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“You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarrassing, but thank you.”- Jennifer Lawrence

“I was exactly the same age as Anne Frank,” she explained in her curiously accented, international English. “We were both 10 when war broke out and 15 when the war finished. I was given the book in Dutch, in galley form, in 1946 by a friend. I read it … and it destroyed me. It does this to many people when they first read it but I was not reading it as a book, as printed pages. This was my life. I didn’t know what I was going to read. I’ve never been the same again, it affected me so deeply.”

While Anne Frank was watching the moon from her warehouse attic window and listening to the news of Allied advances on the radio, Audrey Hepburn was trying to lead a normal life in the heart of her mother’s Dutch family, and experiencing the Nazi occupation on the street.

“I have memories. More than once I was at the station seeing trainloads of Jews being transported, seeing all these faces over the top of the wagon. I remember, very sharply, one little boy standing with his parents on the platform, very pale, very blond, wearing a coat that was much too big for him, and he stepped on to the train. I was a child observing a child. I don’t know how much longer it was before we knew what was happening - sooner than you did in Britain. Then I realised what would have happened to him. And reading Anne Frank’s diary, it all came back to me.

"We saw reprisals. We saw young men put against the wall and shot and they’d close the street and then open it and you could pass by again. If you read the diary, I’ve marked one place where she says, ‘Five hostages shot today’. That was the day my uncle was shot. And in this child’s words I was reading about what was inside me and is still there. It was a catharsis for me. This child who was locked up in four walls had written a full report of everything I’d experienced and felt.”

The focus of their collaborative work on Anne Frank’s diary, for both Michael Tilson Thomas and Audrey Hepburn, is not the arousal of guilt through horror - though Tilson Thomas has drawn on traditional Jewish music and admits he found the Holocaust peculiarly difficult to make into music - but the indestructability of the human spirit. Children may be destroyed, but the optimism of childhood cannot be defeated. “The Anne Frank spirit,” says Tilson Thomas, “was optimistic and forgiving. This is not a grim, horrific piece, although it is sad and disturbing. Here is a special person, a wonderful spirit, even though we know she had an unhappy ending. The piece ends on a hopeful, if wondering, note.”

“People say,” says Audrey Hepburn, “wasn’t it all dreadful, the war, but five years of your life can’t all be horrifying. As a child you live daily life. I see this in camps in the Sudan. As long as children have even a very little food they will still run around and want to play. I see it at its strongest where situations are worst. If they have strength, children go on living. You’ve seen the Kurdish children barefoot in the snow, children holding children, holding babies and still struggling on. This spirit of survival is so strong in Anne Frank’s words. One minute she says, ‘I’m so depressed.’ The next she is longing to ride a bicycle. She is certainly a symbol of the child in very difficult circumstances, which is what I devote all my time to. She transcends her death.”

[ Lesley Garner on interviewing Audrey Hepburn, The Sunday Telegraph, 5/26/1991 ]

I've read the books?

*Harry Potter starts playing*
Me: it’s cool I’ve read the books.

*Hunger Games starts playing*
Me: it’s cool I’ve read the books.

*Lord of the Rings starts playing*
Me: still cool I’ve read the books.

*Game of Thrones starts playing*
Me: *sweats nervously*

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Tulip fact! During the hunger winter in WWII the dutch did eat tulips! Tulip bulbs to be more precise. You can cook them like potatos and make things like stew or soup with them. So yeah maybe spock can make jim some tulip bulb stew sometimes :D

Interesting fact!!

Day 29: C.Y.S: Favourite Characters

The books that hold some of my favourite characters in them!!💕

Lunartic Rant:


On my instagram (cinderofthelunarchronicles) someone asked why people think Princess Winter is black. And that the book doesn’t describe her as such. (Is this going to be Rue from the Hunger Games all over again?) Either someone is reading the wrong book or people need to work on their reading comprehension skills.

“ Her warm, brown skin was flawless and healthy, her fingernails perfectly shaped and clean. Her eyes were bright, the color of melted caramel, but with hints of slate-grey around her pupils. On top of all that, she had silky black hair that curled into perfect spirals, neatly framing her high cheekbones and ruby-red lips.”

Brown Skin and curly hair reminds me a lot of myself, so reading I imagine her as being a black girl like myself.


Someone posted Kim Bum as Kai for their fan casting. A person commented that they don’t see him as Asian, but a white guy. This sent me for a loop. So Prince KAITO of the Eastern Commonwealth -basically the ruler of Asian- isn’t Asian… …….. ……….. wut!

All that aside, I never get to see hot Asian guys as main Characters, ESPECIALLY a leading male and main love interest (outside of my kdramas).

Sigh…its like people want to suck all the amazing diversity Marrisa Meyer loaded this book with. Come on! I hope hope hope when this becomes a movie they cast well.


I lament that it took me this election cycle to fully commit to thoughts I’d previously had but made excuses not to follow through on. 

Earlier this month, I resolved to be a better community member and one of my goals is to create ‘blessings bags’ or care packages for homeless people I see in my neighborhood. 

My intention is to make about 10 of these bags a month and keep one in my bag at all times as well as some in our car. (I’m putting this out in the tumblr-universe to really hold myself accountable.) 

It’s something small but it’s something good. That’s what we need more of now. So I encourage you to consider what small thing you can do to be a better member of your community. Think of a cause that really matters to you and look into how you can support their mission locally. 

tl;dr Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. 

- Claudia