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└ Cos OTP and food and cooking set is ALWAYS good~~

Cr: Sakurai Sho Onigiri CM, Matsumoto Jun Kikkoman CM makings of

Bonus: Cos OTP makes me wanna say, “FEED ME~~~”

This isn’t really a 100 days of productivity post but I just wanted to share cos I’m proud of myself?

Today during team training we did strongman stuff for funsies (I do powerlifting and crossfit but yeah) and I was able to do a 270 pound yoke walk! The last time I tried I couldn’t even lift the yoke (which is 170 pounds) so I’m really happy :)

Then later on I was watching videos in French, and when my mum came to my room and asked me a question I just started talking in French? I was really tired so there were probably loads of mistakes, but it just flowed so naturally and I was like say what?! It was really exciting. Unfortunately my mum doesn’t speak French so I had to repeat everything, but hey ho it was cool.

Anddd I applied to more jobs today. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I start hearing back from places soon. As nice as this break was after graduation, I’m really itching to do engineering stuff again 🤓

@uni_mafumafu 大人になってわかったことは、大人も涙を流すんだってこと。大人になっても悲しいことは悲しいし、強そうに見えてしっかり傷つくんだってこと。それと、子供の頃嫌いだった先生や大人たちも、きっとどこかで泣いたり、お腹をすかせたり、苦しいなあと思っていたのかなと思った。

Mafumafu: What i’ve learnt after becoming an adult is that even adults cry. Even when you become an adult, sad things are still sad and you’re still hurt by them despite appearing strong. And about those teachers and adults who we hated when we were young, I wondered if they too had sad and hungry times or times when they thought that it was just too painful.

evelynespacifier  asked:

a fic where Cosima and Sarah have arrived home around midnight and both are craving some eskimo pies. although, there's only one left. both bicker about who getting the last one. lastly, they settle in on sharing the last eskimo pie; a tender moment takes place. - 💙

They stumbled through the door to their apartment just after midnight. Exhausted from the day neither could make it further than the couch and they collapsed in a heap of tangled limbs. Cosima’s head came to rest heavily against Sarah’s shoulder and the Brit intertwined their fingers, running the pad of her thumb gently over the back of the Scientist’s hands. Their moment of tranquility was interrupted suddenly by a grumbling of Cosima’s stomach.

“You hungry, Cos?” Sarah chuckled. 

“Skipped lunch,” Cosima mumbled guiltily, “Scotty and I made this, like, major breakthrough so we didn’t have time to stop.”

“You gotta stop doin’ that,” Sarah sighed, “You just got well, yeah, you have to take care of yourself.”

“I know,” Cosima shifted so she could bury her face in the crook of Sarah’s neck, “I’m trying it’s just, the science is so addictive. I can’t help it.”

Sarah shook her head and smiled. Her girlfriend was such an adorable nerd sometimes. 

“Eskimo pies!” Cosima sat up so suddenly that she knocked the top of her head on Sarah’s chin.

“Jesus Christ, Cosima,” Sarah groaned, “I bit my bloody tongue.”

“Sorry,” Cosima winced, rubbing her head, “God, you have, like, an incredibly hard head and I think I have a concussion.”

“Bullshit,” Sarah muttered though the ire in her words was lost as her tongue had started to swell.

“I know the perfect cure,” Cosima said as she dragged herself off the couch and stumbled over to the fridge, “Shit,” her face fell as she pulled the box of frozen treats from the freezer.

“What is it?” Sarah frowned at the lisp she had developed.

“Only one left,” Cosima held up the lonely ice cream bar.

“It’s bloody mine, innit,” Sarah growled, “You practically had the rest of the box. Not to mention you nearly split my bloody tongue in half just now.”

“But Sarah,” Cosima whined as she bought the treat back over to where her girlfriend sat, “I’m so hungry.”

Usually the puppy dog eyes being thrown her way would melt Sarah into a puddle but she was tired and her tongue throbbed. She wasn’t going to give in that easily.

“No way,” Sarah shook her head, “Don’t pull that shite with me tonight. Hand it over Dreads.”

“What if,” Cosima started unwrapping the ice cream, “We, like, shared it?” 

Sarah watched accusingly as her girlfriend took a bite out of the corner, “Oi! Sharin’ means leavin’ some for me.”

Cosima dropped back down onto the couch and reluctantly handed the treat over. The sweet, cold ice cream soothed Sarah tongue and she groaned happily as she let it melt in her mouth. They passed it back and forth between the two of them until all that was left was the stick which Cosima placed on the side table next to the couch. It was rounding on one in the morning and neither of them had the energy to make it to their bedroom, content to rest in each other’s arms where they sat.

“Sorry about your tongue,” Cosima said as she ran her fingers through Sarah’s hair.

“Sorry about your head,” Sarah replied softly, her eyes drifting closed.

Request a prompt

Uh…. Prince Au cos I’m a sucker for Prince Will.
Tangled Au cos Will is goddamn hot with long hair. He would look like those dudes in the romance novels.
Miraculous Au, to be honest I agree to those people who thinks Will should be Chat Noir instead of Nico (yes I read tags, just too shy to reply) shipping wise (Chat Will crushing on Ladybug Nico while civilian Nico crushing on civilian hot model Will). But Nico got the whole daddy issues in the bag as Adrien and the cataclysm is just so Nico. I’m just asdfghjkl;

Au where I’m dying because of Will and Aus. Lol who am I kidding, I’m already dead because of Will. Scratch that. I’m dead because of Solangelo.