from you, now that I know you actually like me, I-I don’t think I can stop myself.” He smirks a little and leans away, biting his lip. “Do you remember what I said to you on the first day?”

You thought back to the first day you met him and nodded slowly. “Yes, you said don’t think I will let you go that easy, I-I” you stopped as you realised what was happening.

“I will be back for you.” he finished as you started to realise he kept his promise.

He had always kept you close by, he always kept an eye on you, and then when the time was right, he took you with him. He kept his word and you hadn’t even realised it.

All his actions, his annoying affections, his teasing words. The look of pure happiness that he gave you when he saw you across a room, how he locked himself up in a room for months and avoided you. It was because he had feelings for you because he really did want you to be his.

You gulped as you felt your heart race. Did you feel the same way, have you been hiding these feelings that threatened to leap out of your throat? Have you been ignoring the butterflies that always made your stomach ache when he was around? But worse of all did you not realise how happy he made you when he was around, how even though he annoyed you, you couldn’t help but smile with him around.

But why did he act like all the rest of the guys that first day, this confused you. You could see he wasn’t like them but why did he act like it. You squinted at him and bit your lip “Why did you act like such a dick the first day if you liked me so much?”

This time he blushed and chuckled awkwardly, leaning away from you as he tried to compose himself. “Hard to believe, because I spend so much time designing and running my business I have never really had a lot of experience with women, or flirting. My friend told me that is how you pick up chicks” he used air quotes as he said it, rolling his eyes slightly before continuing. “And when I saw you, I got nervous and kinda became a cocky asshole…”

You snickered and covered your face. “Seriously, no. Please don’t ever do that again. It’s horrible,” you managed to get out in between quiet giggles. “I like the real Changkyun much better than the ladies man Changkyun.”

Changkyun chuckled and nodded. “Yeah sorry about that, I still feel bad about it.”

“You are fine,” you say as you let your hand drop and smile up at him.

He pauses as you smile up at him, admiring your beautiful smile before he leans in again. “I won’t give up, I hope you know that. I will keep fighting whether it takes a week or the rest of my life, I won’t give up on you. I want you and you alone. I lov-” Changkyun stops and pulls away and turns. Biting his lip to stop his words.

“I am sorry if you want me to stop please just tell me to fuck off right now. I shouldn’t say those things,” he mumbles as he closes his eyes. “I went too far I am sorry.”

You pause as you watch him slump slightly, a small smile spreads across your face for some reason.

“No, it’s okay,” you paused realising what you were saying, but for some reason, you couldn’t stop your words.

“You don’t have to stop.”


Some Mileven for you hungry people ;) Happy Valentine’s Day! I drew them in the same clothes because of the head canon theory of how after Eleven disappears everything starts going E.T on Mike and he starts wearing the same clothes and feels the same things as Eleven while separated. This is sorta like a day after reunion type thing I thing? Pfft IDK I suck at drawing humans and clothes sooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaa I;m laaaazzyyyy but wanted to draw out my Mileven feels so here you go tumblrrrrrrr the end bye




Song: Eyes On Fire - Blue Mountain

A/N: im super sorry for how long this has taken and to everyone thinking that TRS is over, it ain’t i’m just bad at updating lol (also enjoy the song, it reminded me of O)

TRS // masterlist

Today’s colder than it usually is on Earth. There’s an eerie breeze blowing in as the surrounding wall becomes visible to your eyes. You can hear your bed calling your name already. The leaders are back. Word spreads throughout camp. However, before you can enter, O speaks up. 

“Great. Looks like it’s time to be locked up again.” Her voice is angered, full of vexation. Sighing, you hope Bellamy just ignores her anger. You’ve come to notice that Octavia can be a bit of a hothead at times, especially when it comes to her brother. 

 "Yeah, well we know what happens when you’re let out.“ Bellamy replies, the feeling of irritation towards his sibling seems to be common nowadays. 

 "What? Would you rather me sink to your level and kill him?” She speaks up, making you swallow the lump in your throat. Things are about to get heated, you can tell. 

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Beach Day

Here’s another gift for @strikecommandher because I’m a ridiculous sap and love trying to help people feel better ❤

Same deal as last time, I’m still approximately 5.7 billion light years away from a computer so enjoy this 1.5k word post without a -read more-

It wasn’t very often that people found time to relax at the watchpoint- between training and meetings and missions, they barely had enough time to eat and sleep. But sometimes, when the planets align and the sun is shining bright and the water is warm, a group would just say ‘fuck it’ and head down to the beach.

The beach wasn’t too far from the watchpoint, just down a steep set of natural stairs carved into the cliffside. You could hear the alarms and base-wide announcements easily enough and if not, everyone kept their communicators with them anyway. If they were really needed back at base for anything, it was just a five-minute walk away. But being down in the sand with the waves covering up most of the usual din from the base, it was almost like being in another world, a peaceful world.

So it was with a smile that you found yourself stretched out across a towel on the beach today, basking in the sun and soaking up your friends’ laughter. It was a rare sound, especially when it was so genuine. A few people were splashing around in the water, a few were building sand castles, and a few more were just resting like you. You were all regular agents, nothing particularly special in the ranks of Overwatch, though you had to be special to get here. There was something pretty amusing about a group of incredibly intelligent, deadly people spending a day on the beach playing like children.

Around noon when some people were getting hungry and considering sneaking into the kitchen to steal some food back out for the rest of you, you spotted a lone figure walking down the stone steps towards the group. They cut a striking figure, but it was their hair that gave them away. Without the long blue coat, Commander Morrison was hard to recognize and you wouldn’t have known it was him until he got closer except for his hair, shining bright gold in the noon sun. You two were pretty close, in your humble opinion. He talked to you outside of missions, outside of meals even. You two could spend time in the rec room silently reading or something on the same couch or talk for hours about everything that came to mind, and you have. He was a good friend, and not one you expected to make with the difference in your ranks.

Most people paused their activities when he got closer, freezing in fear of being caught and expecting a stern lecture about professionalism. But you knew better. You could see the amused sparkle on his eyes, the smile he was trying very hard to conceal, and the easy gait with which he walked. He wasn’t upset, he was here to relax like everyone else. When he sat down next to you and waved his hand in dismissal, everyone went back to what they were doing before, low murmurs of confusion just heard above the sound of the ocean.

“Well, well, look who decided to join us finally.”

You poked at his side gently and sat up, looking at him with a smile. This was a pleasant surprise.

“I figured I could join my team for a little bit, show ‘em I know how to have fun too.”

You both laughed before you stood and held out a hand to him to help him up.

“Come on. You gotta get in the water if you wanna show them you’re a fun guy. I don’t think reading silently with them for hours on a Sunday night will win many over.”

You said this with a smirk but your tone was gentle. You appreciated him spending time with you like he did and didn’t want him to think you found it strange or unnecessary. He laughed, picking up on the joke, and took your hand to stand. But he didn’t let go of it when he started walking to the water. You were glad you were already flushed from the sun so your blush wasn’t too obvious.

He laced his fingers with yours and looked over to gauge your reaction, his smile growing when he saw your small smile. He stayed quiet until you got to the edge of the water, the waves just barely lapping over your feet. Some people were looking at you two with curious expressions, most likely wondering the same as you: Why was Strike-Commander Morrison holding your hand?

You wanted to ask, but worried he would let go. So you just took a couple steps further into the water and tugged on his hand so he would follow. When he did, you ran into the water at top speed, pulling him along with you with a breathless laugh. You ran into the waves until they reached your waist and almost made you lose your balance. He caught you but spun around and let the next wave wash you both over, making you fall into the water and get completely soaked. You hopped back up quickly with a shout.

“Hey! No fair!”

Your words had no heat behind them and your smile was too wide to hide now. You splashed at him and he splashed back, getting some people nearby wet too. Your laughter and games were infectious, and soon more people joined in the water in what became a splash war, trying to get everyone else as soaked as possible.

Jack managed to drag you under a few more times, wrapping his arms around your waist and dropping gracelessly. A few times, he kept ahold of you after you both stood again, making your blush return. You wouldn’t have pegged him as a tactile person before today, you two had barely even hugged before, but you certainly weren’t complaining.

It was a while later before someone spoke up asking about food again. Jack’s surprise arrival and splash war distracted everyone from their growling stomachs but they could ignore their hunger no longer. Jack looked at his watch then back up to the watchpoint like he was debating something before shrugging to himself and turning to address everyone.

“My next meeting isn’t for three more hours. If you can all dry off quickly enough and come help me get the supplies, we can have a barbecue down on the beach!”

Everyone cheered and ran to shore for their towels, ready to keep their beach day rolling. You started for shore too, wanting to help so the cooking could start sooner, but you felt Jack’s arms around your waist again holding you back.

“Nope, not you. I’ve got another job for you.”

Just as you turned to complain about the unprofessionalism of favoritism, Jack tilted your head up with a hand under your chin and kissed you. You let out a surprised squeak but didn’t try to pull away. You had thought Jack was only interested in friendship; even in your wildest dreams when you confessed your deeper level of attraction, he politely turned you down and your friendship kept going. You never would’ve imagined your feelings were reciprocated.

Just as you reached up to wrap your arms around his neck, you heard cheers and clapping from the beach. The sudden reminder that other people were still here made you stop your action and jump back,falling into the water again. Jack laughed and helped you up, holding onto your hand again as you both waded to shore.

“Well it’s about damn time,” your best friend said, clapping a hand on your back.

Your confused expression sent them into a fit of laughter, and it took another of your friends to explain that everyone assumed you two were more than friends already since you spent so much time together. Jack didn’t spend a lot of personal time with anyone unless he was finishing extra work, but you were the one exception. The explanation made you blush again, feeling shy. Your first kiss with Jack was in front of all these people, and you didn’t even realize it was coming when they all did.

“Hey, what did I say? If you want lunch before your afternoon training, get your asses moving!”

Jack barked the orders in his usual Commander Voice, but his smile didn’t fade yet. They all laughed and gave lazy salutes along with very a sarcastic “sir, yes, sir” before running off to the stairs. You and Jack sat down on your towel and leaned against each other, watching the waves come and go, your hands still clasped together with your fingers laced.

This was an unusual beach day, but it was definitely the best one yet. You could only hope Jack would join you more often, and you were definitely looking forward to the new kind of quality time you’d get to spend together.

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What do you love about Sansa Stark?

Anon, prepare yourself because the  anwer is LONG. There are a lot of things that I love about her (she is my favorite character in ASOIAF afterall..). 

The first reason  that comes to mind is that she is NORMAL. She starts the story as a very avarage 12 years old, she loves stories of knights and songs about love. She wants to live in a fairytale. These are all things that made me feel connected to her from the start. 

I love her flaws: how  sometimes she cant face the truth, because it scares her.  It makes her more relatable. Her relationship with lies its one of the most interesting things in the books. (the unkiss! the trident incident! and i can go on and on…). 

I love her kindness, how she saved Dontos, or helped Lancel. 

Her desire to be loved and to find someone to love. This is something that breaks my heart, I dont like how some people accuse Sansa on being power hungry and wanting to be queen because she wants to rule everyone (looking at you dumb and dumber). Thats not what i understand from her story. Sansa wants to be loved, she wants to love. To the point that she betrays her father for it (it was a betrayal….just not for power but FOR LOVE). 

“How well I know that, child,” Cersei said, her voice so kind and sweet. “Why else should you have come to me and told me of your father’s plan to send you away from us, if not for love?

“It was for love,” Sansa said in a rush. “Father wouldn’t even give me leave to say farewell.” She was the good girl, the obedient girl, but she had felt as wicked as Arya that morning, sneaking away from Septa Mordane, defying her lord father. She had never done anything so willful before, and she would never have done it then if she hadn’t loved Joffrey as much as she did” 

Tyrion was surprised. “Truly? His own daughter?“ Sansa had always seemed such a sweet child, tender and courteous.

The girl was wet with love. She would have done anything for Joffrey, until he cut off her father’s head and called it mercy. That put an end to that.“ 

Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart, and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head. Sansa would never make that mistake again.

Wich brings me to another reason as to why i love Sansa: she learns from her mistakes. She adapts. She uses the hard lessons to be better. 

How she loves to sew and dance, how she uses her femine traits, her lady courtesy as an armor. Sansa is not just a lady, she is THE LADY.  She rappresents all that is good about that term.

Ser Boros was an ugly man with a broad chest and short, bandy legs. His nose was flat, his cheeks baggy with jowls, his hair grey and brittle. Today he wore white velvet, and his snowy cloak was fastened with a lion brooch. The beast had the soft sheen of gold, and his eyes were tiny rubies. "You look very handsome and splendid this morning, Ser Boros,” Sansa told him. A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what.

Sansa felt that she ought to say something. What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A lady’s armor is courtesy, that was it. She donned her armor and said, “I’m sorry my lady mother took you captive, my lord." 

How Smart she is. (but i hate how she doesnt believe in herself..she doesnt trust her instinct because she lost lady) 

Her relationship with Bran (how similiar they are, both young and loved children whose hopes and dreams are broken early in their life)

Her (very problematic but real) relatioship with her sister Arya. 

Her strange link  with the greek goodness Persephone (who blossomed in the spring but is the Queen of Winter) 

How Grrm is setting up the classical story of the student who surpasses the master with her and littlefinger. 

Her strange parallels with Jon snow (maaan i could go on and on on those…)

How she brings out the kindest side of  the characters personality  like Tyrion, Sandor and yes even Dontos. 

How she looks like Catelyn but has the same sense of honor as Ned.

How she calls her self: the blood of Winterfell. How even after joffrey and the lannisters, and losing her direwolf she is still A STARK.

How she builds a castle in the snow which rappresents her home. 

But my ultime reason for loving Sansa stark with all of my heart is this quote:

There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.  

This is important for me because Sansa is a person what endured beatings, and awful men and is afraid for  her life since she was a 12 years old who has seen the “love of her life” kill her father. Still after all she has suffered, she believes that there are good people, that the hope is not all lost. She didnt become cynical, she becomes stronger but not hateful. 

Do you have to have a reason to be hungry?

Because you probably don’t, and for some people depression is something that they always experience, constantly. A part of their life, such is hunger and exhaustion. You don’t NEED to have a reason to be hungry or tired. Sometimes you have one, but depression may not. Depression can come when one least expects it, without reason. People all too often don’t understand this.

If you don’t understand, don’t try to correct them.

Asexuality: A Metaphor

The best way to explain asexuality I have found since I started coming out is this:

Imagine you’re not hungry and you’re sitting at the table with a dish of something you like in front of you, let’s say cake.

You’re not hungry, you don’t need to eat the cake, but some people still eat the cake. For various reasons: because someone they love a lot made it and they want to show them they love them back (consent, guys); because they’re bored and the cake’s just there; because they’re stressed and they need to unwind; because they want to feel cuddled and loved and cake sounds like a good way to get that kind of mushy feeling of closure; because, hey, they just like the cake so they’re gonna eat it even if they’re not hungry. Other people just don’t eat the cake, or only rarely. It’s fine, all of the above are fine.

They’re all asexual because. They. Aren’t. Hungry. Eating or not eating the cake does not change whether they are hungry or not.

Torn - Part 10

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A/N: And you thought the story has complicated emotions already, well guess again.

Summary: After your breakup with Seokwoo, you get the help of Taeyang to forget about him. The feelings are still there though, making you torn between a sweet ex and a passionate boyfriend.

Word count: 1,8k

(cr. kingrowoon)

In Dreams

“She’s going to come back. I hope you know that.” Her words caught me off guard after being silent for nearly an hour. I looked over at her, her face still covered by the book she was reading, sunglasses resting at the tip of her nose. I stared out towards the sea.

“No, she won’t.” I said. I didn’t want to be so upset over this still, rather spending the break as a resting and healing time. Unfortunately coming back here reminded me too much of the last time.

“Don’t be silly.” She lowered her book slightly, her eyes almost disciplining me while peeking out from the dark glasses. I took a deep breath to try to get myself together.

“How can you be so sure?” I asked. Her attention turned back to her book and I thought she wasn’t going to answer for a moment.

“Because …” She started. “I just know. She’s a smart and good girl, she’ll realise it eventually.”

“I don’t know, and even with that, when is eventually?” I said, more as a rhetorical question than actually asking for an answer.

“That can take days, weeks, months … years too. In the meantime you should not dwell and hold on like you do, no matter how deeply you care for her. Try to, move on – temporarily?” Her last words struck me. ‘Moving on temporarily’? What does that even mean?

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This is random but any advice for someone who's going to be a highschool freshman soon?


Stick to your values/morals and don’t change to just “fit in” with the crowd. Be you and love yourself. 

I recommend having emergency cash (preferably) in dollar bills. Why? People are going to sell chips and waters during class and you will thank me when you are hungry for some chips. 


Go to the school assemblies and see if you like it or not. It doesn’t hurt to get out of your comfort zone. 

Learn to be a loner because sometimes, you just don’t find friends easily. 

if you are peer pressured into doing drugs, its up to you to say yes or no. 

Go to the games just to cross it out of your bucket list. I thought I would hate it but I actually liked going. 


Go to the school dances because why the fuck not LMAO 

Just be you honestly, and expect people to backstab you


If your goal is to go to a good university or Ivy League, don’t get lazy and actually try. It will be worth it in the end. 

TAG (and it’s long, i’m sorry)

rules: once you get it, answer all these truths and then tag someone else

I got tagged by beautiful @gogochan736 < 3
 Thank you

name: Alice

blood type: I am honestly not sure but it’s the most common one XD

relationship status: hungry

nickname(s): I don’t think i have any, except some people here called me mango girl :D

birthday: May 2nd

zodiac sign: Taurus :o)

Pronouns: she/her

Favorite TV shows: oh boy… rn obssesed with Hello Counselor, then Supernatural, The Office, Friends and some others

long or short hair: currently pretty short

height: 164cm and it’s like 5′4 i think

do you have a crush on someone: nope

what do you like about yourself: i can make people laugh by making a seal expression

right or left handed: rightyy

list of three favorite colors: black, white and mustard yellow

eating: right now? nothing 

drinking: also nothing it’s 1am :D

i’m about to: answer next question and then watch Hello Counselor

listening to: THEY CALL ME-

kids: i am kids

get married: maybeeeee with min yoongi

career: can i list all the stupid ones? Writer, backup dancer, cook, wedding organizer and therapist

most recent

drink: iced coffee

phone call: my granny lmao

song you listened to: Cypher pt. 3 by BTS

dated someone twice: lmfao no

been cheated on: nope

kissed someone and regretted it: NOO LMAOOO I’VE NEVER KISSED ANYONE

lost someone special: Yes.

been depressed: or just lazy, who knows tbh

been drunk and thrown up: ((nah))

kissed a stranger: No!

had glasses or contacts: Never

had sex on the first date: No

broken someone’s heart: No, i hope not.

turned someone down: no?

cried when someone died: Yup

fallen for a friend: Nope

In the last year have you

made a new friend: i don’t have friends

fallen out of love: nope

laughed until you cried: Probably, but i don’t remember it

met someone who changed you: Sorta

found out who your true friends were: no

found out someone was talking about you: Yeah, some people are just weird…

kissed someone on your fb list: no

Which is better

lips or eyes: Eyes

hugs or kisses: depends on who the other person is but probably hugs

shorter or taller: Taller < 3

romantic or spontaneous: Romantic but neither

sensitive or loud: i really don’t know XD

hookup or relationship: sleep

troublemaker or hesitant: i’m too tired to be a troublemaker (maybe if i had someone with me? idk)


best friend: a t-shirt. Don’t ask.

surgery: i’ve never been to one

sport i joined: Dancing when i was like 4 xD

vacation: No idea! I’ve never been to beach tho )))):

Do you believe in

yourself: Uh… kinda

miracles: i… kinda

love at first sight: no

heaven: No…


how many people from your fb list do you know irl: all except like 3

do you have any pets: yes, one and he’s the loml <333

do you want to change your name: I’d like to have different family name i guess, but that’s just beause it sounds weird when you pronounce it in an English sentence LMFAOOOO. Other than that, i like it (and Alice is good, it sounds nice in English)

what did you do for your last birthday: I went to sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual < 3

what time did you wake up today: i’m so ashamed to say this… like 11:30

what were you doing last night at midnight: Hello Counselor (this is like my third time mentioning it LMAOOO)

something you can’t wait for: the future in general? Like i’m just curious. Will i finish my book? Will i ever travel? Am i gonna go to college? Am i gonna be dead? 

last time you saw your mom: about 2 hours ago

what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: my highschool i guess

have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes

what’s getting on your nerves: me

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On talking to people

My friend brought something up today.

It was on the topic of female comedians - and is he a bad person for just saying off the cuff that he generally doesn’t find them funny?

He said that based on his experience he didn’t find the jokes relatable or hilarious, and it just so happens to be that way, and there are male comedians who he dislikes too, so why might it be a bad thing to say something like “I don’t like female comedians” as a general statement.

Now, I don’t want to talk about that concept at all because I think everyone should think about that for themselves and decide. But what I do want to talk about is how this simple question opened up a discussion about inequality and privilege between us.

You see, my friend had never thought about how women are a minority in the collective group that is all comedians in the world. Or how there is a culture of misogyny in society that works in systematic ways to create inequalities that shape everything in our lives - from what we find funny to who is available to laugh at. He said isn’t it fair to just say that based on my experiences, I don’t enjoy female comedy? So then we talked about why are you calling it female comedy? What separates it from male comedy? What are you using as your standard model of humanity - is it a male human? Have you ever thought about why that might be? And we chatted about other examples in business and education that were analogous to the comedy thing.

And it was amazing. I literally saw the lightbulb go off. The moment where he realized he’s been making certain assumptions all his life - but more than that - he’s *never had to question them*. It was like he was hearing some of these questions for the first time, despite the fact that he supports equality.

But let me note here that he is not a villain in this story and here is why: this story isn’t about his opinions on female comedians. It isn’t about yours or mine either. It isn’t even about your opinion on his opinion, so please hold off for a bit before you quick reblog with your scathing comedian commentary.

Because what I really want to talk about is why this conversation was even possible.

I think there are two reasons.

First, we are really good friends. No subject is taboo, and we really value and respect each other as people. We might think the other person is dead wrong about something, but we will listen to and respect each other’s opinions.

Second, he was open to the discussion. He wanted to know. There was something about the situation that bothered him that he couldn’t put his finger on, so he wanted to suss it out with someone he trusted to give him a fair opinion and open his eyes to another viewpoint while letting him talk about his own point of view.

Both of these things are so key to discourse: respect and openness.

If you have respect but no openness, talking to someone will be like banging on a locked door.
If you have openness but no respect, that becomes a one-sided conversation really fast. Your door only opens one way.
If you have neither respect nor openness, you’re just shouting insults at each other from across the fence while congratulating yourself on your high ideals.

But if you have both qualities at the table when you start to talk about something, oh yes. That’s when things can really change - on both sides.

One thing I think is easy to forget in the world of tumblr callouts and #fakenews is that discourse isn’t about being right. It’s not about having your side *win*. It’s about understanding something you didn’t before, and working in relationship with others to reach a common understanding and work towards some better, greater, common goal.

Easier said than done, but I believe we are all called to do better.