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How do we try influencing what other people think about the world? What techniques get used for bending the truth? In this week’s episode, we take a look at some of the linguistics around propaganda and censorship: what people can try beyond just outright lying, how using conversational rules can get you to think things that aren’t said, and how we can use bias to influence people’s views.

We hadn’t done a sociolinguistics one for a while! Looking forward to hearing what people have to say. ^_^

Eurovision be like
  • Eurovision: *is gay*
  • Europe: YES!
  • Eurovision: *something is on fire*
  • Europe: Yes, give us more!¡!!
  • Eurovision: *is literally weird, sparkly, capitol costumes*
  • Eurovision: *ballads, just white t-shirts, no gays, no glitter, Australia nearly wins, high quality songs*
  • Europe: Wtf, where's glitter, it's not what we wanted

anonymous asked:

punk! amis during the 1970s, think eyeliner and doc martens and piercings, the sex pistols etc, particularly enjolras and combeferre can you imAGINE

thank sweet jesus (i’m so sorry i had to do everyone)

  • combeferre’s in ripped skinny jeans tucked carefully into doc martens and a scuffed leather jacket and by all rights he should look scruffy and unkempt but he still looks put together and, like, wholesome 
  • courfeyrac in chipped pink nail polish, covered in piercings, and he has one of those tall, grease-reminiscent haircuts with a couple pieces curling across his forehead 
  • jehan’s in ripped fishnet tights, frayed short shorts, and a baggy t-shirt. their hair is wild and so is their makeup, carefully applied in pastels and wine reds 
  • bahorel’s all leather jackets stretched across his shoulder blades, wolfish smile, white t-shirt just a little too tight to be decent, bruises scattering his cheekbone
  • joly and bossuet are a joint act, heavy eyeliner and bracelets crawling up their arms, switched back and forth along with musichetta, ripped clothes held together with safety pins. they switch out clothes, bossuet’s baggy on joly’s small frame and joly’s too tight on bossuets 
  • eponine is all black, ripped clothes and coats of eyeliner and lipstick and spiked chokers, cropped hair dyed pink and green and blue in chunks, military boots and fingerless gloves 
  • grantaire with h e a v y gold eyeliner, think cinna from the hunger games but smudged and smeared and stunning. ripped t-shirts with offensive slogans, leather jackets, piercings, tight leather jeans
  • enjolras is scruffy and grungy and gorgeous, all red leather jacket and heavy back boots and eyeliner applied with a light hand. his hair is scraped up into a messy bun, curls escaping at random, and his eyes burn like stars trapped in a human center. when he stands on a table to deliver his speeches, no one can help but stare 

chelsea_oscine_zent: @josh_hutcherson with my #RocketGirlSparrow out at Jastro Park for a Voter Registration drive and a “Surrogate Celebrity for Bernie Sanders” event. Sparrow, in good form, & apropos for the occasion wore her “May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor,” shirt, & got to meet her die-hard celebrity crush. She even volunteered as Tribute for Bernie’s cause 😂😂😂. Needless to say, it was, in her words, AMAZE. He was so sweet to her, signed both of her Hunger Games t-shirts, her trilogy of the books & the DVD’s, and a drawing…AND if you look REALLY CLOSELY, on his right wrist is a sparkly purple bracelet she gave him & he wore it THE WHOLE TIME. Sparrow reports that he was asked by several folks what the bracelet was for, & he said that a very special person gave it to him. And the best part was when she made every other fan-girl & boy extra super jealous bc he gave her lots of hugs, and then kissed her on the cheek. Such a sweet kid! Beyond that, it was awesome to see this young man speak passionately and informatively about a cause he truly believes in. He was polite, articulate, up to speed on our demographics, and has plans for the future using his celebrity to carry on his passion in political ideology that he articulated so very well here today in Bakersfield. #feelthebern #kerncounty #bakersfield #berniesanders #bernie #joshhutcherson #vote @bakersfieldcali @bakersfieldblog @streetofbakersfield @berniesanders @latina_leaders_of_kern_county @bakersfield_magazine @bakersfield_life @23abcnews @bakersfieldnow #thehungergames #hungergames #sweet

Ignorance isn’t Bliss

Summary: hunger games au where Dan and Phil meet in the ring and happen to fall in love with eachother at a deadly cost.

TW: major character death, minor mention of suicidal thoughts

tags: angst, hungergames!au

authors note: you guys are going to hate me for this. 


Our love story was a tad bit unconventional. I mean, being surrounded by a figurative and literal clock of death 24/7 doesn’t really let you have a lot of cute moments right? The Hunger Games to put it bluntly, sucked. This whole damn capital sucks and making children kill each other sucks. However what sucks the most is the fact that it so happens I’m in love with someone in the ring. What sucks even more is the fact that I may or may not be the one that has to kill him.


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