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It’s the Great Pumpkin Rye Mellark!

Posting this because an anon gently reminded me of this story. Thanks so much! Many many moons ago @sohypothetically challenged me to a Drabble challenge with the topic “Pumpkin Patch”. I was extremely excited because I was pretty new to tumblr at the time. This actually ended up as a short story instead of a drabble and is at least 2 - 3 years old at this point. Thanks as always to my beta @dianaflynn22!  :-)

Summary: Little brothers sure can cause a lot of trouble but you just never know when it can be the good kind. Peeta loses his little brother in a Pumpkin patch but luckily Katniss is there to help him out. 

Warning: There be fluff ahead!

“Rye! Rye! Where the hell are you!” Oh my god, I lost him. He’s gone forever, pretty sure he’s been kidnapped, and my dad is going to kill me.

The panic rises inside me as increasingly horrific scenarios multiple in my head of the different things that could have happened to my rambunctious little brother. Of course this would happen! With Rye, anything was possible. The task was supposed to be easy one, our father just wanted us to pick some prime pumpkins for carving and some for baking. He thought it would be a good distraction for my crazy little brother since he’d been wrecking havoc around the bakery all day, thanks to some pixie sticks that he had traded his lunch for. Who the hell knows how many he downed before we found him in the storage room like some drug addict snorting up coke.

“Come on Rye! If you just come out, I promise you won’t be in trouble,” I beg, but it’s useless, because there is still no answer. “Argh!” I yell out in complete frustration.

“Is everything okay?” a soft voice asks me from behind and my back stiffens at the sweet sound. God, I know that voice. Please don’t tell me it’s her.


experience-oblivion  asked:

do you have some baby gay stories for a fellow gay on this fine sleepover saturday?

I sure do! (I still consider myself a baby gay since I figured it out less than a year ago but here is one from before then)

Once upon a time, Natalie Dormer existed, and so did awkward middle school me. I watched the second Hunger Games movie at the theater with some of my friends, and found myself…distracted…by a certain character. (but in a very straight way it was completely heterosexual right?) After the movie, my friends and I discussed our reactions, and I was not the only one who was completely impressed and amazed by how Natalie Dormer looked so I was reassured that my reaction was completely Straight ™ (Turns out none of us are straight it must be contagious lol) I went home, and (I remember this very vividly) google image searched ‘Natalie Dormer Hunger Games,’ and saves this picture to my desktop

I had your typical lesbian in denial thoughts (I just really ADMIRED and LOOKED UP to her) but the truth was I thought she was super attractive.

Moral of the story: I saw Natalie Dormer once and now I’m a lesbian watch out kids it might happen to you


I got three of our outfits today for Halloween!
I was Little Red Riding Hood, my mother was a citizen of the Capitol from the Hunger Games and my youngest sister dressed up as Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine. She could pass as Alice angel if she has the horns and a halo. :3
@deathlysparkles is Bendy!