Hunger Games AU {Peter and ?}

Peter stood in like with the rest of the children up for the reaping. This was his last reaping. After this, he no longer had to worry about the Hunger Games. He would be home free. Once, everyone was in line, the music started playing and Effie Trinket stepped onto the stage. Peter tried to not look at the screen that showed the rebellion and the passed Hunger Games. He hadn’t been alive then, but he knew everything was depicted wrong.

“Now, time for the reaping,” Effie said, “I’ll mix it up a bit. Males first this time.” She walked over to the bowl and dug her hand into it. She came back out with a piece of paper. She went back to microphone. “And the male tribute for District 12 is…” she opened the paper. “Peter Pan.”

Closed rp

It’s been a long day for the young girl. Just the day before she’d been back in her home district and now here she was in the Capitol waiting to meet the person who would help her make an impression on potential sponsors during her time in the hunger games. Chloe sat quietly, her long brunette hair falling in front of her face as she stared at her feet, nervous for what the evening would bring.

Back in the District // Open

It’d been a month since Chloe had returned home after winning the hunger games and she was slowly beginning to adjust to life back in her district. But everything was different now, people looked at her, treated her differently, it was tough, she had simply wanted to forget but with her nightmares and the fact that she now lived in Victors Village, she realised quickly that would be an impossible task. She kept her head down as she walked through town, hoping to see a friend, or just anyone who would treat her as they had before the games, or maybe even someone who would listen to what was going on in her head.

The Victory Tour // Chloe & Effie

Six months had passed since Chloe had won the hunger games and her life had changed. Nothing was the same, everyone in her district treated her differently and the nightmares were always there. It was the day she was set to leave for the victory tour and as she spent the day with her younger brother and sister she knew it was only a few hours before she’d be back on that train.


Broken || Open

“You have blood poisoning Gale.”

Dr. Aurelius’s words ran through Gale like venom. He was a fool to leave the wound unattended for days and now he was disposable. Coin had no time to waste on a mere soldier much like himself, all she cared about was if he was fit to fight and at this stage he was nowhere near. 

He sat alone in his room in thirteen, running a hand through his hair as he let out a short exhale, he hoped the word of this wouldn’t get out to Katniss or his family for that matter, they had enough on their plate as it was and as far as he could recall, Katniss was busy with Peeta now that he was safe. Gale was due for a check up at o'eight hundred. 

Happy Hunger Games || open rp || open to DW characters and OC's.

“Happy happy Hunger Games… very happy yes.” He muttered as he was waiting to be set into place. 

Explanation was necessarily, which he was given when he had been woken up. Kidnapped, that’s where it started. He wasn’t the only one it seemed. They had a week to train to kill before they would be put in a game. One goal, survive. Last one alive wins. Although he didn’t knew who his opponents were he did train, able of handling all kinds of weapons. 

So, one to survive and if it takes too long, one of the contestants would be turned murderous. Easy enough. 


It started to count down, but for the Doctor it had all been too much of a shock yet. His friends, all lined up as well, were the opponents. They needed to kill each other, to win. As slight panic crossed his mind he tried to focus back on the game. 

There were weapons in the middle of the field. The fact that he was thinking of the quickest way to defend himself was bad enough. No, he was running, definitely. 

”…2…..1…. 0" 

At zero there was an alarm and everything started.

Hunger Games AU for 3nations1city

Red sits nervously in one of the train cars, watching the scenery go by as District 8 recedes into the horizon.

Hir response to being selected (as the male tribute, which was what xe remained registered as for the Reaping) had been fairly calm- surprise, of course; then contemplation; then finally resignation. At 13 years of age, xe is not the most physically fit, and the fact that xe is incredibly opposed to violence of any kind would likely just seal hir fate.

A blessing, perhaps, is that xe does not know the other tribute from the district. It would not do to become attached only to have the other die, or die hirself.

Reaping Day // Hunger Games Au

It was reaping day in the districts of Panem, a day everyone dreaded. But no one dreaded the day more than those who were aged twelve to eighteen. Chloe was just seventeen and as she stood with other girls her age, watching the video that played every year, she just wanted the day to be over with. 

For the past four reapings, the odds had somewhat been in her favour, considering the chance of her name being called was rather high. But this year was the year her luck ran out as she heard the her name being called before she slowly made her way towards the stage.

Hunger Games Au- Clsoed Rp with Scarlet-Soldier

-Another cloudy morning in the district 7., one of the less inhabited districts. Known as one of the biggest industrial complex based on metalurgy, and reninement of minerals brought form the district 12., District 7 was a desoalted place where life was disposed everyday, with the death of workers due to the constant exposusre to chemicals-

-Eren was in the line for lunch. another 12 hour shift was about to end, he could barely feel his hands at this point. A common issue due to the Ford model, of the assembly line, made the workers suffer from constant pain due to the high speed of the production, not to mention insanity of the everyday routine. Yet He kept moving forward, he had to take care of his mother after his father perished a year ago due to mercury poisoning in the water.

another day.. another miserable ration.. this won`t be enough for the two of us..” -Eren sighed as he looked the stale piece of bred and mug of stew- “I better take this to mom.. she needs this more than I do..” - He forgot what day it was, the sole called day of the tributes. Something he utterly hated, life in the district was already a pian, and youth was scarce, yet they had the courage to take what little was left, and forced to join the games.  By the time Eren got home, and gave his mother the daily ration, the sound of speakers ecoed thrugh the place, as they meeting was called. all people under the age of 21 should gather at the mayor`s hall-

Open RP [After the Hunger Games AU]

Foxface looked around her quiet house. She finally felt like she could relax, no more games and no more victory tour. She laid down on her couch and started going through some family albums when she heard a knock at the door. “Coming, I’m coming.” She said walking towards the door.

Hunger Games AU, Part 2 || closed RP with ohdanmark

Maddie was backed against a tree, scrambling to find a branch in her reach that would be strong enough to hold her weight. “Magnus, where are you, damnit? I could use a little bit of help…” she said under her breath. She looked at the Career, who seemed to be taking pleasure in her struggle. “You… you’re not going to make this quick, are you…?”

Hunger games au open rp

The small twelve year old was shaking  badly as she queued to be signed in for reaping of this years hunger games. It was her first time being in the reaping and what was worse was today was her birthday. She had no family left since they had either died or abandoned her. She winced once they pricked her finger. She then quickly went to her space and waited. the waiting was what was worse. She could hear everyone else walking to their space but no one was talking. When everyone was in place the person came out on the stage. To Tiffany it was just a blur. She was too scared to listen. When the video of the reminder to why they were doing this. The person then reached their hand into the bowl of girls names. 
“Tiffany Haywood" 
That was what was called. Her name. Tears streaming down her face as guards came. Escorting her up to the stage. She was shaking so badly that anyone in the audience could of seen her shaking. Now all she had to do was waited for the other tribute. Then she would be going straight to her death. She couldn’t fight. She couldn’t do anything. She knew she would die the moment she went to fight. But she had to be strong. She was a tribute now.