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So, on saturday a friend of my sister came home (she happens to be as passionate about Marvel as I am). So we started to talk about Bucky and my sister says something along the lines of “I don’t like Bucky because he killed Tony’s parents” so I say “If he can not make a decision, then is not his fault”
Her friend says “Yeah but you can’t justify that”
So me, being my smart self and remembering that I had just watched Mockingjay Part 1 the previous sunday said “Well, then let’s use Peeta’s example, he tries to kill Katniss after he'a been subject to a unspecified time of torture, both physical and psychological, right? That’s exactly the same that happened to Bucky. If you don’t blame Peeta for doing that you can’t blame Bucky for the crimes he was forced to commit while under Hydra’s control. Is hypocritical of you to do so”
And that is how I got my sister to shut up about Bucky being bad for killing Tony’s parents.
I feel so proud of myself, defending our man and shit.

My boyfriend bought me some floating shelves for my birthday last month and finally hung them up over the past weekend.

They are so cool! I wasn’t sure which books to display on them, but I’m happy with the choices I made. I’ll probably be switching them out periodically though :p

Recipe for tulip-bulb puree

Mimeographed recipes for puree, mash, biscuits, and cake made from tulip bulbs. During the ‘hunger winter’ the Bijenkorf department store handed out recipes to their personnel, and in the lunchroom guests found tulip bulbs on the menu.

Hunger winter

During the winter of 1944-1945 the situation in Amsterdam was miserable. In December the temperature dropped below freezing and the cold spell lasted for months. In the rural areas there was still some food to be had. But as a result of the railway strike, the food embargo which followed, and the attacks on trucks and river-vessels (by Allied troops), food reached the city only in small quantities, if at all. Many Amsterdammers took the initiative and foraged for food on their own.

Sugar beets and tulip bulbs

Famine was rife in the city and there were many deaths. People ate tulip bulbs and sugar beets out of sheer necessity. Nothing was being exported and growers began selling their bulbs as food. According to doctors, flower bulbs were high in starch, and the Voedingsraad (nutrition council) provided the recipes.

The Bijenkorf

The department store must have been a depressing sight in those days. The entire stock of woolen blankets had been confiscated in December 1941 for Hitler’s Russian campaign, and supplies of other staple articles were also exhausted. There was no heating or lighting, and the interior was cold and dark. The lunchroom did do a lively business, since people could save on ration coupons by eating out. And the kitchen staff managed to make edible dishes out of bulbs. Recipes for ‘tulip-bulb puree’ were distributed among the Bijenkorf employees, and the more enterprising among them succeeded in bringing food in from outside the city. Everything was taken down to the cellar, where they even managed to slaughter a horse! The sausages were distributed among the personnel.


Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame

So bright, she can burn your eyes

Better look the other way

You can try but you’ll never forget her name

She’s on top of the world

Hottest of the hottest girls


I lament that it took me this election cycle to fully commit to thoughts I’d previously had but made excuses not to follow through on. 

Earlier this month, I resolved to be a better community member and one of my goals is to create ‘blessings bags’ or care packages for homeless people I see in my neighborhood. 

My intention is to make about 10 of these bags a month and keep one in my bag at all times as well as some in our car. (I’m putting this out in the tumblr-universe to really hold myself accountable.) 

It’s something small but it’s something good. That’s what we need more of now. So I encourage you to consider what small thing you can do to be a better member of your community. Think of a cause that really matters to you and look into how you can support their mission locally. 

tl;dr Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. 

- Claudia

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Tulip fact! During the hunger winter in WWII the dutch did eat tulips! Tulip bulbs to be more precise. You can cook them like potatos and make things like stew or soup with them. So yeah maybe spock can make jim some tulip bulb stew sometimes :D

Interesting fact!!


get to know me meme

favourite actresses [2/5] - Jennifer Lawrence

I don’t know if this is why everything has worked so well and I’m not sure I’d recommend this kind of thinking to anyone else, but I’ve always known I’d be successful in acting. I have certainly worked for it.