Okay so I did the Hunger Games thing ‘cause bored and...

These were the characters I picked:

Clawdeen,Amethyst and Olaf what a beautiful team

This won’t end well

you can’t run away from your feelings Ash!

Idk I found it funny

Typical Bill,stalks everyone

these two died the first day. :(

Aww don’t cry let me hug you lil bean

That’s just adorable

Bye bye depression

Bill is being himself yet again

Fireboy killed the Ice Queen how ironic

these ladies died

Why is Bill so accurate with his character in this????

This is such a Fear thing to do



Goodbye anxiety

I would love to see that animated(Also puns because Cheer Bear)

I don’t remember this scene from the movie

Wow Anna chill

Oh no

Status chart so far.The proof that Anna needs to fucking chill

Of course he would

At least they died together <3

Cheer Bear got fucking DARK

Was it a bottomless pit?

And the winner ofe these brutal games full of blood and death is


Freaking Cheer Bear.Think of that next time you’re watching Care Bears cause apparently this bear is a master of strategy and killing people.