hungry dimples

Tater Tot Casserole

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Author: mamapeterson AKA mrs-squirrel-chester
Characters:  Sam Winchester x female reader
Word Count:
 224 so no keep reading cut
Warnings: Nothing whatsoever.
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“Using centrifugal force, the liquids separate from solids-” Sam babbled happily as he showed off the new machine he had not so legally acquired.

You weren’t dumb by any means, but the way Sam went on and on, you had a hard time keeping up. “Sammy, slow it down a little, huh?”

He drug a hand through his hair, chuckling as his eyes fell to the floor, “Sorry, babe.”

“Don’t be, it’s just… you know when you get so excited that no one can really understand what you say?”

Crimson colored the bridge of his nose and cheeks, “Yeah.”

“Yeah… that’s what you were doing.”

He laughed softly, moving closer as you laughed with him. Sam draped an arm around your waist, twisting his fingers in the purple shirt, “Good thing you think it’s cute.”

“It’s more than cute!”

Sam bent to kiss you, but his stomach chose that moment in time to growl loudly.


He chuckled, a dimple appearing in his left cheek, “Famished.”

“Well I’ll have to go to the store. The pantry looks like a barren wasteland.”

“You want to try that new recipe?” Sam trailed you down the hall and into the war room.

Grabbing the keys and your purse from the table, you turned, “Tater tot casserole?”

He shrugged a large shoulder, “Sure. We haven’t had it before.”