hunger games head cannon

A Dandelion [Hunger Games Head Cannon]


I wander into the kitchen to see Peeta rolling dough with a goofy smile across his face. I scowl at him. Peeta lazily makes his way to where I’m standing. Smiling even bigger now. He turns me around so he can snake his hand around my waist to rest on my slightly curved stomach. He breathed deeply, humming lightly in my ear. He presses his lips softly to my neck. I turn around to face him with fear in my eyes. He meets my eyes with a steady gaze.

No, I can’t. I can’t bring a child into this world with what I’ve done, with what We’ve done and seen.

Peeta still gets nightmares. We both do.

“It will be okay.” Peeta says before he leans down for a kiss.

“No it won’t” I whisper, trembling from the news.

My stomach starts to roll. I step away from his embrace, worrying my bottom lip. 

A harsher lurch in my stomach drives me to the bathroom.

3 Months Later

Exhausted I lay in bed, staring at my stomach. It’s like the hill in the meadows outside: flat and then a sudden rise then drop to give away to flatter lands below. I glare at it. I can’t hunt. I can’t walk around, I get tired so easily. Peeta barely lets me walk by myself let alone go out of the house by myself.

I jump. It… moved.

Something fluttered in there. Not like my rolling stomach in the earlier months but a tickle. I glance at Peeta snuggled to my side. I hope it’s a copy of him, a mini Peeta. His smile, His eyes. He calms me. I nudge him awake. Grabbing his hand I place it on my belly. Waiting patiently I stare into his unrelenting eyes. He is the dandelion and I am the fire. The being inside me turns and a smile breaks out on his face. His smile infects me and he laughs. He rolls on top of me bracing his arms on the mattress so the baby doesn’t feel his weight. He treats me like crystal. Earlier, He almost carried me down the stairs! He nuzzles my face with his nose smiling wide. He presses a kiss to my lips then wanders to my throat. I shudder.