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“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” In honor of Mockingjay Part 2 coming out this week, miss @craftasticness (instagram) made me a set of AMAZING Mockingjay inspired nails!!! How crazy are these??? She hand painted them herself. It took her a total of 8 hours to do 10 different nails! Not only did she create this masterpiece, she has dozens of other book inspired nails!! You guys need to go check her out and follow her because she’s the bomb dot com. Follow us on Instagram!Follow the nail artist on Instagram!

So here is the uncomfortable question: What if a big chunk of the Hunger Games fanbase liked the film series specifically because of the very material that the films attempted to satirize? What if my cynical fears that a story about the evils of โ€œbread and circusesโ€ infotainment distractions became one of the very biggest examples of the thing it loathes were at least somewhat founded? What if large chunks of the fanbase only showed up the first two times to see Katnissโ€™s gorgeous dresses, to gaze upon the Capitol, to laugh with the pre-games pageantry, to swoon over which of the two handsome young men Katniss should end up with, and to cheer and hiss at the climactic Hunger Games?

What if much of the appeal of this politically angry and unconventionally cynical fantasy franchise was merely embraced as a crowd-pleasing example of the things it most detested? ย What if much of America only embraced The Hunger Games when it was giving them the easily digestible โ€œKatniss is the saviorโ€ narrative and fled when the films started to poke holes in that arc?

—  Scott Mendelson for (x)