Let’s see how our tributes are doing on night three…

It must be cold in the arena, lots of tributes, little amount of available shelters means a lot of sharing/ truces. I have my doubts on whether or not they last…

Oh wait! what’s this? @damneronpoe seems to be picking up speed so to speak…maybe those thoughts about winning were sincere after all…

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Many Sentence Monday (because I missed Six Sentence Sunday)

    Brendan walked into the kitchen. “I’m starving. Is it time to order pizza yet?”

    Peeta chuckled. “It can be time to order.” He took out his phone and hollered up to the girls, “What kind of pizza am I ordering?”

    Three sets of feet ran down the stairs.

    “Pepperoni.” Callie and Mags said at the same time.

    “Cheese.” Pearl said softly.

    Brendan opened up the fridge and took out an apple. “Just pizza. I’m so hungry.” He took a bite of the fruit as he walked out of the room.

    “Katniss?” Peeta asked. “You have a preference?”

    “I’ll eat anything.” 

    Peeta fought against the tightening in his pants at all the dirty thoughts that simple sentence brought up. “I’m for Hawaiian.” He opened the app on his phone and ordered up four pies for delivery. He was sure the older girls could eat their own and so could Brendan. “They’ll be here in about thirty minutes.”

    “Yay!” Callie exclaimed.

    “You better call us as soon as it gets here.” Mags said, pulling Callie out of the room.

The sun has risen and the remaining tributes move onto day three!

I’ve gotten an explosive hmmm… @hanorganaas do you still have your’s??

A lot of shifting alliances those that had once teamed up are now splitting apart it seems. They say it’s to cover more ground to look for resources. But we don’t know for sure, do we @sapphiccosmology and @assbuttofasgard??

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anonymous asked:

I know you're really envolved in The 100's speculations rn but that post from the Hunger Games that you reblogged caught my attention. Did you read the series? If you did, I want to know your thoughts on the ending bc I know a lot of ppl don't liked it but I always love it so much - I never saw Katniss as the leader of a revolution, all she has ever wanted was to leave in peace and she got that.

Of course I read The Hunger Games. Multiple times. I was coming off of a HG binge (and The Walking Dead binge)  when I begged for suggestions on a new show, and someone put The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead together and told me to watch The 100. I haven’t read or watched them in a long time, so I’m a little rusty, but I have thoughts. 

I don’t think Katniss was the leader of a revolution. She was a figure head. She was being used by the resistance as much as she was being used by the Capitol in the hunger games. The games in the last book were actually the battles of the revolution itself. 

But Katniss was actually a rebel. She didn’t follow rules. She didn’t play their games. She did, but she took her power back where she could, she saw behind the flash and dazzle of the games to the games that were REALLY happening.

It was about survival, and about control, and those in power thinking they had a right to dictate people’s lives. To END their lives. Haymitch asked her to remember who the enemy was. She was always looking for who the enemy was.

Once it was starvation. Then it was the other champions. But she began to recognize that her ‘enemies’ were not the enemy. Foxface was very much like her. Rue was just like her sister. Even the careers were all a part of this system. The enemy was the game keepers, president Snow, the system. By the time we got to book three, she realized it wasn’t just the Capitol vs the districts, that the same system had colored even the resistance and President Coin was much of the same story. And it was all a game. And it was the powerful trying to control the less powerful. 

I like the end of the book in that Katniss got out of the game. The politics continued on, although she had a big hand in ending the worst of it. But she no longer had to take part. She was no longer one of the game pieces, she was no longer one of the tools. She was free to do what she wanted, and what she wanted was to live peacefully and have a family and nurture children and heal and make sure they never had to live that horror.

I liked the first book best. It was the best of them. But I was also satisfied with the resolution of the whole series. It gave closure. It gave Katniss a good life, despite her loss and traumas. She was a hero and she got the best end a hero can get. 


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