something i was unaware of: the lights in ops are motion sensitive. (that would explain why there is no light switch. never even crossed my mind).

what just happened: i heard a funny little beep and then it was dark, because i have been sitting here motionless for like 20 minutes.

clearly this place is bumpin’ right now.

only an hour left until i can split.

That’s why i choose to love Jesus instead. He’s the only love that is consistent and big enough for me.  i know it will last forever because He will definitely, easily, without a doubt be the love to keep my heart blazing higher than ever for forever rather than just a small spark of love mixed with lots of lustful love. His love will be different than any love imaginable or achieved anywhere by anyone ever. Ugh, i cannot wait. He’s not a beast like you think and if He was then i would be an idiot to pass it up still. if there were even 99 percent that it was the beast and only 1 percent that it was Jesus, i would still take that chance because there is no way i’m going to pass up a love with Jesus even if there was only just one percent chance of it being Him. i know if that was the case, which it is not then i know with out a doubt that our God would forgive me for following my heart and being hungry enough for his love to risk it all. i have no regrets and don’t need to have regrets because i’m right and you’re all wrong.

Partial list of my nicknames for Zeno
    • (and every variation containing the word)
  • Mr. Not-appearing-enough-in-this-anime
  • Actual human emoji
  • Actual human pincushion
  • Actual sneaky ninja
  • The rogue bard tank
  • The bird whisperer (v2.0)
  • Ao’s harem member #3 (where #1 is Shin-ah and #2 is Yona)
  • Actual Twilight joke (but with way less creepy)
  • “Free Hugs” sign holder
  • Literal army of one
  • Wandering yellow
  • Where’s Waldo, Kouka edition
  • Hairband star hair
  • Trollmaster
  • Juggler of feels
  • Happiest and hungriest of the bunch
Wrestlemania 31 Preview Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

As the chase for the Intercontinental Championship hits a fever pitch, WrestleMania 31’s blockbuster Ladder Match for the prestigious title has added a seventh — and most decorated — entrant, in the form of former three-time WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

The popular “Yes!” Man joins a highly competitive field of Stardust, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, Dean Ambrose, R-Truth and defending champion Bad News Barrett. The first Superstar to scale a ladder and capture the Intercontinental Championship, which will be hanging high above the ring inside Levi’s® Stadium, will be declared the victor on March 29.

The huge matchup — which highlights the calamity in the Intercontinental Championship scene — brings into conflict seven of WWE’s hungriest and most intense Superstars.

It also adds to Barrett’s recent woes: Ever since Dean Ambrose absconded with his championship gold at WWE Fastlane, The Bare-Knuckled Brawler has been unable to maintain possession of the title for long, despite being the Intercontinental Champion of record. The controversy around his title has also seemingly contributed to his recent lackluster record in non-title competition against his WrestleMania challengers.

However, as Barrett’s attention has been diverted, the contenders to his title have increasingly become at odds. With no alliances obvious and every Superstar aiming for the same objective — winning the Intercontinental Championship — what kind of out-of-control action is in store for WrestleMania? Add in weaponized ladders and this Show of Shows title bout is shaping up to be one of the most thrilling and chaotic matches in WrestleMania history.

Will order finally be restored to the Intercontinental Championship scene at The Showcase of the Immortals? Will the Superstar who leaves Levi’s® Stadium with the time-honored title be the defending champion, a former titleholder or a competitor who has never before captured the title?

Don’t miss out when WrestleMania 31 airs live on WWE Network Sunday, March 29, at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

*According to the app poll this looks like the final lineup for the match will update if anyone else gets added, now here’s hoping Dean wins at Wrestlemania!

wowwwwwwww headache please go awayyyyyy

two more hours until i get to leave.

i have to bring the key to the main building first and then i have to wait for the bus that’s going to be full of drunk hippies.

i just want to go home and go to bed :-(

500 Calories: Hearty, Gluten-Free Italian Meatballs


meatballs are one of the most universally-loved american and italian foods. this recipe is a paleo, gluten-free take on the classic and at 1370 calories for an entire batch of 21 large meatballs, each serving of seven meatballs nets at 456 calories and is sure to fill up even the hungriest person!


here’s what you’ll need:

- two pounds organic lean turkey

- one organic cage free egg

- one organic yellow onion, diced small

- two organic carrots, shredded

- one cup organic kale, diced small

- one 12 oz can of crushed tomatoes

- two teaspoons onion powder

- one tablespoon garlic powder

- two teaspoons dried thyme

- 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

- one teaspoon grated basil

- salt and pepper

- small mix of basil and two packets stevia for sauce mix

- grated parmesan for those not following a strict paleo diet



- preheat oven to 400

- combine all ingredients minus tomatoes and stevia mixture and make 1/2 fist-sized meatballs (21 total). 

- lay on large sheet pan coated in coconut oil spray.

- cook for 35 minutes until they start to brown on the outside.

- meanwhile, combine tomatoes and stevia, allow to simmer for 15 minutes. 

- pour sauce into bottom of serving dish, add in meatballs, more sauce on top and top with cheese if desired. enjoy!


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Osiris Blade is one of the hottest, hungriest cocksuckers around and handsome Theo Ford loves to get his thick cock serviced. The two studs are a match made in heaven.  Right from the start, Theo’s stiff rod attracts Osiris like a magnet. Osiris caves to the attraction and immediately gets on all fours and feasts on Theo’s meat, worshipping it with undivided attention. Turned on to the max by Osiris’ cock worshipping, Theo gives Osiris’ ass a few good smacks before burying his face and tongue into it. After lubing up Osiris’ hole with his dripping saliva, Theo takes control sliding in his pole and giving it to Osiris doggy style as Osiris howls and moans erotically. When Theo is ready to bust, Osiris crawls around and welcomes Theo’s hot load with his salivating lips. Making sure he gets a taste of every drop, Osiris laps up Theo’s cum!

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