hunger games screencaps

Me when I’m watching a show and they haven’t shown a certain character in a while:

It’s not the million of thoughts I worry about, I can deal with them, it’s that one thought that can occupy so much space in my mind; it could drown me down. How just one thought can bring out my insecurities, fears, and worries is quite terrifying. How just one thought can push every other thought out so easily, like the feared bully on the playground. I’m not afraid of having too many thoughts, I’m afraid of having one that can nearly destroy me, mentally. 

And it’s losing you.

This doesn’t even need to be a gif for it to have full emotional impact. You can see it in his eyes, the moment Peeta understands what the Quarter Quell announcement means. When he realizes that Katniss has to go back into the arena. My heart is breaking.

(There’s gifs following this, btw. I just…I needed to showcase how much emotion even one screepcap of this moment gives off. Kudos to Josh for nailing it, as usual)


A shadow of recognition flickers across Caesar’s face, and I can tell he knows that the mockingjay isn’t just my token. That it’s come to symbolize so much more. That what will be seen as a flashy costume change in the Capitol is resonating in an entirely different way throughout the districts.