hunger games screencaps

Me when I’m watching a show and they haven’t shown a certain character in a while:


Josh Hutcherson is so perfect for Future Man. He’s awesome with physical comedy and I love how he’s not afraid to do crazy out there things for the character he portrays. He wanted to do something different and this was definitely a good role for him to showcase that. The show itself is actually legit funny while also having subtle themes throughout. Bring on Season 2! Until then though watch the first season on Hulu now!


Even the sky fills with brightly colored blossoms of light. I can’t think why the sky’s being bombed until I realize the Gamemakers are shooting off fireworks up there, while the real destruction occurs on the ground. Just in case it’s not enough fun watching the obliteration of the arena and the remaining tributes. Or perhaps to illuminate our gory ends.

This doesn’t even need to be a gif for it to have full emotional impact. You can see it in his eyes, the moment Peeta understands what the Quarter Quell announcement means. When he realizes that Katniss has to go back into the arena. My heart is breaking.

(There’s gifs following this, btw. I just…I needed to showcase how much emotion even one screepcap of this moment gives off. Kudos to Josh for nailing it, as usual)