hungry crocodile

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You’re getting a terrible ship.

There’s nary a breath between them, Morty wedged against Glenn’s side and Glenn, awkward and gangly, hanging onto his shoulders as they look down at the snapping crocodile mouths below. Their legs are shaking, they’ve been holding themselves up with sheer terror and a good grip on each other. 
“So. Come here often?” Morty asks, after a beat. 
“Hopefully less often than this?” Glenn replies, hair flopping into his face as Morty adjusts his hold, the human gripping so tightly to his shoulders that it’s almost as if they’ve melded at the skin. 
“Because I’m pretty sure these crocodiles are hungry.”
“I got that, Morty.” 

A heartbeat. 
“….Really, really hungry.”
“Thanks, morty.”


> Her s/o isn’t big like Reinhardt, but there’s just something about them that reeks of back alleys and the fires of war. The numerous scars on their body doesn’t help make them seem any more friendly than a hungry crocodile.

> They’re a valuable fighter, but the others keep their distance to them.

> Tracer is pretty oblivious to their threatening demeanour, and reaches out to them right away despite the others’ warnings.

> For that reason, her s/o fell in love with her - she saw through their appearance when no one else could.

> Reinhardt choked on his coffee when he showed up to the kitchen and found Tracer’s s/o in an apron, baking little tarts for Tracer (and begrudgingly, the rest of the team).

> The rest of the team is practically in shock when the couple’s in the dining table, not just with them being lovey-dovey and all, but for the fact that Tracer’s tough-as-nails s/o is bending over backwards for her little requests

> They had to scrape McCree’s chin off the floor when Tracer’s s/o kissed her on her cheek.

> Admin GK

Bill Watterson, the reclusive creator of Calvin and Hobbes, briefly returned to comics last week when he ghostwrote parts of Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine. In those strips, Pastis is replaced by a precocious second grader named Libby, who draws exuberant scenes of Martian invasions and hungry crocodiles, in contrast with Pastis’ more understated style.

In a weekend post on his website, Pastis revealed that “Libby” was really Watterson and remarked that working with Watterson was like catching “a glimpse of Bigfoot.” Pastis added: “By the end of the process, I was left with the distinct impression that he works in a log cabin lit by whale oil and hands his finished artwork to a man on a pony.”

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Sousuke listens to music on his phone in the show right? What if you wrote about Sou being willing to share an earbud with Haru? It helps when I write it.

This became mostly makorin, I’m sorry, it got away from me!  Rin is in so so deep.  And Sousuke probably got a little lax on his no pda rule…

“Do they really think this is necessary?” Rin asks, voice low as he bends across the picnic table to speak to Makoto.

Giggling softly, Makoto can only shrug, looking half-exasperated himself.  

“They just care about us, Rin,” he whispers, chancing a glance at their uninvited audience.  Sousuke and Haru are sitting side-by-side on a bench across the park; Sousuke on his phone with his earbuds in while Haru stares blankly off into space, probably dreaming about water.

“Did they actually think we wouldn’t notice them there?” Rin hisses.  He squeezes Makoto’s wrist without thinking, before he quickly draws back with a blush.

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