When you go out to eat with your friends but then remembered that everyone is poor

SC Boys: (Singing) We are hungry, full of hunger! The hungriest! Our hunger grows apocalyptic. Grace our caramel brown sea of deliciousness with all the toppings you got!  ♪♪♪

Employee: Er, let’s see that is 9,970 ¥ each. With the toppings…your total is 39,980 ¥. Will that be cash or credit?

SC Boys: (Singing) Actually, go ahed and cancel that  ♪♪♪

Original video:

“On other hand, GameDaily included Wart their list of the 10 worst Mario characters, stating he “will always be the loser that filled in for Bowser”, and they also called him “a somewhat ironic figure” because he dies from eating too many vegetables despite being an overweight creature.”

“Wart was listed in GamesRadar editor Alan Bradley’s article “A baker’s dozen of gaming’s hungriest bastards”, he referred to Wart as a “trippy looking frog” whose “allergy to health food is legendary” and “he’s not above eating anything (or anyone) else, potentially even children’s bubble mix.”

((This is apart of the Wart article on the Nintedo Wiki and oh my goodness there are some real unpleasant and bloody funny thoughts on him!))

anonymous asked:

any thoughts on birdhouse winning kotr?

they earned it. seems like they’ve got the perfect squad for it! they got the best mystery guest & they’re the hungriest - Birdhouse just isn’t as core as Chocolate or Toy so they’ve got more to prove plus they were going for the hat trick. kudos!