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Love in Panem Presents:

Dandelion in spring. The promise that life can be good again.

Spring means rebirth. Dandelions sprout from the cold ground. A cool rain feeds the surrounding countryside, washing away the remains of even the darkest winter. 

Spring and its power to regenerate are central to the theme of The Hunger Games

Tell us a story of the return of life. Any pairing. Any universe. Any fanwork.   Posting at @loveinpanem will begin April 20th through the end of the month.  Tag us and we will reblog your creation.

Spring is in the air!


In conjunction with sharing our classic or favorite Hunger Games fanfics this month through @loveinpanem, I wanted to show some appreciation and love for the tireless efforts of the artists who take several different pictures and somehow create stunning banners. The thing is, having posted both with and without banners, I can say that having a banner for the story…it’s almost like having a cover for a book! The visuals! The excitement! The happiness that someone enjoys your story enough to create art for it! The “hey, that’s my story!” moment of giddiness when the banner wanders across your dashboard. It’s an amazing feeling.

The above banners are all made by the incredible @loving-mellark for a few of my fanfic stories. Two of these banners may never see the light of day otherwise, one because I stalled big time on the story and the other because it may be finished as an original instead. Still, it seemed wrong not to share Any’s work with you. Thank you for all you do, darling Any!

Prompts of the Month (2017)

Join Love in Panem in a year-long celebration of The Hunger Games through writing and art.  See below the prompts and themes for each month:

FEBRUARY: Valentine’s Day Challenge: Love Is… - If Love is the question, let your story or art be the answer.  Any pairing. Any Universe. Let your art speak for itself.

MARCH: March Madness - Is Katniss in Wonderland? Peeta lost in translation? Think reality-bending and multiply by 2,000 - let the Leprechauns do the work!

APRIL: Spring Showers - Spring means rebirth. Dandelions sprout from the cold ground. A cool rain feeds the surrounding countryside, washing away the remains of winter. Tell us a story of the return of life.

MAY: New Author’s Challenge - You can do it. Publish your first fic. Or one of your firsts. New authors, this month is all for you. Love In Panem encourages you to make your first attempt at writing. Or your second. Or your third. Submit anonymously if you want to. We will cheer you on all the way.

JUNE: Classic Hunger Games - We all have one. That one fanfiction that brought us into the fandom. The one that led us down the path of this shared passion. Tell us which one it is and why you loved it! Be generous. Maybe it’s an older fic you think needs to be rediscovered - write a short blurb as to why and share it with us. If it’s artwork that moves you, tag us and we’ll feature it. Or create something fresh and new. Let’s celebrate the stories that got us here to begin with!  

JULY: Finish-a-Fic/Adopt-a-Fic - Got a fic you haven’t gotten around to finishing. Let this be the month you make the breakthrough! How about a fic that you know you’ll never return to?  Donate it to Love In Panem and we’ll match it to a writer who will be happy to finish it. Tie up those loose ends throughout the fandom!

AUGUST: Summer Fun - How do our favorite characters like to unwind? Whether it’s a vacation, holiday, stay-cation or just playing hookie from real life, tell us how they do it!

SEPTEMBER: Cadavres Exquis - Collaborative fic in which a prompt is selected and each writer/artist adds a piece to the narrative. Means “method by which words or art is collected”

OCTOBER: Freaky October - Zombies or Jack O’Lanterns? Samain or El Día de los Muertos? Maybe a walk in the catacombs? A month where the ordinary and the supernatural collide!

NOVEMBER: The Gratitude Journal - Depict the simple act of giving thanks. What are our favorite characters thankful for? What does gratitude look like in Panem? You decide!

DECEMBER: Yuletide in Panem - Prompts to be released in November.

Guidelines will vary but for most months, stories will be posted on the 20th to the end of the month (with the exception of February, November and December).  

Do one or do them all. Stretch your creative muscle. Help us celebrate the trilogy that has brought us together.


New and Improved. 9 minutes of Clexa. Prepare yourself.

Clarke and Lexa meet the Hunger Games Soundtrack.


Happy 22nd Birthday Josh Hutcherson! ( Born October 12, 1992)

Thanks so much for sharing all of your wonderful talents, charm and compassion with the world and your devoted fans.

Have a much deserved fun blast today! Pray you have many many more to come!! And may the odds forever be in your favor ;)

 [WHERE SOUL MEETS BODY] ☁ a mix dedicated to finnickandannie inspired by the fic with the same name. ((if you dont know who they are or care then these are just a bunch of chill songs))

silhouettes - of monsters of men // bathtub - waxahatchee // switzerland - daughter // salvation - gabrielle aplin // summer moon - the raveonettes // in the sea - ingrid michaelson // patient love - passenger // stars - warpaint // how do you feel today? - gabrielle aplin // the sea is calm - cocorosie // naked as we came - iron & wine // our song - the xx // fangs - sarah jaffe // motion picture soundtrack - radiohead // mad world - gary jules // touch - daughter 


When I hear the screams of the crowd, I think it’s because I must look stunning. Then I notice something is rising up around me. Smoke. From fire. Not the flickery stuff I wore last year in the chariot, but something much more real that devours my dress. I begin to panic as the smoke thickens. Charred bits of black silk swirl into the air, and pearls clatter to the stage. Somehow I’m afraid to stop because my flesh doesn’t seem to be burning and I know Cinna must be behind whatever is happening. So I keep spinning and spinning. For a split second, I’m gasping, completely engulfed in strange flames. Then all at once, the fire is gone.


She made her name in Game of Thrones and is in the Hunger Games movie out next month. But there’s more to Natalie Dormer than playing fierce women. (Full Interview)

“It really bugs me,” says Natalie Dormer, “the way people criticize how actors look. We’re not models. Models exist.” She doesn’t sound terribly happy about the existence of models. “I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it. I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking. I have had my publicist tell me, ‘Don’t do that smile on the red carpet.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s my smile.’”

So Dormer, who starred in The Tudors and Game of Thrones, and who now appears in the next installment of The Hunger Games (Mockingjay — Part 1, out next month), feels as plagued by her personal appearance as a "normal” woman. This is a tribute to the misogyny of modern film-making, for which a woman can never be lovely enough. Because Dormer is, in the flesh, very beautiful, although I think she does not know it. The vehemence with which she recalls taunts about her “lopsided mouth” is painful to listen to. It is the feature that makes her face. She is tiny - are actresses ever anything else? - with slanted green eyes and silverish hair buried under the actress’s disguise of choice, a hat. They all wear hats. I don’t know why. Maybe they are cold. Or maybe they do not want to be seen to clearly. Her voice, when she is certain of herself, is poised, delicate, and deep. When she is nervous, she stammers slightly. She is 32.

She is candid about the life of an actress. She makes it sound terrifying, which feels closer to reality than anything Gwenyth Paltrow, who cannot breathe without mentioning her gratitude, might say. It’s odd to hear it spoken of, though, as Dormer waves her arm for emphasis. It feels transgressive. “It’s not luck,” she says plainly. “You have a lot of heartache.”

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Like I’m super upset but I’m going to work around it. I joke about it but I’m resigned to the fact that most of the time when it comes to Bioware games I’m not going to get precisely what I want and I’m happy to rebuild canon to suit myself, I’m not immensely surprised that Inquisition is no different and it’s not going to affect most of my plans

But see, that’s not why I’m upset. I’m upset that Bioware dragged it out for so long, and even taunted people about it by posting Viv as a valentine’s day card earlier in the year. I’m upset that the dark skinned black woman is already being written off as too ambitious to love, too manipulative to love, too busy to love- the first person to call Viv a ‘strong independent black woman who don’t need no man’ is going to be force fed their own teeth- and this is a problem both for the fandom AND the writers.

Ask yourself why it is that ace headcanons for Blackwall elicited a massively over the top hateful response from elements of fandom, while ace headcanons for Vivienne are circling and being declared as beautiful.

Ask yourself why, apart from Cole and Cullen, there’s no other character who has had more accusations of being a secret traitor and future betrayer, who only joins the Inquisition to steal your power base.

Ask yourself why an abruptly popular ship for her pairs her with a racist white woman. 

I’m sure Vivienne’s story and arch will be amazing and I’m sure Blackwall’s romance will be great. But that doesn’t change the fact that the announcements about the romances have been handled poorly from the very start and it has cultivated a bitter rivalry in the fandom that has evolved into outright nastiness. If the characters we were drawn to weren’t pitted against each other like some bizarre Romantic Hunger Games for months, we wouldn’t have reached this point.

There is a lot of racism flying around at the moment in regards to Vivienne. If you’re happy for Blackwall, that’s fantastic, and I really do hope you enjoy the romance. But don’t write off the people who are upset to the point of crying as being melodramatic.   

Bookphile Opines: Re-reading Mockingjay: The Dehumanization of Gale Hawthorn, and why District 13 is worse than the Capitol

*Big Spoilers for the entire Hunger Games series*

When it comes to war, lines are always blurred. The good and the bad depend on where you are standing. However, when it comes to the Oppressed vs Oppressor, each side is more defined. The Oppressor is usually a force that has made life a struggle for the Oppressed; there is lack of freedom, there is lack of justice, and there is lack of hope. Subsequently a new side arises, usually the Resistance, who will fight the Oppressor to free the Oppressed. The odd thing is that Resistance has more similarities with the Oppressor than the Oppressed, even though it is the Oppressed that make up the Resistance.

Why? Because the Resistance has to suppress the Oppressor. They have to fight the Oppressor, and if they win, they are the ones who become the new government. What makes the Resistance different is how they chose to fight the Oppressor. However, it’s very easy for them to become the new Oppressor because the way they choose to fight may make them no better than the oppressor. Which is where Gale Hawthrone and the entire District 13 fall. They are no better than the Capitol and in fact, I’d argue that they’re even worse.

Gale hates the Capitol with a passion. In book one, Katniss notes that Gale would often go on rants and become extremely angry when talking about the Capitol. Gale even says that he’d kill every single one of the Capitol residents. In the second book, he becomes slightly worse, because his best friend is yet again forced to go and play in the Games and kill people. He wants to do something, but he can’t, his hands are tied. Then comes book three and District 13 gives Gale exactly what he wanted: a way to kill as many Capitol people as he possibly can (or wants).

There is one scene in the book that shocks both the reader and Katniss: when Katniss comes across sketches of weapons that Gale has designed to kill people as effectively as possible. The bomb kill in waves:  the first bomb kills a few people and then when aid comes, the second bomb kills the rest. When they talk about bombing the Mountain, Katniss says she wants an exit to remain open so that innocent people can escape. Gale is bitterly against such an idea. Everyone else is very wish-washy–they express some doubts; but all protests are empty, and no one comes up with a good argument to contradict him. “They killed all of us. Why should we spare any of them?

What nobody said, that really needed to be said, was: “because it will make you no better than them.” Because, Gale, if you kill everyone without acknowledging that some people within the corrupt system may be just as Oppressed as you are –than the system you are fighting for will not help everyone. Particularly the citizens of the Capitol. Katniss says many times that she finds many in the Capitol simply ignorant, but not cruel. That they may stupid and desensitized, but they do notrepresent the Capitol’s Oppression.They are just another kind of victims of the Capitol. And they’re about to become victims of the Resistance as well.

Katniss’ prep-team is treated like animals because they stole some bread after being starved, until she accidentally stumbles upon them and demands that they go free. When they fight in the Capitol, the Resistance freely fires into Capitol citizens, young and old. And worse, of course, is when they drop the first bomb on the children, pretending to be the Capitol, and the second bomb on the aid that comes to them. Including Prim.

Katniss kills Coin because she knows she is going to be the new President Snow. Because the bomb that killed her sister helped her realize that the Resistance has become the new Oppressor. Because having the new Hunger Games with the children of the Capitol didn’t mean that they won, it just means they traded one dictator for another. Except one that is worse than the previous one. Because they know the cost of such an evil and they are willing to do it out of spite, out of anger, and out of pure vengeance. Not out of desire for freedom, not for hope or peace, and not to make the world better for the children.

No, the children were the first they were willing to sacrifice.

(Here’s a great alternative post in defense of Gale Hawthorne: link)

Written by bookphile