hunger games headcannons

headcannon: when dallas first met johnny, johnny had mumbled his name really quietly. so, instead of hearing “johnny cade” dallas heard “johnny cake”. so, he started calling johnny that, it stuck, and soon the rest of the gang would call johnny that too.

Hunk was always into cooking because it was something his family always did together. BUT one of the main reasons he really got into baking was because of this

So I read this fanfic a couple of days ago that basically had Effie constantly high so that it would be easier for her to deal with and act happy and enthusiastic about the games. it made a lot of sense to me and it works really well. Haymitch drinks to deal with it and Effie’s just high. It works out.

also how else can she be super happy all the time as the little kids she meets every year die???? 

Wiress and Beetee

She saw him everyday at school.  His heavy-framed glasses and his lovely eyes behind them always seemed to draw Wiress’s own eyes towards him.  Many of her friends wondered endlessly what she saw in him, but Wiress couldn’t understand why no-one else was drooling over him.  “He’s smart, handsome and a gentleman.  How could you not like him?”  Wiress would explain every time.  Like today, for example.  Wiress and her friends were settling down in District 3’s sunlight when Beetee walked past.  Immediately, Wiress started flipping her hair in his direction.  Wiress’s friends began giggling, and one of the more confident suddenly called out, in a singsong voice, “Oh Beetee!  Come over here!”  Wiress turned beetroot red, “Libby, what are you doing?”  Libby grinned and waved Beetee over.  “Oh hey, Libby.  Hello, Wiress.”  He smiled warmly at the blushing girl.  “Oh, Wiress.  I wanted to talk to you.  In private.”  He gestured to the collection of trees across the field.  Wiress quickly scrambled to her feet, and followed after Beetee.  When they reached the trees, Beetee smiled again.  “Wiress, I think I’m in love.”  Wiress’s shoulders sagged.  He couldn’t be in love with her, so who was it?  Libby?  Another friend?  “That’s great, Beetee.  Who is it?  Is it…”  But her guessing was cut off when Beetee stooped low and kissed her, underneath the trees.  Wiress closed her eyes and melted into his torso.  Beetee was hers. 

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What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

I have a few Hunger Games headcannons

  • “After” means sex.
  • The morning after, Katniss says “I love you” to Peeta without him asking.
  • Katniss and Peeta were each other’s first kiss. We know that Katniss was too busy trying to survive to pay attention to boys. But I believe Peeta loved her so much that he wanted to save his first kiss for her.
  • Peeta, Katniss, Haymitch, Johanna and Annie stay close friends for the rest of their lives.
  • Peeta is dominant in bed and Katniss is submissive.
  • Peeta and Katniss have three kids. Their third child looks just like Prim.
  • Haymitch was finally able to find some sort of peace when Peeta and Katniss finally got married and had kids.  I also like to think that he stopped drinking when their kids were born.
  • The post-war Capitol never bother Everlark for promos or anniversary celebrations.

I have more, but I stopped because I could go on forever.

Thank you for asking!!!