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The Wonders of Steve and Diana in Wonder Woman

by Monique

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Spoiler Alert!

We get it. Everyone has been raving about the kickass Amazon woman taking down gods and Germans during World War I. Women may have gotten the courage to charge to the front or wield a sword and shield with a suit, but perhaps they may have also nabbed a glimpse of a relationship they should be striving for with a man. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine created a unique on-screen romance as the respective Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, presented in such a way not many other movies have done before.

Both Marvel and DC have given audiences various relationships to gush over, or to fight over, depending on who you ask. Some people want to be swept off their feet a la Lois Lane in all the Superman movies, while some wanted to shout obscenities at the screen when Steve made a move on Sharon Carter (you know, Peggy Carter’s niece?) in Captain America: Civil War. Lots of these arguments stem from how the hell these connections develop on film (seriously, her niece!), but in Wonder Woman, we get to see practically all of Steve and Diana’s relationship bloom in the span of a single two-hour movie. From the moment Steve crashes onto Themyscira to his heroic sacrifice to save innocent lives, the audience gets to experience love and tragedy thanks to how naturally the chemistry develops between him and Diana.

Speaking of whom, Diana’s fish-out-of-water storyline is a perfect starter determinant of whether or not Steve is a decent guy or not. As she is thrown into an unknown world in a state of despair, not once does Steve talk down to her or treat her anything less like, well, a god. In fact, he’s just as curious as she is when it comes to some foreign island inhabited only by women. After all, he did witness all of them defeat a fleet of Germans coming after him without the use of guns or other modern artillery. The movie provides this motif of discovery, despite the hellish conditions surrounding them. Diana gets casual, sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking explanations of how the real world and how humankind works. Steve could have easily scoffed at the notion that she didn’t know what a watch was. Instead, he gives her a bumbling definition and later on, a reason for her to keep fighting.

And unlike many other male leads, he isn’t leading. It’s refreshing to watch a man who is genuinely scared of the war, and it doesn’t take the lasso of truth to see that throughout the movie. Steve’s constant pushes to keep Diana from fighting back combines fear with doubtful submission to his superiors’ orders, rather than the establishment of power over her. It works well, because this fear eventually evolves into the courage he needs to help Diana and the rest of the war effort. Side by side, they teach and assist each other how to move forward with their goals—Steve to protect innocent lives, and for Diana to defeat the god of war, Ares. The way he mirrors the shield technique from their battle on Themyscira in the battle to reclaim Veld is a beautiful (and very epic) display of what he was able to do to help her reach both their goals.

Ultimately, Diana learns the meaning of self-sacrifice and love thanks to what Steve was striving for. You can pinpoint the moment when everyone’s hearts, including Diana’s, shattered when that plane exploded while he was on board. Tragic.

The best part about Wonder Woman, if that can even be a thing since the whole movie was the best part, was that there wasn’t a huge whoop about their relationship development. The audience didn’t need some passionate kiss in the rain or some unnecessarily loud declaration of devotion in a public space. We get one kiss when they’re alone together, following their dance in the middle of the Belgian village they reclaimed hours earlier. The latter itself felt more intimate than the kiss; Steve is as vulnerable as ever with Diana, revealing that he doesn’t know what normal feels like after everything that’s happened in this war. Much like many of the scenes of torment and despair around her, Diana gets further insight of how war breaks people. After living for so long in peace and growing up peacefully with the most powerful women on the planet, it’s a shot straight to her heart. And the audience’s.

Cheesy as it is, it’s true what Diana says by the end of the film: love can save the world. In a time of unrest and continuing inequality, it’s important that we can at least find the time to understand each other and not be so concerned about power and greed and everything else that tempts us to turn into complete jackasses. Steve was a patient, compassionate gentleman who was able to learn from Diana, and she was able to do the same after being with him. A relationship isn’t a competition or an excuse to display all your best qualities—it’s a team effort that when combined, makes all parties stronger. Wonder Woman wins when it comes to a well-written, well-developed relationship. Without all the fuss and fluff, we get amazing, dynamic characters that will hopefully influence audiences in finding love with the right people.


About the writer | Creative, hungry, and perpetually tired, Monique is a human being with interests spanning from life science to the finer points of fanfiction. When she isn’t doing her best to meet a deadline as early as possible, she’s either unsuccessfully flipping an omelet or binge watching the latest anime. You can find her hiding from the summer heat, winging her eyeliner while ordering pineapple on pizza.

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I drew Ghirahim wearing something that matches the outfit I drew Fi in this picture. I wanted to color it but I don’t have time too :0

The diamond shaped cleavage window is just there so when they turn into sword form they have a hole for their chest diamond to pop out of.

Lost Couplets

I loved you the way you were, I collected all your broken pieces one by one. You had wrenched shards from the ceiling into yourself, and some lost pieces were just that. I did not understand you without them, so I bandaged pickled sentiments, I had saved up years ago. I dissolved your wounds with burnt tips of silver. I washed your hair, laden with entanglements I never sought to have. I poured drops into your lifeless eyes, then glass now prisms of secret sighs. I kissed you, feeling your lips dead against mine, cold and rubbery. I ran my hands over the flesh, that smelled of faint decay, you let me. And when everything was alright, we were embracing, huddled naked skins under the running waters, I realised, this is how love is meant to be, your tragedy and my tears, a midnight. Curved crescent backbones held together by whatever balm, made us now, heal, hurt, curse. Gritty sand grains wrenched between jaws full of slowly receding saliva of horrors. Breathing in blood-clots, catching in the fabricated granules of tumors. Never having enough, just enough to hope, when one day I break from overuse, someone else would care for me the way I did for you, and I would laugh then, under pretence silence…for the hungry couplets of our souls seeking selfish connections in all this astounding chaos.

© soulreserve 2015

squeeze  sweetness  from  your  tongue     ,        running  down  your  chin  and  fingers  twirling  cherry  stem  bundles        (        hunger’s  cradled  in  your  ribs     ,     picking  at  brittle  bone  and  leaving  it  to     rot     .        )        .                —     y’think  i  could  take  a  peak  at  the     morgue     ?     i’m  doing  that  paper  and  would  just     love     to  include  it  in  my  research     !        

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I love your steter drabbles! I admit, I'd really like for you to do a Hades/Persephone themed drabble (with Stiles as Persephone) if you have time and only if you're interested, of course :)

I always love a good Hades/Persephone Steter fic, whether there’s abduction or stockholm syndrome-ing or neither involved, so here’s one of my many twists on it. (But jfc this is long.)

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@mister_krisp’s Edible Art Is (Almost) Too Cute to Eat

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A New Yorker hungry for her creative outlet, Jessica Siskin’s (@mister_krisp) muse had been in her kitchen all along. “I don’t cook. Rice Krispies Treats are the only thing I can make,” the now food artist and MFA student explains. “I made them all the time to entertain people, but because I’m me, I couldn’t just drop them in a pan.” Jessica often shaped her treats into hearts or stars, but one day, panicked by what to bring to a potluck gathering, she transformed her treat into a surfboard and experimented with food coloring for the first time; today, she sells up to 12 of her crazy and colorful creations per week. “It’s really important to be authentic to you and your brand,” the small business owner advises. “No one will identify with your brand if you don’t know what it is. I haven’t wavered or changed how I post since the first day.”