Imagine: Staying down in the tunnels with Finnick to fight off mutts and the two of you combined hold them off long enough for every single one of you to get up. Finnick isn’t dead. What are you talking about? Also check tags for triggers.

“Go!” you yell forcing everyone towards the opening. Gale is up the latter first. 

“You go. I’ll hold them off,” Finnick says turning his back to you and knocking down a mutt. One more goes up the latter. 

“I’m not leaving you behind, Finnick!” you argue shooting a mutt right in the head. One more goes up the latter and you’re breathing a little lighter now as Peeta goes up the latter. You’re only missing five more including you and Finnick. 

“We don’t have time to argue,” he yells spinning around to deliver the final hit. Another mutt down, but they keep coming into the room. You’re almost drowning in mutts, but you’re not about to let Finnick go on a suicide mission. If he dies, you die. 

“Then don’t argue,” you yell back as you run out of bullets and throw the gun away. You draw a shining blade from your belt and starts slitting their throats. Katniss is the last one to go up the stairs. 

“On my count we take each side of the latter,” you say finishing off yet another mutt. Finnick does the same and you signal. Running to the latter you take one side and he takes the other. You protect each other’s backs as you climb the latter. You can feel fresh air already. 

“Go up,” you yell at Finnick who reluctantly crawls through the hole. You shake off a mutt trying to pull you down and crawl through the hole as well. Once up you immediately run and you even manage to find a place to stay with a woman who looks kind of like a cat. She hides you in the basement and you throw yourself into Finnick’s arms. You’re so thankful he’s alive. 

“I have no idea how your plan worked,” he says still clutching onto you tightly. 

“Me neither. I’m just so happy you’re here,” you whisper kissing him. But although you’re happy about this, your body is ready to collapse. The adrenalin is gone and you feel awfully tired now. 

“We need some sleep,” Katniss states looking around at all of your faces. 

“I second that,” you say not even bothering to find blankets or a comfortable place to sleep. You just head to the corner with Finnick where the two of you lie down. 

“You’re my pillow for the night.” 


Can you imagine how awesome a tumblr city would be? 

Like, there would be the hipster district and the fandom district and smaller districts inside. In the fandom district, we would cosplay or wear fan merch everyday. The bars would put tv shows instead of sport, we would have big movie theaters at every corner with a marathon each week and a special hotel for when stars come to visit. Gringotts would be our bank and we’d use the Hogwarts Express to move from one district to another. We would paint or ships on the walls and display fanarts in the streets. Movie soundtracks would be use in lifts, waiting rooms, etc. 

There would be the superwholock district in the center, the biggest one, a bit strange but once you’re in, you can’t leave. It’d be full of demons and angels stuff, blue police boxes and people would call themselves ‘hight functioning sociopaths’.

There would be the HP district with the Hogwarts castle in the middle were people would live and works. Hogsmeade and Diagon alley to do some shopping. People would wear their houses colors and bring their wands with them every where.  

The Percy Jackson fandom would be near the lake. They’d live in two different camps, the Greek one and the Roman one. There would be fights from time to time between the two but nothing really serious. They would pray the greeks and romans gods.

The DC fandom and the Marvel one would be in the part of the city were the buildings are the highest. People would often wear masks and superhero costumes. It would probably be the part of the city were  crimes are the rarest due to the amount of heroes, even though some people worship vilains.

The Hunger Games fandom would organise a game (not as cruel as the real ones) every year. Sometimes, some people from the Dauntless faction (Divergent fandom) would try to sneak in. 

We would have a National Day, the Tumblr Day, with huge parties etc.There wouldn’t be any discrimination or sexism, we would respect the environnement and every one would be welcomed as long as they stay nice.

And anyway, that’s my dream.   

Ohh, ohh, did I lead this ship to wreck?
—  Not Florence and the Machine but Fangirls everywhere at one point
Roll Call!

Introducing, the characters of Sugar And Snow!

Lucky Blue Smith, as Orion Snow. Daisy Clementine Smith, as Electra Snow. And Andy Biersack, as Slade Wolfhart.

Sam Claflin, as Finnick Odair. Amber Heard, as Lyrical Heavensbee. And Lenny Kravitz, as Cinna.

Woody Harrelson, as Haymitch Abernathy. Jennifer Lawrence, as Katniss Everdeen. Josh Hutcherson, as Peeta Mellark. And Elizabeth Banks, as Effie Trinket.

So this morning I’m fixing a scene in Part 1, Chapter 1 and thinking to myself, “Aww, poor Finnick,” and wanting to hug him. And then this afternoon I’m editing a scene in Part 4, Chapter 4, ~100,000 words later, and I find myself going, “Aww, poor Finnick…wait, didn’t I just say that? What kind of story am I writing?”

And then I remembered last week when I was on my way back to my room to write and my partner was like, “Have fun to-”

Me: “Oh, I’m having fun! Finnick is being tortured!” (And this was the rewrite of Chapter 5 of Mags’ Weapon that I’m working on.)

Her: “I know, I was saying, have fun torturing people. You’re so mean!”

Me: “You haven’t read canon! This is my kinder, gentler AU!”

And the crazy thing is, it is. I’m being way nicer to Finnick than Suzanne Collins ever was. Actually, I am hard-pressed to think of a character who doesn’t get a better outcome in my fic, if their treatment diverges from canon (poor Mags’ doesn’t). Gale, maybe.

Actually, now that I think about it, these people are noticeably better off in my fic: Finnick. Annie. Cashmere. Johanna. Katniss. Peeta. Prim. Lyme.

These people have similar outcomes: Mags. Cinna. Haymitch. Gloss. Brutus*. Enobaria. Wiress. Beetee**. Blight. Seeder. Chaff. Cecilia. Woof. The Morphlings***. Peeta’s family. Plutarch. Snow. Everyone who died before the point of divergence late in Catching Fire.

Everyone else either doesn’t exist or isn’t mentioned, or, I guess, is Gale. Sorry, Gale!

* You know what? I take it back. Being killed by Johanna is way less embarrassing than being killed by Peeta. Brutus the Career from Two chooses my ‘verse over canon. You with me on this, @lorata?

** Hell, even Beetee gets to make new friends and finds a new SO/long-term friend with benefits.

*** I swear I need to work them in just so I can give them names and not just, like, addictions. *facepalm*

Some love Peeta

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Some love Gale

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But everyone loves Finnick

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If Tumblr takes this down again, I swear I’m gonna scream

  • Mess with the Hunger Games Fandom we will drive an arrow through your head.
  • Mess with the Divergent Fandom we will put a knife through your chest.
  • Mess with the Doctor Who Fandom we'll drop you off around 300 B.C.
  • Mess with the Sherlock Fandom and we'll make your death look like suicide.
  • Mess with the Supernatural Fandom and we will burn you on the roof.
  • Mess with the Avengers Fandom and we will send the Hulk at you.
  • Mess with the Harry Potter Fandom and we will Avada you.
  • Mess with the Mortal Instruments Fandom and we will hunt you down.
  • You have been warned.
  • These are the Fandoms of Tumblr.
  • We stand together and together be stand strong.

Imagine: Having been in the Hunger Games leaving your boyfriend Gale behind, and you’re finally back as a winner wanting to be reunited with your boyfriend more than anything. 
A/N So this lovely person @sakuraaeris1497 wrote me a really amazing one shot with Finnick which inspired me to do a hunger games imagine myself. I’ll leave you guys a link in case you want to check it out. Partners Until The End

You’re waiting for the doors to open and for you to get out of the train and come home. You’re waiting for the doors to open so you can finally see Gale. You just want the doors to open. You’re the winner of the 72th Hunger Games and no one thought you would win. District 12 never wins. 

“Are you ready?” someone you don’t know asks. You nod taking a deep breath. Too slowly the doors open and you see the entire district standing in front of you. One by one the all lift three fingers in the air and you do the same. No one makes a sound or even moves right in this minute and that’s when you see him. 

“Gale?” you whisper feeling yourself tear up. He bows his head trying to hide his own tears. You know you’re supposed to do a speech and talk about what an amazing time you’ve had in the Capitol, but you just can’t. You need to feel Gale in your arms. You start to run towards him and the peacekeepers start to move after you but their cut of by the crowd. District 12 takes care of their own. Fortunately there’s no violence, but you have a feeling that’s because the Capitol will go mental over the reunion of two young people. Whatever the reason you’re thankful. 

“Y/N,” he exclaims as he looks up and see you running towards him. You throw yourself at him and he catches you clutching your body so tight you can’t breathe. But you don’t care, because you didn’t think you’d ever see him again, but now you’re here. 

“I love you,” you repeat over and over again as you sob into his shoulder. You’re so happy to be back and see him. He’s been your family for as long as you can remember, since you’ve never known your parents. 

“I love you, too. I’m so happy you came back to me,” he says kissing your forehead. 

“I promised you I would come back. I always keep my promises,” you reply smiling through the tears. He finally kisses you properly and you feel a weight be lifted from your shoulders. You’ve been so scared this entire time, but now you can finally breathe. 

“I’m really glad you keep your promises.”