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here are some traits you can give your characters to make them ‘dark and edgy’ without making them racist/homophobic/transphobic/islamophobic/etc.

abrasive, arrogant, cantankerous, careless, conceited, crass, deceitful, destructive, devious, dishonest, dogmatic, egocentric, fraudulent, greedy, hostile, inconsiderate, irascible, malicious, manipulative, mannerless, misguided, monstrous, obsessive, outrageous, possessive, power-hungry, sadistic, selfish, sordid, tactless, treacherous, unappreciative, unfriendly, venomous, etc. 

the caloric requirements of being batman have to be absolutely insane, like i’m telling you right now, to your face, that batman could probably eat his weight in girl scout cookies on any given day, but i’ve never seen him with snacks. i rarely see any of the robins with snacks, even though they are probably eating all of the time, because they are normal people who spend upwards of six hours daily kicking the shit out of people, which i can promise you is difficult. it makes you hungry. no wonder alfred looks so busy all of the time. he’s probably fucking cooking.

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Hello! So, not to flood your askbox, or ask dumb questions, but. What is the pun with "hunger pangs"? My english is not good enough to detect a pun here, and I've come to realize there has to be a pun, because you wouldn't name a book with anything other than a pun, right? Is it pang / fang? Thank you and have a nice day!

I chose the title for several reasons. One being that there’s an association with paranormal creatures for having monstrous appetites that cannot be satisfied, whether for food or sex (Dracula being the prime example, he literally feasts on what he desires) or power over another creature.

It’s a common trope we see repeated in a lot of paranormal fiction, erotica or otherwise. There’s just something inhumane about the characters that drives them, they can’t help themselves, they have to feed, they have to be in control, they often times (particularly in werewolf stories) act possessive and domineering in harmful ways, which is misconstrued by popular media as being “alpha”. Because what we think of as being strong and powerful has been warped to mean “bully”. And I’ve got no truck with bullies.

So as I have sought to do with most things in this book, because never forget it was a thought experiment above all else, was to flip those tropes. So instead we have a vampire who is socially awkward and a bit of a self admitted wreck, and a werewolf who despite being built like a brick house, is the embodiment of those giant dogs who still think they’re lap dogs. I mean, he’ll still break you in two if he has to, but he’d really rather not thanks, he’s got other things to do, like enjoying a good cuddle and doting on all 20ish of his nieces and nephews who simultaneously dog pile anyone who walks in the front door. 

Ultimately the reason I picked this title though, is because it’s a story about people who are all in some way hungry for something more than what they have. It’s a pang, a physical ache slowly eating away at them in turn. And I don’t mean power and control, not really, those things aren’t needs, they aren’t hunger, they’re a symptom of gluttony and greed. Hunger is for simple needs, for freedom, for love, for affection—to be seen for who you really are and accepted. 

To feel like they belong. 

Of course there was no way in hell I was going to call it Hunger Pains when I could use a word that rhymes with “fangs”. Are you kidding me, I’d have been kicking myself from here until next century if I’d denied myself that opportunity :p 

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What do you love about Sansa Stark?

Anon, prepare yourself because the  anwer is LONG. There are a lot of things that I love about her (she is my favorite character in ASOIAF afterall..). 

The first reason  that comes to mind is that she is NORMAL. She starts the story as a very avarage 12 years old, she loves stories of knights and songs about love. She wants to live in a fairytale. These are all things that made me feel connected to her from the start. 

I love her flaws: how  sometimes she cant face the truth, because it scares her.  It makes her more relatable. Her relationship with lies its one of the most interesting things in the books. (the unkiss! the trident incident! and i can go on and on…). 

I love her kindness, how she saved Dontos, or helped Lancel. 

Her desire to be loved and to find someone to love. This is something that breaks my heart, I dont like how some people accuse Sansa on being power hungry and wanting to be queen because she wants to rule everyone (looking at you dumb and dumber). Thats not what i understand from her story. Sansa wants to be loved, she wants to love. To the point that she betrays her father for it (it was a betrayal….just not for power but FOR LOVE). 

“How well I know that, child,” Cersei said, her voice so kind and sweet. “Why else should you have come to me and told me of your father’s plan to send you away from us, if not for love?

“It was for love,” Sansa said in a rush. “Father wouldn’t even give me leave to say farewell.” She was the good girl, the obedient girl, but she had felt as wicked as Arya that morning, sneaking away from Septa Mordane, defying her lord father. She had never done anything so willful before, and she would never have done it then if she hadn’t loved Joffrey as much as she did” 

Tyrion was surprised. “Truly? His own daughter?“ Sansa had always seemed such a sweet child, tender and courteous.

The girl was wet with love. She would have done anything for Joffrey, until he cut off her father’s head and called it mercy. That put an end to that.“ 

Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart, and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head. Sansa would never make that mistake again.

Wich brings me to another reason as to why i love Sansa: she learns from her mistakes. She adapts. She uses the hard lessons to be better. 

How she loves to sew and dance, how she uses her femine traits, her lady courtesy as an armor. Sansa is not just a lady, she is THE LADY.  She rappresents all that is good about that term.

Ser Boros was an ugly man with a broad chest and short, bandy legs. His nose was flat, his cheeks baggy with jowls, his hair grey and brittle. Today he wore white velvet, and his snowy cloak was fastened with a lion brooch. The beast had the soft sheen of gold, and his eyes were tiny rubies. "You look very handsome and splendid this morning, Ser Boros,” Sansa told him. A lady remembered her courtesies, and she was resolved to be a lady no matter what.

Sansa felt that she ought to say something. What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A lady’s armor is courtesy, that was it. She donned her armor and said, “I’m sorry my lady mother took you captive, my lord." 

How Smart she is. (but i hate how she doesnt believe in herself..she doesnt trust her instinct because she lost lady) 

Her relationship with Bran (how similiar they are, both young and loved children whose hopes and dreams are broken early in their life)

Her (very problematic but real) relatioship with her sister Arya. 

Her strange link  with the greek goodness Persephone (who blossomed in the spring but is the Queen of Winter) 

How Grrm is setting up the classical story of the student who surpasses the master with her and littlefinger. 

Her strange parallels with Jon snow (maaan i could go on and on on those…)

How she brings out the kindest side of  the characters personality  like Tyrion, Sandor and yes even Dontos. 

How she looks like Catelyn but has the same sense of honor as Ned.

How she calls her self: the blood of Winterfell. How even after joffrey and the lannisters, and losing her direwolf she is still A STARK.

How she builds a castle in the snow which rappresents her home. 

But my ultime reason for loving Sansa stark with all of my heart is this quote:

There are gods, she told herself, and there are true knights too. All the stories can’t be lies.  

This is important for me because Sansa is a person what endured beatings, and awful men and is afraid for  her life since she was a 12 years old who has seen the “love of her life” kill her father. Still after all she has suffered, she believes that there are good people, that the hope is not all lost. She didnt become cynical, she becomes stronger but not hateful. 

Some Mileven for you hungry people ;) Happy Valentine’s Day! I drew them in the same clothes because of the head canon theory of how after Eleven disappears everything starts going E.T on Mike and he starts wearing the same clothes and feels the same things as Eleven while separated. This is sorta like a day after reunion type thing I thing? Pfft IDK I suck at drawing humans and clothes sooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaa I;m laaaazzyyyy but wanted to draw out my Mileven feels so here you go tumblrrrrrrr the end bye



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Jacksepticeye x Reader : Mute Sean falls in love at first sight with a women he found walking alone in the park. He walks up to her and talks to her, only to find she stares at him, and says nothing. How will Reader explain to him, she can’t talk.


A chill bit his fingers and soon he shoved his hands into his pockets, quickening his pace – deep blue eyes glanced over the surrounding area as he took a sharp turn down the street and fell into a much quieter park. Trees and other greenery were just coming back to life from the harsh long winter, birds chirping on naked branches but flying away when someone walked too close. Low chatter and honks from behind greeted him and he side stepped to let some teenagers pass. He fell into motion right after, stepping off the concrete pavement and into the dry rocky road that went in curves and circles.

Here was nearly empty: a lonely gran fed a few hungry pigeons, some people sat on benches before heading to work and reading newspapers or simply idling with their phones. Sean was halfway down the park when out of the corner of his eye he noted something strange. Curiosity prompted to turn his head and once he did he stopped in his tracks. The unfamiliar, though striking, woman sat with a floppy bright (colour) hat which had neatly combed (colour) hair tucked away underneath it. Her hat was what caught his attention in the first place. Her face was halfway covered by a book, she was the only one carrying such a heavy tomb here, and eyes jumping from letter to letter as she was completely oblivious to his existence. Sean didn’t know what took over him, but with a calming inhale of breath – he was unsure why he suddenly felt nervous – he approached the sitting lady with a happy smile.

“Hi!” He said brightly, hoping she’d look up – which she did, curious, “It’s a bit cold to be reading in his weather, no?” This was the best his mind could come up with as he met your gaze and he was cringing on the inside from his lame starter line. You didn’t answer him however, seeming so focused on his lips that it took him aback. Lastly you offered a shy smile, setting your book down onto your lap. Your fingers were quick and graceful, forming a few signs and he had to stop himself from ‘oh!’ing. You couldn’t speak. He nodded. You bobbed your head too. Sean felt a bit lost on what to do next – leaving suddenly would make things even more awkward and he didn’t even want to leave in the first place. Watching the conflict on his face with a sort of amused glint, you patted the empty space next to you as an offer to sit down. Sean grinned. “Don’t mind if I do!”

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Chapter preview, sponsored by United fucking Airlines

United, in classic form, fucked up my itinerary with plane repairs so that I had to rebook on a redeye 12 hours later than my original flight. So I’ve been taking advantage of my unexpected layover by drinking and writing fanfiction. I’ve written 3500 words of the next chapter of The Abyss Gazes Also. I hope to at least make it to Stuttgart in this chapter, but I keep getting bogged down in logistical details. And food. Probably shouldn’t write while hungry.

Tagging some people who have been reading: @angrymadsygin, @darklittlestories, @fuckyeahrichardiii, @iamhisgloriouspurpose, @ikoliholic@illwynd, @lunariagold, @mastreworld@nursejoh53@pinknoonicorn, @raven-brings-light, @starrynightfantasies. Let me know if you do or don’t want to be tagged on updates and/or previews.

When I slept, I dreamed. It seemed that those days I could not sleep for any length of time without being beset by anxious, unsettling dreams that left me feeling scarcely more rested when I awoke than when I had gone to sleep.

This dream began with the feeling of eyes upon me. Whose eyes, I was not sure: Thanos’s, perhaps, glittering and cruel; perhaps Heimdall’s impassive golden gaze; the piercing steel-blue stare of Odin’s eye from the high seat of Hliðskjalf; or maybe it was the starless abyss in the eyes of Death herself that I felt watching me.

When I became aware of more than that, I was walking the golden halls of Asgard’s palace. They were deserted, and I knew with the certainty one only has in dreams that everyone was dead. I looked out between the great golden columns and saw neither the mountains that rise up behind the great city nor the sea that stretches out before it, but the lifeless black surface of Sanctuary, scarred with craters and overshadowed by great twisting spires of stone. I came to the massive doors of the throne room and stopped, suddenly paralyzed with fear. I did not know whom I would find upon the throne if I entered—Odin? Thanos? his Lady Death?—but I was terrified to face any of them.

Unexpectedly—for I had thought everyone was dead?—I saw Thor striding toward me, in full gleaming armor with his blood-red cloak flowing from his shoulders and Mjölnir at the ready. Fury sparked like lightning in his eyes. “Loki, what have you done?” he growled as he approached me.

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Advice from a Senior
  1. There are no do-overs. Ever.
  2. Apologize. If you were wrong, apologize. Life is too short to live with regrets.
  3. Have no regrets. You will have them, trust me, but try not to.
  4. Life is not shitty. Well, sometimes yes but it’s what you make of it.
  5. In the end you must get back up. You must always get back up.
  6. Be kind. Be generous. There is never enough to go around.
  7. Pride is not worth a relationship unless…scratch that. Pride is complicated. Protect it when appropriate.
  8. Compliment them. If you’re thinking about it then say it.
  9. People may never remember what you said but they’ll always remember how you made them feel.
  10. Just open the door. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl or both. It’s polite. So go and open the door for some people.
  11. Drugs & Alcohol: Be smart. Don’t abuse them. Don’t love them either. Make them an acquaintance, a stranger, or perhaps an old friend. Never make them a best friend.
  12. Life’s too short for bitches.
  13. Choose your battles. Fighting is exhausting.
  14. Stand up for yourself. Sometimes you only get one chance.
  15. Stand up for others. Even if they don’t want you too. Assholes are ridiculous.
  16. Assholes are ridiculous. Don’t get hot and bothered by them. Just be hot.
  17. Everyone has insecurities, They’re stupid. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can get over them.
  18. Nobody has time for liars.
  19. Every group has that one bitch. Until you get rid of her/him. Then your group is amazing.
  20. Pride is the deadliest sin for a reason.
  21. No one is entitled to respect. They have to earn it.
  22. You are not a baby for crying when you’re frustrated.
  23. There are drama queens and then they’re are upset people accused of being a drama queen because the accusers can’t deal with being a moron. Figure out which one you are. The sooner you know,  the sooner you can figure out who to punch: the accusers or yourself.
  24. Try not to judge or assume. It’s hard. Believe me, it is, but life’s a lot easier when you’re minding your own business.
  25. Wait to drop the I love you bomb. Even if you really mean it. Because sometimes you have to wait to see if it’s worth it. Wait to see if the relationship is worth the I love you, if the person is worth the I love you, if the whole goddamn world is worth the I love you. Because if you’re saying I love you to things that aren’t worth it then in the end what is the worth of ‘“I love you”?
  26. Tell them that you love them. Tell them that you love them every second of everyday. Because sometimes we forget. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of  how much we’re loved.
  27. Love is not a word you force out of your mouth. It is a force. It will find it’s own way out of your mouth in more forms than a word.
  28. There are people out there that love you.
  29. There’s a lot of unhappy people in this world. Don’t be one of them.
  30. If you have a dream, if there’s something you want to do in your life, if there’s an irreplaceable vision in your eyes then for the love of God go after it.
  31. Write it down. No you will not remember it, yes it will get away from you, and yes you will regret not writing it down. Write it down.
  32. Be you when you’re driving. Don’t be a tired you, a drunk you, a high you, or an anything you. Just be you. Not _____ you. Because it only takes once to become a not you.
  33. Do something because it’s beautiful (not my own words but I believe it).
  34. Swear Words: It’s not the word, it’s the inflection.
  35. Differences are important. Like the difference between a democrat and a republican, or feminism and feminazis, or even then and than! Knowing differences…well, they make a difference.
  36. People can’t just choose to be happy. That’s like saying eat when you’re not hungry or poop when you’re constipated. For some people, being happy is a daily struggle. Don’t ever tell anyone to just “be happy”.
  37. If you’re depressed, tell someone. You have to tell someone, anyone, because you have to have someone to pull you up when you fall, tell you to move when you stop, and remind you to keep your chin up high even when you find every reason not to.
  38. Sometimes a hug can fix everything. So can a good cry and a nice slice of comfort food.
  39. If you want something, ask for it. If they tell you no, work for it. If all else fails, fight for it.
  40. The world is not black and white. It’s grey. It’s also very, very colorful.
  41. You can never go wrong with a firm handshake.
  42. If you want it done right, do it yourself.
  43. Prove them wrong.
  44. Do not be oblivious or ignorant. It is not a strength.
  45. Be sneaky, be witty, be upright clever but above all, play fair.
  46. You won’t win if you don’t fight.
  47. There’s more to family then blood.
  48. The kids aren’t always right. Neither are the parents.
  49. Do not lose sight of who you are. It’s terrifying.
  50. People will tell you that dreams are stupid and passions irrelevant. They’re wrong. 
  51. Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness rather then permission. 
  52. Finally, disregard everything I’ve just said. Or take it all to heart. It’s just my opinion, one opinion, and it’s your life. Take what you will.
  53. One I do advise everyone to follow: Pigs very much can fly. Just stop looking down. Instead, look up. 
Excerpt from ‘The Fever Code’ by James Dashner - Prologue



It snowed the day they killed the boy’s parents.

An accident, they said much later, but he was there when it happened and knew it was no accident.

The snow came before they did, almost like a cold white omen, falling from the gray sky.

He could remember how confusing it was. The sweltering heat had brutalized their city for months that stretched into years, an infinite line of days filled with sweat and pain and hunger. He and his family survived. Hopeful mornings devolved into afternoons of scavenging for food, of loud fights and terrifying noises. Then evenings of numbness from the long hot days. He would sit with his family and watch the light fade from the sky and the world slowly disappear before his eyes, wondering if it would reappear with the dawn.

Sometimes the crazies came, indifferent to day or night. But his family didn’t speak of them. Not his mother, not his father; certainly not him. It felt like admitting their existence aloud might summon them, like an incantation calling forth devils. Only Lizzy, two years younger but twice as brave as he, had the guts to talk about the crazies, as if she were the only one smart enough to see superstition for nonsense.

And she was just a little kid.

The boy knew he should be the one with courage, the one to comfort his little sister. Don’t you worry, Lizzy. The basement is locked up tight; the lights are off. The bad people won’t even know we’re here. But he always found himself speechless. He’d hug her hard, squeezing her like his own teddy bear for comfort. And every time, she’d pat him on the back. He loved her so much it made his heart hurt. He’d squeeze her tighter, silently swearing he’d never let the crazies hurt her, looking forward to feeling the flat of her palm thumping between his shoulder blades.

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That'll Do

A/N: c: I hope I didn’t let you down, Nonny. Thank you so much for the prompt!

Pairing: Ryan/Reader

Rating: PG

Words: 1547

Warning: Trigger warning for panic attacks, swearing, a bit of low self-esteem, and Ryan blushing.

You had so much to edit, it’s unbelievable. You took a sick day yesterday due to a migraine you couldn’t get rid of, and it just so happened Rooster Teeth did a lot of things that day that you needed to edit and look over, and the weight on your shoulders seemed unbearable. It didn’t seem like a lot in the beginning, because it was just two days of work instead of one. Some people were nice enough to take some stuff off your hands, which made your job a little easier.

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Coup de Foudre

I’ve gotten a lot of requests in the past couple of days and that makes me vvv happy. 

Requested: YES.

Hi ! Can you write an imagine for me ? I’d like to read a story of a ‘coup de foudre’ as we say in french, it’s a 'love at first sight’. I trust yourimagination for the context and all that stuff 😉. Thannnk you ! - kiss from France xx


My mom knocked on my door and peeked her head inside. 

“Y/N, wake up! You don’t want to be late for dance practice.” 

Ah, practice on Saturdays. My favorite. 

I grunted and my mom closed the door, leaving me in silence. Deciding that I didn’t want to be late, I quickly got myself prepared and kissed my mother goodbye before heading out the door, fishing my car keys out of the handbag. 

I saw that across the street, there were two U-Haul moving trucks. I glanced around to see if anyone was in there. I saw a woman who had brown hair and was fairly short. She looked at me and I have her a quick wave before heading to practice. 


“You better hope there’s a new cute boy,” my friend, Katherine said. “God knows you need some stress relief and something good in your life.” 

“You and our friend circle are good in my life!” I exclaimed. She waved and dismissed me. 

“Although that’s true, it’s not what I meant. You have three lives. Dance, us, and school. I love you to death but it kills me to see you work your hardest and not treat yourself.” I was quiet. “I know things ended badly with Ryan, but that was five months ago. I don’t want to be a terrible best friend, but you need to get ahold of the things you really want in life.” 

I knew she was right. Ryan, my ex, cheated on me with my ex best friend. They were hanging out so much that I thought something was up. She convinced me that they were only hanging out since we were dating and she wanted to make sure he was safe and all, but I caught them kissing on his living room couch when I went to surprise him for his birthday. 

“I know, Kat,” I began. “It’s just that things feel right. I feel on top of everything.” Kat rubbed my shoulder and gave be a side hug. 

“You’ll do great with whatever you decide to do, just be sure to treat yourself every once in a while.” I nodded and slung my dance bag over my shoulder and waved goodbye. 

When I arrived home, I immediately smelled pasta and garlic bread in the air. 

“Mom, I’m home!” I yelled, dropping my dance bag on floor next to the door. My mom came to the front and grinned. 

“How was practice, Y/N?” 

“It was good,” I replied. “I thought about some stuff, but now I’m just really hungry.” Two people emerged behind my mom. I recognized one of them. She was the woman that I saw earlier on my way to practice. The other boy I didn’t see at all. 

“Y/N, this is Nick and his mom, Denise,” she introduced. I smiled and stuck my hand out for her to shake, which she gladly took before engulfing me in a hug. 

“I’m sorry, I’m the hugging type,” she said. I laughed and shook my head, returning the embrace.

“It’s okay, I am too.” She leaned back and smiled. 

The boy, whose name I learned was Nick, stared at me with a blank expression. 

“Nick,” Denise whispered, “Say hello.” Nick shook his head to get out of his daze and slowly walked up to me. 

“Uh, hello, I’m Nick.” I stuck my hand out and he hesitantly shook it. 

“Well,” my mom began, “the garlic bread and pasta sauce are going to be short while. Why don’t Nick and Y/N get to know each other before dinner?” 

“That’s a great idea! Nick, be on your best behavior,” Denise joked. The two adults left the room. 

“So,” I said. 

“So,” he returned. Nick grinned and sat on the couch. “You dance, huh?” 

“Ballet, jazz, and tap.” 

“You’ve got your hands full.” 

“That I do. It’s fun, though. I’ve been dancing since I was three.” 

“Are you an only child?” Nick asked. I nodded. 

“I’ve got four other siblings who haven’t caught up to us yet. They’re still on the road with the other stuff.” 

Throughout the time we spoke, Nick has been eyeing me all over. I noticed a couple of times that he shifted his gaze to my lips, and I couldn’t help but smirk. Nick was extremely attractive, let me put it that way. He was also affectionate. We talked about some deep things and humorous things. Nick kept his eyes on me and didn’t shift his attention once. During our time talking, he made a point to grab my hands. His hands are soft and so much bigger than mine. 

“So you really fell into a frozen lake?” I asked, trying to keep my laughter in. 

“You don’t even know. I cried oceans because it was so cold.” I laughed and held my stomach, leaning onto Nick’s shoulder to keep myself upright. Once I calmed down, I wiped my eyes dry.

“You’re beautiful,” he said out of the blue. 

“That was so sudden,” I said, caught off guard. Nick chuckled. 

“It’s true, though. You’re beautiful,” he said leaning closer. Nick placed his hand on the back of my neck.

“May I?” I nodded. We leaned in until Denise came out. 

“Dinner’s ready!” she exclaimed. He and I pulled back and Denise laughed, walking into the kitchen. Nick stood up and reached his arm out. 

“Shall we?” he asked. I grinned, and took his hand. 

“We shall.” Nick helped me up from the couch and kissed the back of my hand. Wherever you are, Kat, I hope you’re proud of me.

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Hi! My name is Baxter, and I found your blog through the GALS tag... I wanted to ask if you were from America, and if so how you got your snail? My mother and I fell in love with them, but they're illegal, so we aren't sure how to get one. There are plenty of sources outside the country that could ship in, but shipping would take some time, and if found by customs they'd be destroyed, and we don't want to risk their safety. Thank you for your time! (Also your blog is sure cute, and so are you)

snails are banned in america unfortunately :( i live in england where big snails are welcome aslong as we dont let them out in the wild!! i wouldnt suggest posting snails because they may get hurt or hungry, i find it really odd how some people do that, just the thought of it gives me anxiety aha. c:

GOT7 & BTS Written Ship

Hey, you sure can! And yes you should be proud because there is nothing wrong with being deaf. Both of my parents are deaf. I hope you enjoy.

Hey!💜  May I get a ship with bts and got7? I’m 19 old years. I’m 5'3 ft . I’m deaf (I can’t hear or talk. I use sign language…No I can’t read people’s lip) I’m deaf and proud it. I’m Puerto Rican:) My hair medium and curly. I’m very soft heart and sweet person. I’m kinda quiet. I’m a happy person (if I’m hungry I’ll be grumpy😂). Some people love my dimple cheek when I smile. My hobbies sleep, eat, and watch k-drama! I love make people happy when they feel down. Thank you🙇🏻‍♀️ 

Requested by-        

BTS member I ship you with is: Namjoon

Originally posted by gotjimin

For starters, your height is something he’ll love. He wouldn’t care about you being deaf because that shouldn’t define how you feel about someone. while you might obsess over his dimples, he’ll obsess over your dimpled cheek. While skinship might not be his thing, he wouldn’t be able to contain it with you. Namjoon would appreciate your ability to make him happy when things get tough. He wouldn’t mind you sleeping, if only that means he can cuddle. Your love for K-dramas would make him want to watch them more. Your hair is something he’ll find unique because it differs from his hair.

GOT7 member I ship you with is: Mark

Originally posted by sxy-jmn

He’s lived in a city where there are all kinds of people, so you being deaf doesn’t faze him. He’ll definitley learn ASL (sorry if you don’t speak ASL but a different language in sign) and he’ll learn fast enough. Mark is very quiet and while you are a little bit, you’ll still have fun together. Your dimpled cheek would drive him crazy! Mark wouldn’t mind you being grumpy when your hungry because everybody is that way. He’ll love to cuddle and watch your k-dramas with you.

How I explain asexuality

I recently had to explain to my little sister and I found this was the simplest way. Let’s replace people with cake/food for a moment, and sex with eating.

An ace person can look at a cake feel no urge to eat it.

They can see that it is a very beautiful cake and still not want to eat it.

They can guess that the cake probably tastes really good but still not want to eat it.

Sometimes they do eat it even if they do not have the urge to, and it does taste good. That does not mean they will want to eat the next nice cake. 

Some ace people feel hungry at times but still do not want to eat the cake when they see it. In this case their hunger equates to, well, feeling horny.

You can eat cake without feeling hungry right? You have the physical ability to eat it even if you don’t want to, right? It’s kinda the same thing. 

You might be hungry and look in the fridge but you don’t feel like eating anything in there so you shut the door. Same thing. 

Just because an asexual person feels horny it does not mean they will find someone sexually attractive. It’s really not a hard concept to understand when you think about it :)

If any of my fellow ace peeps wanna add something then go ahead!