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D: 'fifth' Kylux project? what did I miss? *screams*

Oh yeah just in terms of future plans!! My plans after I finish CWU (project 1) are:

2. Hunger Games AU

3: High school AU

4: College AU (sequel to above)

5. Alexander the Great-ish warrior culture AU where Hux is Ren’s special lifelong companion in battle and scheming and sex.

Thanks for asking!! These others won’t be as long as CWU, so I’m hoping I can write them all this year :xx

(There’s also the auxiliary porn idea list: medical kink thing somewhat inspired by that SNL sketch, “tell me I’m rebel scum” smut, and this thing where Hux is an emperor of sorts and someone brings him concubine Ren as a gift, which I’m pretty sure has been done but I have some ideas of my own about how this would go down)

“Wannabe”, an Spice Girls Everlark One-Shot

So recently, I got this request:

So of course, it turned into a one-shot. Check out the preview below.

Summary: Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen are hiding their relationship from her twin brother, Gale. However, it won’t be easy when their group of friends is finagled into doing an unforgettable assembly performance. A Hunger Games High School AU. Mature.

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Hey holly! You probably get this a lot (so sorry if it annoys you) but how's the first meeting fic coming along? Also, have you got any new au ideas? I love it when author talk about new fic ideas n_n have a nice day!

Hey! Not annoying at all, this was fun to answer. I had hoped to get more done on CWU this week so I could work on finishing up First Meeting this weekend, but work was very busy post-vacation, so I’ll probably push my goal to post that story back to next weekend. Here’s the current ambitious roster of what I’d like to write:

-finish CWU in the fall sometime (planning to update on July 7 and 14 with Chapters 17 and 18)

-finish & post First Meeting fic (“Origin Stories” is my working title) in July

-finish arranged marriage AU (pre-Dragoncon? maybe)

-Modern AU from Han’s POV about meeting Hux in a hospital waiting room after Ben fucks up

-Ren fucks some of exiled Hux’s clones in the process of reuniting with actual Hux (I’m thinking of making this a sequel to the First Meeting fic, since that one has a canon-based downer ending)

-Body horror/baby fic where Hux ends up connected to an alien birthing plant after sex with Ren on a planet where babies come from plants (a-heh)

-It’s a Wonderful Life Day humor/holiday fic where Yoda (or Anakin?) shows despairing Ren what the galaxy would be like if he’d never been born

-Hunger Games AU

-Also still want to write that high school/college AU combo

Other ideas more on the backburner:

-AU where joyriding teenage Ben rescues teenage Hux after an Academy training mission gone awry and essentially forces Leia and Han to adopt him, to Hux’s great displeasure

-Ren is a pro baseball player who is trying to convince Hux to marry him so that Hux can legally stay in the country

Probably not going to be finished:

-Ben Solo is secretly Dark and Hux and Mitaka are his war trophies/servants after their capture during a Resistance v. Order battle (this was going to be a sex thing but then it became more domestic/fluffy and just… didn’t work lol)

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hey, just wondering--you've mentioned a few AUs (high school, college, hunger games), and i was curious if these were things you've already written or things you've read or just a vague general idea. they all sound fascinating...

Oh yeah these are just ideas– I have some pages written for each of them, lots of notes and a few scenes done, but that’s it so far. I’m going to write these after I finish the big CWU saga.

I’m really excited about these ideas– the high school one is from Ben’s POV, mostly about him being awkward and having angst with his family (Luke is Ben’s yoga teacher– Luke got into yoga after leaving the military because it helps him with his PTSD …. Anakin was a Republican senator who did a lot of misdeeds while in office and died in disgrace, you guys don’t even know how exciting all this is to me lol…) and also idealizing Hux, who seems unflappable and who comes from this awful dysfunctional family headed by Hux’s Trump-esque father, and then the college AU sequel is from Hux’s POV as Hux becomes horrified with Ben’s seeming seduction by this creepy old theater professor (SNOKE), and then the Hunger Games idea is just nuts as hell and I love it: Ben volunteers for the Games just because he wants to murder people, Hux is a ruthless Career, they fall in love while plotting to eventually kill each other…..etc.

SO I am really looking forward to posting all those eventually!! In the meantime I’ll get back to finishing up the first chapter of this next CWU installment. Just had to take a quick break to gush about this when I saw the ask– thanks for sending it!!